All you need to know about Silver German Shepherd

Silver German Shepherd

We all know that a German Shepherd is available in various coat colors. But irrespective of the color of the coat the all the German Shepherds have similar characteristics and traits.

One such variant of German Shepherd is German Shepherd Sable and silver in color. Its unique coat color is the result of some recessive genes in the German Shepherd. Not just its unique coat provides a very different look to this German Shepherd, comparatively. These dogs are also rare to find.

Thus, if you want to stand out in your locality by bringing a unique dog breed, then this German Shepherd is perfect for you.

If you are willing to know more about this rare yet unique dog breed, we have come up with a complete guide that includes all that you will be interested in learning about Silver and black German Shepherd. In this detailed article, we will discuss the history of Silver German Shepherds. We also take a look at their grooming, feeding habits, training, and average life span. How old do they get and do they make good guard dogs? Are they easy to handle and what types of diseases are common in this breed?

Article Published on 4th November 2020 » Updated on 13th January 2022

What Is The Breeding History Of A Silver German Shepherd?

The breeding history of black and Silver German Shepherd is none other than that of a German Shepherd dog. Although it is a separate breed from a German shepherd dog, its uniquely rare color makes it stand out from other dog breeds well.

We can talk a little about the history of a German Shepherd first, as you might be able to guess with the name of a German Shepherd that their origin place in Germany and the belongs the Shepherd dogs. German shepherds have a long history, and they are serving the human population for a long time age.

Initially, people raised them majorly as shepherd dogs only. As they have a keen eye and attentive nature, these dogs were perfect for keeping an eye on Sheep, and the predators that might come and attack Sheep in search of food.

But, then, one day while, passing through the streets, a German General named Max von Stephanitz adores this wonderful dog breed. He immediately purchased a German Shepherd dog names hector. Later, he renamed it to Horand von Grafrath.

He spends the next 35 years of his life researching the German Shepherds their mixed breeds. In just one year of purchasing Horand von Grafrath, he gives birth to 94 new dogs by crossbreeding the German shepherd dog with other species.

His vision was to design new mixed dog breeds that can serve people as loyal pets like a German shepherd and have a somewhat calmer temperament. Although, silver German Shepherd is a separate breed from that of a German shepherd but has a precisely similar appearance as a Silver and black German Shepherd. There is no evidence of the exact scientific reason behind this Silver German’s unique silver color, yet it is known to exist because of some recessive gene.

What Common Diseases Do a Silver German Shepherd Suffers From, and What Is Their Average Life Span?

No matter what the fur color German shepherds have, they suffer from a lot of health issues. The prominent and the most dangerous health diseases that a black and silver German shepherd dog suffer from is obesity.

Diseases a Silver Sable German Shepherd Suffer From

Now you might be thinking that what is wrong with a fat dog? Obesity is not a disease at all. It is a state that dogs suffer from when they become overweight. There is a certain threshold of all the dogs’ maximum weight, and if they cross it, they become overweight.

The thing that scares overweight dogs is the health problems that it brings to them. Not just obesity makes them fat, but dogs become more prone to hip dysplasia, diabetes, arthritis, and other bone-related problems.

Apart from this, they have delicate skin, prone to skin-related issues like dry skin, rashes, and even allergies.

Obesity and Cholesterol issues in dogs make them even more prone to a heart attack. You might be thinking, do dogs suffer from a heart attack?

Yes, dogs do suffer from heart attacks. Especially the ones that are obese, lazy, and inactive. They can also suffer from common diseases like cold, fever and inactiveness, rapid breathing.

Almost all the German shepherds, including the Silver sable German Shepherd, are prone to hip dysplasia. It is the most common condition in which dogs suffer very severe pain in the joints. It occurs because of the insufficient formation of the hip, due to which they have rubbing joints that cause pain in their joints. In hip dysplasia, it becomes difficult for a Silver Sable German Shepherd even to move. They can only move by sliding on the ground.

Apart from this, Silver German Shepherds are also prone to Cancer, Epilepsy, Bloat, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and many more are common in them.

Also, they have a sensitive stomach, and thus it is crucial to feed them with a healthy and fit.

