All you need to know about the German Shepherd Wolf Mix

German Shepherd Wolf Mix

Have you ever encountered a German Shepherd Wolf mix breed, or more commonly known as a wolf-dog, and wonder whether it can serve as a great pet or not? Well, I have a similar thought when I first saw a wolf dog.

You might be surprised to know that people are raising wolves as their pets for the past 15,000 years or so. But are wolf dogs, or the German Shepherd wolf hybrid going to serve as a fantastic pet as the wolves do?

Wolf-dogs are not a recent discovery, and there are plenty of people successfully raising them even nowadays. There are just a few requirements while raising a German Shepherd Wolf Mix, including proper training, exercising sessions, and socialization.

If you want to dig deeper about this fantastic wolf-like dog, then we have come up with some of the questions you might have in your mind regarding the raising of a wolf-dog. I hope you will be able to make your mind regarding whether this dog is perfect for you or not.

In this detailed article, we will take a comprehensive look at the German Shepherd Wolf Mix dog. Where to buy one, how to take proper care of them, what to feed them, and how to groom them. What is the typical size and color of this breed and what diseases are common in them? Are German Shepherd Wolf Mix dogs an ideal breed for a family? In this ultimate guide, you will learn everything you need to know about German Shepherd Wolf Mix dogs.

Where Can One Buy A Dog of German Shepherd Wolf Mix?

A German shepherd wolf-dog, also known as Shepherd Wolf Mix, is rare to find the dog breed. Thus, you can easily find one through various means, which includes:

Local Breeder

To find a perfectly trained dog breed, a reputed dog breeder is the best choice. Not just, it will guarantee you the behavior of your Shepherd wolf. You will be able to head to them whenever you find something wrong with your Shepherd wolf.

Make sure to ask for a proper health check-up before buying a German Shepherd Wolf Mix, even from a local breeder. Although it will cost you a few more bucks, you will be getting a sophisticated and loyal pet.

Online Websites

Another reliable and more straightforward way to find a perfect German Shepherd Wolf mix is to search one online. Not just will you get a better price point there. You can find one quickly. Just make sure to check Wolfdog’s temperament and health issues before buying a dog breed from an online website.

Especially in the case of a Wolf German Shepherd mix, because of their characteristics matching its parent breed wolves, it becomes crucial to check a dog’s temperament before bringing it home.

Rescue Groups

Another option of finding German Shepherd wolf mixed dogs is to adopt them from a rescue group. A rescue group is a group of people or an organization, which keeps track of abandoned dog breeds, owns them, raises them, and encourages people to adopt those dog breeds. A few rescue groups also recognize the Wolf German Shepherd mix from where one can assume this domestic dog.

But before adopting a Wolf dog, check its temperament and health condition. As it was abandoned by its previous owners, which means it might possess more traits like a wolf and have a short temper.

What Does the German Shepherd Wolf Mix Eat?

Dogs have quite a sensitive digestive system. Thus, it is very crucial to keep a keen eye on what exactly they are eating. Although you can serve them all the food you eat daily, like green vegetables, beans, fruits, carrot, potato, pizza base, etc. But they love eating chicken, pork, beef, duck meat more than the veggies.

Wolf mixes will also eat fast food if you serve it to them, but they will soon become addicted to fast food if you start feeding them fast food frequently. Also, don’t serve Wolf mixes spicy or sugary food as it is not appropriate for them to digest. As they have a very delicate digestive system and pretty little food digesting enzymes, wolf-dog can’t tolerate food, which has excessive sugar or spice.

Besides this, prefer feeding them with dog food, as it contains all the essential nutrients your dog wants. Apart from this, it is going to love the taste of dog food. As a treat, you can feed them with dog biscuits as well. A proper diet will also help dogs to get a better and longer life span.

Are There Any Rescue Groups for The German Shepherd Wolf Mix?

