All you need to know about German Shepherd White

German Shepherd White

White Shepherd is a unique dog breed, and not many people are aware of these wonderful pet dogs. Shepherd white German not just falls under the category of pet dogs, but because of its muscular and sturdy height ranging till 26 inches, it serves as a right guard as well.

You may also find a white German shepherd dog with the color ranging from white to pale. Although it has all German Shepherds’ traits, the white German Shepherd is an entirely separate breed.

White shepherd dogs are enough to excite any dog lover. If you are looking to grasp more information about the white Shepherd pet breed, decide whether these dogs are suitable for you or not, then we have come up with a complete guide that will help you make a decision.

In this comprehensive article, you will learn all about White Shepherd dogs. We cover what do they eat, how much do they eat, where to buy one and how to take care of them. How to train them as guard dogs and what kind of exercises do they need? We also discuss whether they make good family dogs and what types of diseases are common in them. What is the typical size and weight of an average White Shepherd dog and how long do they live?

Article Published on 4th November 2020 » Updated on 13th January 2022

What Is The Breeding History Of A White German Shepherd, And From Where Does It Come From?

A White German shepherd’s history is not different from that of a German shepherd, although it is an entirely separate breed. People initially used to raise them as a Shepherd dogs, which is why it gets its name. There is nothing secret about the origin of this dog breed as well. Anyone can guess its native place as Germany after hearing its name.

Earlier, people used to raise them as a watchdog to protect their sheep from attackers and keep an eye on all the Sheep. But only till a German General named, Max Von Stepnhitz looks like an adorable German Shepherd named hector. He got so mesmerized after seeing that dog that he immediately purchased it and took it with him. He renamed Hector to Horand von Grafrath, which ultimately becomes the father of many mixed breeds and pure breeds.

After doing a little bit of research on the Horand von Grafrath, Max Von Stepnhitz finds out that the grandfather of Horand von Grafrath had a pure white coat. The white color coat in the German Shepherd is only because they have a recessive gene, giving the soft snowy white color coat to many of the German Shepherds.

Although they have characteristics and traits similar to that of a German shepherd, their original origin is in Europe. Not so long after the discovery of various mix breeds of

German Shepherds, a line of white German Shepherd, start to be raised in Europe. The white coat makes it look even more sophisticated and charming. People of the United States have another level of craze about a white German Shepherd because of its unique coat color. Apart from this, their activeness and energy are what make them even more charming.

Size, Weight, and Color Of The Coat Of A White German Shepherd Coat Color

As the name suggests, the color of their coat is fixed to the shades of white. Although you may find a variation in the white color coat’s intensity yet, almost all of the white German Shepherds have a white color coat. Like a German shepherd, the white German Shepherd breed also has a medium to long overcoat and a thinner undercoat, making it more versatile and agile.

Their coat is no doubt shiny, but you may find it a little tough while touching it. The overcoat of a White German Shepherd is a little coarser comparatively.


A white German shepherd’s height is similar to a German Shepherd and varies from 22 to 26 inches. While this breed’s females can have smaller height varying from 22 to 24 inches, males of this breed are slightly longer in size, ranging from 24 to 26 inches.


As they are muscular, the weight of this breed varies from around 65 to 100 pounds. And as usual, females have comparatively lesser weight than that of a male.

They have looked similar to a German Shepherd with a slightly wolfish appearance in them as well. They have a short muzzle nose, slender face, triangular ears. But the most crucial feature of the white German Shepherd breed is its white color coat, which makes it unique but much adorable compared to a black and tan German Shepherd.

Is White German Shepherd A Right Guard?

German Shepherds breed is known for its excellent guarding skills. White German Shepherd, like its other brothers and sister, possesses a similar quality. Not just do they serve as great pets, they also have good guarding skills. The base of its good guarding skills is none other than its loyalty.

