All you need to know about Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix

The German Shepherd Bullmastiff mix is an incredible dog that every dog lover would be proud to have. It is a hybrid of the intelligent German Shepherd and powerful Bullmastiff.

Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix is a big dog. Due to its massive dog, many people found them intimidating but in reality, they are very playful and ideal for a family.

They are also called Bullmastiff Shepherd. They are amazing guard dogs and will protect you with all their might.

In this article, we will be taking a look at Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix dogs. How to train them, what to feed them and how to take care of them? We will also tackle frequently asked questions about this breed such as how big do Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix gets, what size are they, and what are some of the common diseases among this breed. How much do they cost and where to get them? In this detailed guide, we will cover everything you need to know about German Shepherd Bullmastiff mix.

What is a Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix?

A Mastiff Shepherd is a product of mixing a German Shepherd and a Bullmastiff. Their physical appearance can vary. Even puppies from the same litter can have different looks from each other.

German Shepherd Bullmastiff mix is not a very common breed. Most people opt for purebred dogs. Getting a mixed breed dog lowers the chances of genetic diseases in the puppy.

American Kennel Club does not recognize the Bullmastiff Shepherd just like other mixed breeds. However, it is a perfectly fine breed that is great as a guard dog and also a family dog.

Some of the common features of the GSD Bullmastiff mix include large paws and abdomen, folded ears, and a big muzzle.

Males are usually larger than females. Their eye color is dark brown. The average life span is 8-12 years. Coat color can be brown, black, grey, or red.

Price could range anywhere from $400 to $1100 (€350 – €1000). German Shepherd x Bullmastiff is a very powerful and strong dog. They are very high-energy dogs so only get them if you are also in good shape and keep up with them.

They need constant exercise so as not to get overweight. Their massive size can easily intimidate intruders and trespassers.

Bullmastiff GSD Mix History

GSD Bullmastiff mix is a new breed. It is uncertain when this breed originated. However, we can take a look at the history of its parent breeds.

German Shepherd is a very popular dog worldwide. Its origin traces back to Germany where Captain Max Von Stephanitz is credited as its founder. He bred these dogs for military and police use.

German Shepherds were used widely in World War I where they were responsible for delivering food and other supplies to German soldiers. They also braved enemy fires and landmines.

This tarnished their reputation as Allied forces had a negative view of GSDs. They thought of them as ‘enemy dogs’.

With the introduction of Shepherd Strongheart and Rin Tin Tin in Hollywood movies, the American public came to embrace German Shepherds. Now, they enjoy a great deal of popularity and are used in various fields.

According to the American Kennel Club, the German Shepherd is the third most popular dog breed in the United States.

Bullmastiff is a result of breeding English bulldog and English mastiff. Their history goes back a thousand years ago where they may have come from India or Tibet.

They were used as battle dogs by Europeans and Greeks in the 16th century. Bullmastiff is a powerful and courageous dog who used to scare away intruders and poachers from the estates.

They are perfect hound dogs. Modern mastiffs are traced back to 1835 in England when dogfighting was declared illegal. It changed their temperament and personality.

Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix Characteristics

Let’s take a comprehensive look at German Shepherd cross Bullmastiff characteristics.

Bullmastiff Shepherd Appearance


Bullmastiff Shepherd is a big dog. Its masculine frame can easily chase away trespassers. A male Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix could grow up to 26-27 inches and weigh 110-130 lbs.

Female English Mastiff German Shepherd mix average height is 24-26 inches and the average female Bullmastiff weight is 100-120 lbs.

Now you know how much do Bullmastiffs weigh. How much should a Bullmastiff weight? A healthy Bullmastiff can weigh 100-130 lbs.


Bullmastiff Shepherd coat color can vary from red, gray, black, or brown. They shed a lot so be prepared for that.

Bullmastiff Shepherd mix will have a medium-length coat. The amount of shedding depends on which parent the puppy takes after the most.

Life Span

How long do Bullmastiffs live? According to various sources, German Shepherd Bullmastiff mix lives for 8-12 years. It mostly depends on the health and care you give your dog.


