German Shepherd Training

Suppose you plan to bring a German shepherd puppy home, apart from getting necessary information about its feed and other requirements. Training is what you can focus on.

Puppy training becomes essential if you want to keep the GSD as a pet. Their sessions are going to come in long term use.

Stay patient and use different props to train your puppy shepherd. To know more about GSDs’ training, we have come up with a complete training guide for a GSD puppy.

In this guide, you will learn how to train your German Shepherd properly. What are some essentials to train your GSD and how you can teach them basic commands to make them obedient. If you follow our mentioned steps, then you won’t need a dog trainer. 


How to do German Shepherd Training? 

Shepherd dogs can remain aggressive if not appropriately trained. Thus, to teach them properly, there are a few steps that you might need to follow during German shepherd puppy training.

Collecting Essentials to Train Your GSD

You only can’t start to train your shepherd puppy without any preparations. You might need to collect a few things before starting their training. The teaching of a German Shepherd goes in various phases, to make them obedient, devotional, and calm its temperament. But all these training sessions require proper planning and preparation.

To make the sessions for your puppy much more comfortable, there are a few things you can take care of while you train them.

Pee Pads

You can keep the pee pads for your dogs at the main exit of your house. As dogs have their requirements, and a pee pad is one of them. It will eliminate your effort of taking them out again and again for basic things.


To make them obedient and devotional, you can use a clicker. A clicker will not only help your puppy to become obedient, but it will also increase its accuracy. Apart from this, with a clicker, you can teach it all the dog commands properly.

Trick’ O Treats

Another important thing you can include in the training sessions of your dog breed is treats. Who doesn’t like treats, especially when you get one after a long day of physical and mental struggle? Treats will not only encourage your German shepherd to learn quicker. They will stay satisfied even if you train them hard. After a long day, a treat can help as a booster for your dogs.

You can use all these props to enhance the accuracy and speed with which you train your German Shepherd puppy.

Measures You Can Follow After Bringing a Shepherd Puppy Home

When you are welcoming this new family member, there are a few measures that you can follow to get along with them better to train them well further. German shepherd puppies are very witty, smart, and intelligent. Thus, it is not going to take much effort to train them.

Bonding Is The Key

Right after bringing your Shepherd puppy home, try to make a bond with them. Cuddle with it, spend time with it, show affection towards it. All these things will help you to make them your best friend. Once you start getting along with them, you can begin their necessary sessions as well.

Feed Them Well

As a puppy, the most crucial need of German shepherd dogs is a balanced meal. In the growing days of your puppy, it is advisable to keep a keen eye on their diet. The better the diet, the better will be their growth. Also, the nutritious feed will keep them healthy and fit as well.


Potty Sessions

For its potty training, you can take him out at regular intervals. For German Shepherd puppy training, it is advisable to take him out every half an hour for a pee. It is a great practice to take them for a pee before going to bed and waking up. You can also take them out for pee or potty before and after feeding them.

You can start their sessions by fixing a particular spot in the house for them. Thus, every time the Shepherd puppy sits at their reserved spot, you can reward it will take some treat. Treats are the best way to teach good habits to your German Shepherd puppy, and it is the quickest way too.

Sleeping Crate

Another good practice with the German Shepherd puppy is that you can fix a carte for them to sleep comfortably. Try to find a larger crate than the size of your German Shepherd puppy to make them even more comfortable.

Puppy training at the house can be full of hassle, so it is advisable to either appoint a dog trainer to train them properly. But if you still want to train the German Shepherd puppy as per your requirement, then making a bond with them will be a great start. Another important thing while training a German Shepherd puppy is that rewards and punishments in the right manner are the best way to train them.

Kick Start Your Puppy Training With Training Them Obedience

The Right Age To Train Your GSD

The right time to start to train your German shepherd puppy is at least six months old. Before that, you can teach them basic commands and excellent practices. But the right age to start formal puppy training is around six months: a German Shepherds, no doubt is known for the confidence, fearlessness, and intelligence they have.