A dog will only protect and guard you if he is loyal to you. And no other dog can beat the devotion of white German Shepherds. They love their owner and can give up their life for them. Also, they sometimes become a bit overprotective of their family.

But the trait that makes it a good guard dog is its attentiveness. Even while sleeping, he can identify the suspicious, intruding things happening around him. If he finds something wrong happening around him, it becomes full of energy to scare them off.

No doubt, its bulky size is large enough to scare any intruder off. Then he has a loud bark, loud enough to make everyone aware of something is happening in and around their house. Next, they have sharp teeth, and its bite can injure anyone harshly.

But again, all this will be possible only if white German Shepherds are trained well. While their training, it is crucial to teach them the understanding of friends and intruders. If they lack this basic knowledge, they will not identify friends around you and bark at them.

Sometimes they can even bite an unknown person, whether it is a friend of yours. It will make their impression of your dog as aggressive and scare. It is better to bring a White German shepherd home that is adequately trained and has a calm temperament.

Thus, all these pieces of evidence are enough to prove how good white German Shepherds are when it comes to guarding. They can serve you as a protector at night while as a companion in the day. It is a complete blend of devotion, loyalty, smartness, and intelligence. Don’t forget its good looks too.

How Often and How Long Do You Have To Exercise White German Shepherd?

As a German shepherd has a load full of energy, so is for a white German Shepherd breed. For an adult, a white German Shepherd requires at least one hour of proper training, exercise sessions, and training. Whether you are taking them out for a long walk, running, or even for exercise, they want to go out at least once a week.

They have power, and they want to spend it out by jumping, running, and walking here and there. Taking the breed out will not only keeps it for but happy as well. Enclosed in a house all day long will pull them in the depressions.

You can play Frisbee with them, go out on a walk with them, take them some ground for running. If you don’t want your white German Shepherd to jump on your walls, then it will be better to take them out for a while.

It means you will need to spare at least one hour a day for your White German Shepherd. It will ultimately mean that this dog is suitable for you only if you have time for them. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to survive in an enclosed apartment. It can ultimately make them irritated and aggressive. It will also lack manners and can even hurt someone.

Apart from this, being active, they themselves will demand you to take them out. It will never keep you in bed lazily and always ask to go out with it. Sometimes high energy and activeness of this breed will surprise you, but this is the trait of this breed.

Not just taking them out will make you fit. This energy will keep your dog miles away from obesity, which is crucial. An obese dog is prone to dangerous diseases. Thus, it is better to keep them far away from obesity.

If you are looking for a well-mannered White German Shepherd, but you will need to spend time with them, fulfilling all their need and keeping them active.

What Needs To Be Considered For The Grooming And Care Of A White German Shepherd Dog?

If you are thinking of bringing a white German Shepherd dog into your family, they must understand that he has his requirements. Not just it requires proper training and food. You can’t only leave it dirty and dusty all the time. Mostly, it requires even more grooming than a black and tan or sable German Shepherd because of its white double coat.

White color looks dirty and blackish, or we can say matte even more on the white coat of this German Shepherd. A little dirt will be enough to make black patches on its white double coat. Thus, regular grooming becomes even more crucial in the case of a white German shepherd.

Brushing Its Hairs

As they have coarser hairs, they shed a lot, especially in the springs. Thus, even if you are protecting his coat from dirt and debris, you will need to brush its hair daily. Brushing will control its shedding and massage its skin because it will retain the natural oil of its skin, making its hair even shinier.

These dogs have slightly rough hairs, which shines a lot. Bathing them regularly is also crucial. Make sure to bathe them with dog shampoo only. It will make their coarse hair smooth and will retain their shine as well. Apart from this, bathing them with a shampoo will remove all the dirt and debris from their coat and provide snow like a white color coat. You can also condition their hair after nothing if you want a smoother coat.

