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My name is Sergey Uhanov and I am certified veterinarian for dogs over 20 years and Shepherd lover. I created this site to help other people with their GSDs and also share my vast experience. It is necessary to have enough knowledge about GSDs so that you can raise them in the right way.

What to Expect from this Site

I share all information related to German Shepherds in most simple words. I myself have owned GSDs and this site is the culmination of my experience with them. All the information mentioned here is accurate and practical. You will find answers to many questions you have like:

  • What to feed my German Shepherd?
  • How to train my German Shepherd?
  • What type of GSD Breeds are there?
  • How to groom my German Shepherd dog?
  • How to keep my German Shepherd healthy and fit?
  • How to take care of new-born German Shepherd puppies?

At, you will find detailed guides about all these topics. I have done my best to cover everything you need to know about them in detail. I hope that you find everything you are looking for in this site. I have trained several dogs and I share my own first-hand experience here. This site is the ultimate resource for all things related to German Shepherds.

All Types of German Shepherds are covered here

German Shepherd is a beautiful dog and it comes in several breeds. It is a strong, loyal, fierce, intelligent, and caring dog. I have covered all GSD breeds in this site and have shared detailed information about their nutrition, health, care, grooming and training. If you have adopted a German Shepherd, then these articles will be very helpful to you. With proper training and care, you will have a wonderful pet as your companion.

about my clinic

I am a certified veterinarian for over 10 years and also own a pet clinic. My medical shop is located at Shderot Atzmaut 67, Bat Yam, Israel. (link) I have bred several dogs and I am qualified to give advice on many issues regarding dogs. However, before you do anything, I suggest you to check with your local veterinarian.

The purpose of this site is to share my own personal experience and knowledge with other dog lovers. At, you will find everything related to German Shepherd dogs whether it is grooming, exercise, diet, training, breeding, nutrition, health, or behavior.

What do I gain by sharing this Information?

All the information on this website is free and will remain free. However, I may earn commission if you buy any of my recommended products. That does not change my opinion about the product whatsoever and my priority is to provide value to my readers. I only recommend products which I genuinely found to be useful for dogs. All the content on this site is written by myself and does not promote any brand or product. I simply want to help you understand your German Shepherd better so that you can raise it well.

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If you have any query, suggestions or questions, you can contact me here. I will get back to you in due time.

Sergey Uhanov certified veterinarian in Israel

Sergey Uhanov certified veterinarian

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