All you need to know about German Shepherd Malamute Mix

German Shepherd Malamute Mix

The German Shepherd Malamute mix, also known as the Alaskan Shepherd is a very good-looking and loyal dog that has been sought after by many people. This canine looks intimidating on the outside, but it’s just a soft working dog that enjoys a lot of love and attention.

Alaskan Shepherd is excellent with kids and other animals. Do you have enough space and would love to have an Alaskan Shepherd? Then read on!

In this detailed German Shepherd Malamute Mix guide, we will be taking a look at many of its features. How to train Alaskan Shepherds and how to properly groom them? Where to buy this dog and are they good guard dogs? Are Malamute GSD mix good with children and what to feed them? What kinds of diseases are common in them and what size are they?

German Shepherd Malamute Mix History

This kind of dog is a blend between a German Shepherd and an Alaskan Malamute that traces all the way back to the mid 1900s.

Alaskan Shepherds were reared to convey packs and pull sleds, original breeders needed the best of both of their generally famous, thoroughbred canines.

As a crossbreed, the German Shepherd Malamute blend isn’t officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). It was first perceived in 2009 by the International Canine Designer Registry (IDCR).

Despite the fact that there is next to no data about Alaskan Shepherd history, we can in any case comprehend the appearance and character of this astounding canine by means of its folks.

About German Shepherds

German Shepherds were reproduced through meticulous farms by Captain Max von Stephanitz from German cavalry to sheep during the 1800s. Throughout the long term, the local people have consolidated these pure varieties to create present-day GSDs.

The modern German Shepherd was at last perceived by the AKC in 1908 and is presently the second most famous variety in the US as per the club.

Known for its dependability, grit, and focused characteristics, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most famous dog breeds.

About Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are descendants of dogs since the Paleolithic period. They ventured into North America and were named for the Indian tribe Mahlemuts.

Malamute is immediately named from the wolf’s ancestor, explaining the appearance of a ferocious wolf – a rock-deep chest with a strong shoulder and tense ears.

They were developed into sled operators because they were strong and driven. In fact, they are part of the oldest sled dogs in the world.

Short Facts about German Shepherd Malamute Mix

Breed Type Mixed
Purpose Family pet, companion, or guard dog
Height 21 to 28 inches
Weight 60 to 130 pounds
Average lifespan 10 to 13 years
Temperament Intelligent, smart, loyal, alert, and hard-working
Shedding Moderate to high
Common coat colors Silver, sable, white, cream, liver, brown
Activity level Moderate; requires up to 60 minutes of exercise daily
Suitable for families Yes, for active owners that can meet the exercise requirements
Dietary needs High-protein diet; adults require approximately 2-3 cups of high-quality food
Potential health issues Hip dysplasia, bloating, obesity, chondrodysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, degenerative myelopathy

Appearance of Malamute German Shepherd Mix

Because both types of parents have a wolfy look, hence this dog may look like a wolf. They have pointed, stooped ears, and eyes that can be hazel, blue, or brown. The nose can be black or brown.

The Malamute and German Shepherd mix has great strength, which is proven by its muscular and huge body.

How big does the German Shepherd Malamute Mix get?

Curious about German Shepherd Malamute mix size?

Alaskan Shepherds usually have a height of 21 to 28 in (53 to 71 cm) and weigh around 60 to 130 lbs (27 to 59 kg), with females much smaller than their male counterparts.

Medium to giant-sized canines should not be kept in an apartment. They require a house with enough space so they can run around and play freely.

Are German Shepherd Malamute mix hypoallergenic?

No, they aren’t. As its parents are moderate to weighty shedders, you can expect something similar from the GSD Malamute mix.

They have a straight, low-cut twofold coat made of a delicate, thick coat and a thick, harsh topcoat.

This sensitive dog can have layers of red, brown, gold, dark, and dim. Yet, different mixes and shades are conceivable, like blue, silver, sable, white, cream, and liver. They can likewise be tricolored.

Is the Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd mix an ideal family dog?

Alaskan Shepherds have great personalities. They love to be around kids. However, you shouldn’t leave them alone with small children as they are giant dogs.

Get them to socialize with other pets from a young age. They can become overweight and lazy if they don’t get enough exercise.

If it’s your first time getting a dog, then Alaskan Shepherds are not recommended.

They don’t bark much but if they sense danger, they will surely let you know. GSD Alaskan Malamute mix is a great watchdog.

Training the German Shepherd Malamute Mix

Train and socialize them from a young age to prevent any aggressive behavior which can come from GSD parents.

But you’ll be happy to know the German Shepherd and Malamute Mix is ​​very intelligent and smart. As long as you have demonstrated that you are an alpha, teaching the commands and tricks should be quite easy.

Go ahead and train your German Shepherd Malamute mix puppy from two and a half weeks old. If you can’t train the dog properly, then hire a professional trainer.

They are usually easy to train, but you need to be patient and use positive reinforcement. Give them treats when they obey commands.

It’s best to limit the duration of the training, so your dog doesn’t get bored and sleep during the training. Be firm and confident in the training.

How to Groom your German Shepherd Malumate Mix?

Please note that these canines expect moderate to serious care.

First of all, their thick coat is brushed two to five times each week, yet it for the most part relies upon how lengthy your pet’s hair is.

Be that as it may, we might want to give you some grooming tips to make this task a lot simpler. To begin with, eliminate the German Shepherd Malamute mix accessory or different frill.