Bathing Them

While bathing them, check their skin thoroughly. As German shepherds have a long overcoat, it is more prone to parasites. Parasites will leave their skin when you wash their hair with shampoo, but they can cause skin infections in white German Shepherds, which will not be visible in the long overcoat of the German Shepherd. Thus check for any rashes or eczema. You can also take them to a veteran if you find something critical.

Also, as their hair can grow long, you can trim its fur as well. But maybe it doesn’t like trimming the dog’s coats. In such a case, try to cut the dog’s hair when they are sleeping or engaged somewhere else. Trimming their hair will not only make them look smarter, but it will also reduce the risks of parasites and skin problems.

While bathing them, brush their hairs, clean their ears, and most crucially cut its nail. As you take it out on a walk, if, in any case, the dog loses its temper and attacks someone, its claws can injure them significantly, so it is better to stay on the safer side.

How Much Is A White German Shepherd, And Where Can One Buy One?

If you want to buy a White German Shepherd, there are significant places where you can bring one home. But before bringing one home and introducing one to your family, do check the habits, temperament, and behavior of the dog breed you are getting your home.

Search For A Lock Breeder

The first and foremost search one can do while planning to bring a white German Shepherd home. Then, you can search for a reputable breeder. Not just will it be safer to bring a dog from a local breeder, you will be getting a dog with a calm temperament and well-mannered.

You might find it a little expensive to bring a white German Shepherd from a local breeder. Also, it has a higher price because of its white coat. The smart looks of a white German Shepherd will add the extra money to a German shepherd price.

But if you tend to bring a dog from a local breeder, not just you will find a properly trained dog, but a healthy dog as well. Still, you can check the temperament and health condition of the dog you are bringing. Take their temperament test and health checkup before getting them home to avoid any drastic situation.

Search For A Breeder Online

If you want a better price point and an easier way to find a White German Shepherd, you can also search for an online website. Not just on an online website, you will find more options based on the shades of their white coat, health, and height, but you will also get a better price point online.

You can sit on your balcony, search for dogs, and choose the one you liked the most appearance-wise, contact the breeder, negotiate the price, and buy the dog.

But here is a piece of quick advice before you purchase a white German Shepherd from an online breeder. Do check its temperament before bringing one home.

Although German Shepherds are simpler to train and handle, if it is not properly trained, it can become pretty aggressive. It can hurt someone when angry. Thus it becomes pretty crucial to check the temperament of the dogs you have selected out. An ill-trained dog is not only harmful to strangers but to your family too. And family comes first.

Also, ask the breeder to take the dog to a veteran to check whether he is suffering from any disease or not. Sometimes, on online websites, breeders try to fool the buyer by giving them an ill dog, and later they deny taking that back because of their work policies. So, it is better to check the health of the dog you are bringing home before purchasing it.

Adopt One from Rescue Groups

Another option to find a White German Shepherd dog is to adopt one from a rescue group. A rescue group is an organization that takes after abandoned dogs and takes care of them. Also, rescue groups ask for dog lovers to adopt the dogs they are carrying for.

All those rescue groups that have recognized a German Shepherd like the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club have also recognized this unique dog breed. You can adopt a white German Shepherd from a rescue group at a very economical price comparatively.

But since someone abandoned that dog, there is a pretty high possibility that the dogs might have been suffering from some disease or might have a bad temperament. That means you might get an ill-behaved dog. It is better to check the temperament by a temperament test and take it a veteran to confirm that he is not suffering from some acute diseases for future references.

Cost of White German Shepherd Dogs

As their white color coat gives them a completely fresh look, you will find a White German Shepherd puppy at a slightly higher price than a basic German Shepherd puppy.

While on the one hand where you can find German Shepherd puppies at a price varying from $300 if you adopt them, and its price goes up to $900 depending on the breeder, look, health, and height of the German Shepherd.

On the other hand, a White German shepherd puppy can cost you slightly higher with a price ranging from $ 750 to $1000 depending on the color, size, and parents of the White German shepherd puppies.