The Average Life Span Of A Silver Sable German Shepherd

This dog’s life span is 10 to 14 years old on average. It could pass away as very young, seven years or quite old 16 or 17 years old in extreme cases. To get a long-life span, need extra care of the diet and exercise sessions. Diet becomes even more crucial as they grow old.

Size, Weight, And Color Of The Coat Of Silver German Shepherds

Silver German shepherds, commonly known as the Silver Sable German Shepherds, are bulky similar to a regular black and tan German Shepherd.


The height of a Silver German shepherd varies from 22 to 26 inches. While on the one hand, the male Silver Sable German shepherd has a comparatively larger size and can have a minimum height of 24 inches, while the maximum being 26 inches. The females have a relatively smaller height ranging from around 22 to 24 inches.


Their weight depends on the health and height of a German Shepherd and can vary from 70 to 110 pounds. Similar to size, females have slightly lower weight as compared to males.

Color of Coat

Although a German Shepherd is available in a large variety of colors varying from black and tan, black and red, black and cream, solid black, and even solid white. But these are standard German shepherd colors that one can easily find.

The uniqueness of a Silver Sable German Shepherd is its silver and black coat. These silver German Shepherd in black has a blend of silver and black color, providing them a unique coat color. The black and Silver German Shepherd is exactly like a black and tan German Shepherd appearance-wise.

That means, similar to a Black and tan German Shepherd; they have a muzzle nose, long coat, and triangular ears. Its qualities are also identical to that of a black and tan German Shepherd.

What Needs To Be Considered While Grooming And Care For A Black And Silver Sable German Shepherd?

Although silver German Shepherd puppies don’t have long hair and, puppies don’t require much care and grooming. But as soon as the Silver German Shepherd puppies grow into an adult, their hairs grow. Black and silver German Shepherds can have a double coat with a medium to the long length of hair.

Thus, Silver German Shepherds Sable does require some grooming and caring daily. As they have long hairs, a Silver Sable German Shepherd’s hairs tend to shed a lot, especially during the spring season.

At that time, it becomes very crucial to brush their hair daily if you don’t want their coats, all-around your apartment. Also, brushing will massage its skin, improving the blood flow of your Silver Sable German Shepherd, and will also retain the natural oil in its hairs, keeping shiny and smooth coats. Aldo Silver Sable German Shepherds also like brushing their hairs.

Apart from this, their black and silver coat can become matte if not adequately taken care of. Not just the black and silver, but all other colors of German Shepherds’ coat like black and cream, black and red, black and tan, and even solid black German Shepherd dogs are prone to matting. To avoid matting its hairs, it is suitable to bathe them at least twice a week if your silver German Shepherd has long hair.

Use dog shampoo while bathing them as it is a unique formula to make the coat of dog shiner and smother. You can also condition the hairs of your silver sable German Shepherd to add extra smoothness and shine to it.

As mentioned above that Silver German Shepherds are prone to skin rashes. Thus, while bathing them, check their skin thoroughly, as skin infections in Silver German Shepherds can spread rapidly if no proper care of their skin is taken care of. Also, while bathing Silver German Shepherds, make sure to brush their teeth and clean their ears to avoid any other health issues.

Is It Easy To Handle A Black And Silver Sable German Shepherd Dog, Or Are They Stubborn?

Why Is Their A Need Of Training Silver Shepherd Puppies

As we mentioned, silver German Shepherds are precisely similar to black and tan German Shepherds. More overall, the dogs having German Shepherd colors differ only in colors and not in the characteristics. Thus, the characteristics of a black and tan German Shepherd are what Silver German Shepherds possess.

Training of Silver Sable German Shepherd puppies is pretty crucial. Practice will make them social and friendly, because of proper training they will be able to serve you are a perfect pet as well.

Imagine a situation where you give your black and Silver German Shepherd a command to sit or go in front of some guests, and he does not figure out what you want to say. Then it will be a negative impression of your dog on your guests. Imagine another situation where your Black and silver Sable German Shepherd don’t know who the friend is and barks at everyone. None of your friends will prefer to visit your home because of your German Shepherd dog.