To train your puppy in such a way, keep in mind that patience is the key to bring your puppy on the right path. While giving sessions to your Shepherd puppy, patience, sense, and understanding are most crucial.

Praising Is Crucial

Especially when you are teaching obedience in puppy training, showing it will impact more on your Shepherd puppy. While you tend to train your dog, treat your pup with a lot of treats and praise. Praising them will encourage them to do better. And reward on top of that will be enough to thrill them.

While the dog training is going on, don’t scold them or show anger to them, as it will ultimately make them aggressive. Thus being calm is very important when you are trying to control the temperament of your dog.

You can use a clicker to train dogs. The sound of the clicker will excite them to work quickly. Keep the rewards, clicker, and their crate around while training them to encourage them. When they grow up, you can also reward them with a toy. Your dog will love to play with its toy, but don’t let them play with its toy for a long time. Otherwise, it will lose focus from its training.

Try to teach them commands verbally. That means try to teach it in such a way that they will create an understanding of the verbal commands based on your reflexes.

Ensure proper obedience teaching, as it will further help your dog control its temperament and follow all your commands. Also, make sure to stay warm and friendly with them, instead of showing anger to them, as it will ultimately make them aggressive. Good behavior is very crucial in the pet dog.


Teach Basic Commands That They Might Need To Follow In Future

The devotion and obedience of your dog solely depend on the number of commands they can follow precisely. They can’t understand everything you speak, but there are a few words, using them continuously will act as typical for your dog.

If you don’t want your dog to misbehave, teaching him common commands like sit, stop, or no is crucial.

Imagine a situation where a dog is barking at one of your friends. You asked him to stay quiet, but he keeps on barking at your friend because of a lack of understanding of commands. Such a situation directly questions your puppy training.

You can teach good manners and a sense of understanding to them so that they will be able to identify who are friends and who are not. Barking on everyone will appear their image as an aggressive dog.

That is why make sure to teach them good habits and manners. A good understanding of commands will make it stand out from other dogs. As German shepherds training has load full of energy, include basic commands like sit, walk, run, stay or lie while training them.

You can also give them treat or praise them whenever they follow your command correctly. Clicker excites it, so if you use a clicker, it will be another way of praising them.

If You Fail After All This, Go For a Dog Trainer Instead

You can try training them on your own, but a German shepherd dog is not simple to handle. You might require to put some effort into training them. You will need to give them long exercising sessions, obedience sessions, and exercise sessions to make them suitable pets as per your requirement.

As you know, what you are looking for in a pet, training them on your own, will help you achieve your vision. But dog training requires long hours. And you need to focus only on your dog when you tend to train them. It will not be possible for everyone. Also, a German shepherd dog can be a little stubborn in the starting, so you will also need to handle them appropriately.

Suppose you don’t have enough time and not able to provide proper sessions to your dog. Then at that time, the safer option is to use dog trainers. A well-behaved dog trained by a dog’s trainer is far way better than an untrained dog. Although it will cost you a little extra bucks training for German Shepherd puppy, it will use proper tricks and skills to train them.

To train your Shepherd puppy, not just time but patience is also crucial. If you are hot-tempered, then while training, your dog will make him aggressive. So better you spend some bucks instead of compromising on the training of your pet.


In the end, there are few essential pointers to take away for a German Shepherd dog training like spending time with them, loving them, but at the time of training, show some strictness as well.

Never use aggression on or in front of your GSD breed teaching and learning sessions, as it will harm them.


Patience is most important while German Shepherd puppy training.

Teach them basic commands and good habits first. Try to communicate in their language. As time passes, they will be able to understand your language as well.

It is very crucial to build trust between your German shepherd puppy and you. You can treat them or praise them as well while you train them. It will encourage your German Shepherd puppy to do better.

Not only GSD is adorable. It is very obedient and understanding as well. You only need to train them well, love them, and build a relationship with them for long-lasting results.