It is crucial to know about the parent breed of the white German Shepherds you have shortlisted to buy. It will help you with all the health problems that the litters of those White German Shepherds are prone to.

How Much Food A White German Shepherds Need Daily?

The large dog needs more food to fulfill its energy requirements and hunger. As white German Shepherds, or more commonly known as white Shepherds, have a large and muscular body, they have food requirements.

They need a large quantity of food to retain their energy and activeness all day long. Apart from this giving them food in the right amount, the correct timings, and nutrients of the food are most crucial for White Shepherds.

How Much Food Do They Need Daily?

Adults white German Shepherds need at most 2200 calories per day to fulfill their energy needs. Depending on the size and weight of White Shepherds, you may increase or decrease the dogs’ amount.

You can give him 3 cups to 5 cups per day, so he gets the perfect amount of nutrients that these dogs need.

Division of Food

You can divide those 3 to 5 cups of food into 3-4 parts a day, with a proper break between one meal and another. Give him frequent meals and avoid more activities after meals. It reduces the risk of bloat.

Food Requirement of Puppy White Shepherds

If you have one of the puppies, white German shepherds, you can feed him at least three times a day. As they grow up or mature, decrease this meal to two times a day, but if they have a busier lifestyle, feed them at least 2 to 3 times a day.

The Nutrient Requirement in Their Feed

Most big dogs need a high protein and fat-rich diet for their proper growth and development. For White GSD, you can add a small amount of nutrient-rich food in it like egg, cooked vegetables, and yogurt. As dogs have a sensitive stomach, feeding them with table scrapes can affect their digestive system, so it is not preferable to provide them with leftover food.

Small healthy dog biscuits are very good for this type of dog. Dog biscuits can be a perfect treat that every white German Shepherd desires.

Also, don’t give him too much people food because this can affect its development period, they can grow more on their food than our food.

Homemade Food That You Can Feed White Shepherds With

Apart from this, you can feed your Shepherd white German with a lot of natural food.

You only need to provide them a nutritious food for better growth and development of the White Shepherd. Otherwise, German Shepherd white is okay with everything you feed them with.

Take proper care of these dogs’ feed. You can feed such dogs with fruits, vegetables to fulfill the need for vitamins in them. Apart from this, you can provide white German shepherds bread, carrot, dairy products, and even fast food.

Although a white shepherd will never refuse to eat anything you offer them. But remember their health is in your hand. There is a lot of food that can affect their pancreas and overall digestive system. Thus, try to avoid such kinds of food.

White German shepherds are meat lovers, but meat is not that good for their health, so it is better to feed them with meat in a limited manner. Also, they can’t digest spicy or sugary food as well to avoid their severe health condition. You may need to prepare a chart for their diet as well.

Although they have an average life span revolving around 12 to 14 years. You may increase their lifespan even more than 14 years by feeding them appropriately with nutritious food.


Not just white German Shepherds have beautiful looks, but their intelligence, smartness, and loyalty attract the dog lover most of the time. White German Shepherds look like a little flake of snow because of their white fur. They are recognized by the united kennel club, the White German shepherds, which look exactly similar to a German Shepherd. It is white fur resulting from the recessive gene that almost all the German Shepherds have in them.

Because of its recessive gene, we get to see this beautiful White GSD.

But there are a few things that you might ensure before bringing pure White GSD home. You need to make sure to groom them promptly. White color coat of White GSD is more prone to dirt and debris, so to retain these dogs’ unique color and beauty, it is crucial to groom them regularly.

Also, a white shepherd is an active breed of dogs and requires proper exercising sessions. So you might need to spend at least one hour for their training and walk as well.

All-in-all, you will require to spend some time with your white Shepherd.

This breed also requires some open space for themselves to play around, so if you have a small apartment, then it is not the right dog breed for you.

At last, I hope you will now have all that you want to know about a White German Shepherd. If you have some suggestions or any queries, comment below, leaving your name email there. Or you can leave your name email there, and we will reach out to you.


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