From the above scenarios, it is clear that training is one of the most crucial things in the growing age of German Shepherd puppies. With proper training, after growing up as a pet, your black and silver sable German Shepherd will be able to follow your command.

With training, your German Shepherd will get an idea about a friend and behave with good manners. It will also build an understanding of a malicious person and react whenever they notice any suspicious activity going around. Training is a way not just to make them a great pet but also to be a good dog.

Training will also teach them how to control their aggression and temperament and how to get along with other pets and strangers.

The Trainability of Silver Shepherds

Although you may find German Shepherd puppies a little stubborn at the start of training, once you show them who the real boss is, it will become significantly more straightforward for your to handle the German Shepherd dogs.

If you are worried about you will take German shepherd puppies or even adults, then there is no need to worry? Do they have a trait of loyalty in them? Thus, you find it easier to handle the Shepherd puppies.

Are Silver Shepherds Good Pets?

You might be aware of the loyalty, friendliness, and dedication of a German Shepherd dog. The traits of a German Shepherd dog are why it is ranked as the second-best dog breed by the American Kennel Club. Also, to make them even better pets, you can provide proper training to Shepherd puppies. It is pretty easy to train these puppies because of their intelligence and quick grasping power.

Silver Sable German Shepherd is just like a German Shepherd dog. All the traits and characteristics of a Silver Sable German Shepherds are similar to that of a German Shepherd dog. Thus, doubting its loyalty and devotion as a pet will be a direct question for the German Shepherds. 

With proper training, they will have a calm temperament and friendly nature. By training them correctly, you will find a well-mannered pet, and thus it will not take much effort to raise the Silver Shepherds.

As a pet, Silver Shepherd, only need proper food, timely grooming, and regular exercising session. Apart from this, you will never find it hard to handle a German Shepherd silver in color.

They are intelligent and eager to learn. Thus, it won’t take much time for you to teach it new and good habits. Also, if you love them, it will follow all your commands. They are very devotional towards their family and can give up their lives if there is such a situation. They only want love and care for them from your end, rest they will become the perfect pet for your family.

Also, they can help you in the small household works as well. A German Shepherd can serve you as a perfect nanny for your toddlers, and so is a silver Shepherd. Also, you can teach them to bring newspapers and your mails from the mailbox regularly. Although it is not a huge help, you will be significantly able to save some of your time because of its help.

Are Silver Shepherds A Great Guard?

No one can doubt German Shepherds when it comes to loyalty. Although silver Shepherd is a separate breed, all the Silver shepherds’ characteristics are similar to that of German Shepherd dogs. Thus, whether you want a dog to breed as a pet or as a protector, German shepherd silver in color is suitable for it all.

They are very attentive, similar to that of a German Shepherd. Thus, they can quickly identify any malicious activity going around them.

You will only need to provide proper training to Shepherd puppies to enhance their guarding skills. Even while sleeping, a Silver Sable German Shepherd will be able to identify any intriguing activity happening around it.

It has a large build, which can easily scare off any malicious person trying to enter your house. Also, Silver Shepherds barks very loud. Thus it won’t take a minute for silver and black German Shepherd to bark loudly and aware everyone in the family that something wrong is going around them.

Also, silver and black German Shepherds have strong claws and sharp teeth. Thus they can act as a great protector of your house. Even if you have other animals in your home, and a predator tries to attack them, in that case, too, these German Shepherds can act as a perfect protector.

The good guarding skills of all German Shepherds colors, whether it is black and tan or black and red or even solid black, make them suitable for the army and police. And their good guarding skills were the sole reason people in the past used to raise them to protect and take care of their sheep.


Now that we know a lot about Silver and black German Shepherds, all the German Shepherd colors dog. It will become more straightforward for you to decide whether it is the perfect breed of dog for your family or not.

Still, if you haven’t made your mind yet, a few questions will help you decide that whether the Silver and Black German Shepherds breed is perfect for you or not.

If the answer to all the above questions comes out to be yes, then no doubt, Silver and black German Shepherds are what you are looking for, but if you find any of the answers no, then, although you can bring German Shepherds home, you will need to put some extra efforts to manage things with them.


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