As it is a mix of German Shepherd with a wolf, all the rescue groups that have recognized German Shepherd have recognized wolf shepherds. Some of the rescue groups include the American Kennel Club, the Indiana German Shepherd rescue group, Idaho German Shepherd rescue groups have recognized German Shepherd wolf mix as the designer group, and look after the abandoned Shepherd Wolves.

What Needs to Be Considered for Grooming and Care?

Like both its parents, the Wolf and the German Shepherd, the German Shepherd Wolf mix also has a very thick double coat. Although the inner coat is a little thin, the overcoat of a German Shepherd Wolf mix is pretty dense. Thus, be prepared for encountering hairs here and there all-around your house.

Because of the thick coat of a wolf-dog, they also require proper grooming and care accordingly. It is crucial to brush its hair regularly, especially in the summer or the spring season, when they shed a lot more than usual.

While brushing, have a keen eye on the skin of your Shepherd Wolf, as they might get skin diseases like eczema or rashes behind their thick overcoat. Brushing will not only help in controlling its shedding, but it will also massage their skin and open its pore to retain the natural oil in their skin, making their hair look even shinier.

Bathing them regularly is another essential requirement of a German Shepherd Wolf mix. Make sure to bathe them at least thrice a week to avoid matting of their fluffy coat. Wash its hair with the dog shampoo and condition it after the bath to retain the natural shine of the coat of your Shepherd wolf.

How Old does German Shepherd Wolf Mix get on Average?

On average, a German Shepherd Wolf mix can live for around 12 to 14 years, which is quite long compared to other designer breeds. They pass through four different phases within their lifespan, including puppyhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

A dog’s puppyhood finishes as soon as it becomes six to eight months old, followed by adolescence, which can last up to 2 years. It is very crucial to provide dogs a proper training as a puppy; otherwise, they can become quite dangerous as a pet as soon as they enter their adulthood.

Its adulthood lasts from 2 years until it gets 8 to 10 years old and then starts its old age, which can last until it dies within 12 to 14 years. Although a little dangerous, this dog breed can be very loyal, attractive, and charming for their master. You can increase its overall lifespan by feeding them a nutrient-rich meal all over their life and taking proper care of them.

Within care, you need to make sure to groom your dog properly and take him to the veteran for regular health check-ups. A healthy life, proper diet, grooming, and exercise will make them live much longer comparatively.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors Of German Shepherd Wolf Mix

German Shepherd Wolf mix is a medium-sized dog breed, with a height ranging from around 22 inches to 26 inches. With a nutrient-rich diet or genetic disorders, their size may vary. Its height can be smaller or larger than average.

As usual, the male shepherd wolves have a sturdy physique compared to that of a female Wolf dog mixed with a German shepherd. Its weight lies between 70 to 110 pounds. Males can have a weight varying from 80 to 110 pounds, while females can weigh around 60 to 80 pounds.

Similar to its parent breeds, German shepherd and Wolf-dog, Shepherd wolf also has a double coat. Thus, because of their dense fur, they can survive even in adverse weather conditions.

The length of their dense coat can vary from medium to large. Its beautiful coat is available in various beautiful colors ranging from basic black, sable, brown, and even grey. Shepherd wolf is also present in rare colors like pure black, white, or red.

The color of its coat matches that of a German shepherd, while it looks similar to a wolf.

How Much Does German Shepherd Wolf Mix Eat on Average Daily?

Although the dog food that you brought from the store is rich in nutrients and carbohydrates, enough to keep your dog active all day long, it lacks the protein in them. To fulfill your food’s protein requirement, you can feed them something natural like veggies and fruits.

As they grow sturdy and large, it is pretty essential to feed this energetic breed with enough food to keep them active all day long. Apart from this, proper feed is also vital for their all-round growth and development. Thus, a meal with nutrients that dogs require and the appropriate amount of feed becomes crucial when raising Shepherd wolf dogs.

You may need to know that an adult German shepherd wolf mix requires up to 5 cups of food daily for their fast growth and energetic lifestyle. As a pup, you can feed them around 1 to 2 cups of food; as adolescents, they require at least 2 to 2.5 cups of dairy, and as they grow adult, their food requirement becomes as large as 5 to 6 cups.