This will give you full access to brush their jacket, particularly parts that frequently include matting, like the neck region.

Get yourself a pleasant hairbrush and run it in one heading. It is ideal to utilize a slicker brush to eliminate hitches.

Some canine owners utilize a de-shedding tool two times per week to decrease the amount of shedding.

Bathing should only be done when your dog is visibly dirty and the smell is unpleasant to dry the coat and skin. And utilize a soothing shampoo that has ingredients like aloe vera.

To clean their ears weekly, use a dog-only ear solution. And confirm that it is dry to steer clear of any infection.

The frequency of nail trimming will depend on the level of their activity because dogs can use their nails naturally. If you hear a click while making a tap, now is a good time for their nails to be cut.

Check the Alaskan Shepherd puppy paws as well. They can be dry and scaly; if this happens, you can use Vaseline on them. If this does not work, consult an expert veterinarian.

You need to pay attention to your dog’s grooming needs so you can see the early signs of an underlying serious condition.

Exercising your Alaskan Shepherds

The Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd mix has parents with working foundations, so we can anticipate that this mixed dog should be extremely dynamic. However, just an hour of activity each day will get the job done.

Plan an assortment of exercises to keep your canine busy. As well as strolling and visiting a customary dog park, go with them on a walk, running, or swimming around the ocean.

Alaskan Shepherds also need mental excitement. Intuitive games, for example, Bal Kong and puzzle games will keep them occupied while playing outside isn’t a choice.

On the off chance that the weather conditions are great, let your canine companions head outside, however just in a safe place.

You can play fetch with them as well.


The sort of food and nourishment you should give your GSD Alaskan Malamute mix canine relies upon its age, weight, digestion, and wellbeing.

It is suggested that you give dog food 2 to 3 cups of excellent dry kibbles partitioned into two suppers each day.

Dry canine food enjoys has benefits, for example, keeping their teeth and gum sound. Pick a brand with a lot of protein and calcium, as well as effectively absorbable fixings like rice, chicken, and wheat.

Hypoallergenic canine food can likewise be a decent decision since German Shepherd breeds are inclined to an assortment of sensitivities.

This breed can also be overweight, so we prescribe that you adhere to a regular feeding schedule, downplay pup snacks, and don’t give your pet table food. Watch out for your doggy and best friend!

What are some of the most Common Diseases among Alaskan Shepherds?

Crossbreeds are by and large viewed as better due to their mixture, and a blend of German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute, they have a normal life expectancy of 10 to 13 years.

All things considered, any canine can get a portion of the medical issues that have been passed somewhere around thoroughbred parents.

The sicknesses and problems that can be passed down by German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamute to mix sex offsprings are elbow and hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, bloating, fascinating cartilaginous infection, obesity, chondrodysplasia, and Von Willebrand’s Disease.

That doesn’t mean your pet will get all these medical conditions. To guarantee that they are protected from the infections, they should go through an elbow and hip assessment, an ophthalmologist assessment, and a Polyneuropathy DNA Test.

Where to buy Alaskan Shepherd puppies?

There are a few places where you can purchase Shepherd Malamute mix young pups. Tragically, designer breeds have become exceptionally huge, and it has become challenging to track down respectable breeders.

Alaskan Shepherds are likewise rare, and one pup costs start at $800 (€700).

Since there are countless canines in shelters that need a decent home, adoption is suggested, regardless of whether you’re searching for a thoroughbred or crossbreed.

German Shepherd Malamute Mix for Sale

Need to purchase the German Shepherd Malamute mix from a breeder? Do your research and pose inquiries prior to choosing which one to purchase.

Honest breeders typically request that forthcoming purchasers visit the kennel to meet, as well as direct meetings.

They will likewise share required reports connected with nurturing and genealogy and the wellbeing of the dog.

Assuming that they think you are perfect for one of the young doggies, they will give you a health guarantee and a return policy, which will be covered by the agreement.

We can’t locate a kennel that right now delivers this breed, yet rescue organizations for German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamute are also stirring it up.

  • Alaskan Animal Rescue Friends (Anchorage, AK)
  • Alaska Malamute Rescue Association (Mt. Prospect, IL)
  • Howling Woods Farm (Jackson, NJ)
  • Rescue German Shepherd Westside (Los Angeles, CA)

Is the German Shepherd Malamute mix dog right for you?

This wolf-like dog has great characteristics. Alaskan Shepherd is a loyal family friend who knows his environment and is good with other animals.

If taking good care of this dog isn’t an issue and you have a big home to offer this canine, then an Alaskan shepherd could be your type.

However, they can become very independent and tend to become obese. So taking care of a huge dog of this size will not be cheap and easy.

If this is your first dog, then we suggest you get another type of dog which is relatively easier to train.


Malamute German Shepherd mix is an intelligent and loyal dog. If you want to get this dog, then go ahead and buy or adopt one.

Take care of them properly. Train them regularly and feed them high-quality food.

Get them to socialize from a young age. Alaskan Shepherds are hard-working dogs and tend to be great guard dogs. They will protect you with their life.

However, if you don’t have enough space and time, then you should not get them as they need plenty of space and attention.

A neglected dog will develop aggressive behavior. Give them time and play with them so they can become your life-long friends!

We hope that you have learned everything you need to know about the German Shepherd Malamute mix dog in this article.


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