But make sure not to overfeed them, as it will also ultimately make them fat.

What Are the Common Diseases of The German Shepherd Wolf Mix?

Just like its parent breeds, that is the wolves and the German Shepherds. These dogs are also prone to various diseases. Although being designer dogs, the chances of them getting the conditions are lower than that of German shepherds of the wolves, but it is prone to more diseases because of both parents.

The common disease that a German Shepherd Wolf mix can get includes hip dysplasia, joint dysplasia, cancer, pancreatic disease, skin allergies like eczema or rashes, bloating, and other diseases that are common in wolves or the German Shepherds.

For this breed, to avoid health problems, proper health checkups are very crucial. Wolves dogs also require adequate grooming to bypass skin problems.

Apart from this, German Shepherd wolf mix dogs also require proper feeding to keep them away from health issues. Keep a keen eye on what your wolf-dog is eating.

Is German Shepherd Wolf Mix an Excellent Family Dog?

This wolf hybrid with a German Shepherd dog is not preferable to being raised as a family dog. They can have a bad temperament. They also have very sharp teeth, sharp enough to hurt anyone easily. Thus, it is not preferable to raise a wolf-dog in the family, especially kids.

Although wolf-dog becomes easy to handle with proper training and control their temperament, it is not preferable to raise them as a family dog. Even if you are growing them with kids in your house, keep a keen eye on them to avoid hurting your kids.

Wolf with a dog is not a great choice to raise along with other pets or family. Even a breeder should keep a keen eye on a Shepherd wolf’s behavior and temperament, as when they start losing temperament, they don’t care whom they are hurting.

As it has partial German Shepherd traits, a wolf-dog is a very calm-tempered, loyal, and lovable dog breed. Because of its wolf-like characteristics, people don’t usually prefer them as a domestic dog. Even if you bring one home, make sure to provide them with proper socialization training right from their puppyhood to avoid any circumstances.

How Often and How Long Do You Have to Exercise the German Shepherd Wolf Mix?

As both the parent breed of a Shepherd wolf, the German shepherd and the wolf are very active and great runner, wolf-dog also requires proper training daily. It loves running,  similar to its parent. Thus, it requires long-running and exercising sessions daily.

It requires at least 1 to 2 hours of running daily, excluding its exercising session. Being highly active and energetic, it also needs a proper exercising session daily.

Not taking them for running or exercising will ultimately make them lazy and fat, and they will start facing some health issues. So to keep wolf-dog fit and fine all the time, exercising is a must. You can’t just chill and lay in bed when you own a German Shepherd Wolf mix. It will forcefully take you out for a walk, running, and exercising, which is ultimately good for your health as well.

A most important point to be followed while taking your Shepherd wolf out for a walk or running is to make sure to tie a harness around their neck. You should need to keep control of them because they can harm strangers there. As it has very sharp teeth, it will not take time for him to bite any stranger. Avoid its interaction with other animals or humans, as it may act violently in their presence.


As now know, you need to know plenty of things about a German shepherd wolf mix; you will be able to decide whether you are looking for a wolf-dog or not. They resemble characteristics similar to that of wolves and German shepherds, but it depends on their temperament, whether it is perfect as a family dog or not.

If they possess a more wolf-like character than that of a German Shepherd, then the German Shepherd Wolf mixed breed is not suitable for a family. Yet being a great guard and active dogs, they can serve in the police or army well.

But if it possesses characteristics of a German Shepherd more instead of wolf-like traits, it is suitable as a family pet. But keep a keen eye on them when you leave them alone with kids or strangers, as it can be a little violent sometimes.

Thus, if you are ready to raise and nurture such a challenging breed of dog, or if you are mesmerized by its look, then you can find a great companion in the form of a German Shepherd Wolf mix.

For more information about other German Shepherd mix dogs, you can leave your email address, name email, and website in this browser for next time in the comment section. And if you have some suggestions, please leave your name, email, and suggestions in the comment box below.


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