German Bullmastiff is a giant dog. They will need a lot of nutrition daily.

The Shepherd Bullmastiff needs 1200-1700 calories daily. If you are unsure of what to feed your dog, consult a veterinarian.

However, do not overfeed them as it will cause them to become lazy and obese. They are prone to many serious diseases so be careful about their diet.


A GSD Bullmastiff mix is a very strong and loyal dog. When it’s guarding, it will be fierce. When it’s playing with you or your children, it will be docile.

If you are looking for a strong and confident canine, then this breed is an ideal choice. It can safeguard you and also play with you.


The Bullmastiff cross German is a very high-energy dog so it will need daily exercise. A dog who doesn’t get enough exercise will become aggressive and depressed.

It is recommended to start their exercise and training when they are in the puppy phase. A German Shepherd Bullmastiff puppy can exercise for 5-10 minutes daily.

An adult Bullmastiff GSD mix needs much more time for exercise. You can get them to exercise for 45-60 minutes daily. They like swimming, running and jogging.

If you can’t find time to exercise your dog, then it’s a bad idea to get one. A bored dog will develop destructive behavior.


If your GSD Bullmastiff mix puppy takes after its Mastiff parent, then you won’t have much to groom.

However, if the puppy takes after its German Shepherd parent, then you should brush their coat daily. A nice bristled brush will do the job.

You can bathe your Mastiff Shepherd monthly. Use only vet-approved shampoo for dogs.

You can also clean their ears and trim their nails regularly. Be careful when you clip their nails.

If you can’t do this yourself, you can hire a professional dog groomer.

How to train your German Shepherd Bullmastiff Mix?

Training your GSD Mastiff mix dog depends on which parent the puppy takes after the most. If your puppy is most like GSD, then you will have an easy time training them.

However, if the puppy takes after the Bullmastiff parent, then you may have a hard time training your dog.

The Bullmastiff is a stubborn dog who likes to do things its own way. Be patient, confident, and persistent.

It is best to start the training when the Mastiff Shepherd puppy is 8 weeks old. Get them to socialize from an early age.

A dog who lacks socialization will develop problematic and dangerous behavior. Take your dogs to the park and introduce them to other dogs and people.

Please note that the German Shepherd Bullmastiff mix is not an ideal dog for first-time owners. This is not to discourage novice dog owners but be prepared to spend a lot of time on their training.

Training your Bullmastiff German Shepherd dog from a young age is the best way to handle your dog.

What are some of the Most Common German Shepherd Bullmastiff Mix Health Problems?

Like other giant dog breeds, both Bullmastiff and GSDs are prone to many diseases and health problems.

Your GSD Bullmastiff mix can inherit any of the diseases which are prevalent in its parent’s breed. Some of the diseases which can trouble your dog are:

  • Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
    This is quite common in German Shepherds and Bullmastiffs. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise and eats low-quality food, then it can suffer from elbow and hip dysplasia.

Symptoms include pain in the hind legs, displaying aggressive behavior, and avoiding exercise.

  • Obesity
    If you overfeed your dog, it can become obese and lazy. Take good care of your dog’s diet and always feed them with high-quality food.
  • Cherry Eye
    Cherry eye is an unpleasant health concern in the Mastiff Shepherds. It affects their eyes and the dog can experience inflammation and irritation in the eye.
    Cherry Eye is when the canine’s third eyelid prolapses and leaves a visible red scar in the eye.
  • Bloating
    Bloating is a digestive condition in dogs. It can twist the dog’s stomach and cause severe pain and discomfort.

The dog can suddenly die from this painful and dangerous condition. Symptoms include lack of energy, coughing, excessive saliva, and fatigue.

  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Arthritis
  • Glaucoma

It is important to get your Bullmastiff Shepherd dewormed, vaccinated, and desexed.

Is Bullmastiff Shepherd a good family dog?

Yes, the Bullmastiff Shepherd is a great dog for a family. With obedience training, you will have a great time with your dog.

They are very loyal and protective dogs. They won’t hesitate to risk their own life if they see you in danger.

Also, a Bullmastiff Shepherd is a good dog to play with your children. However, you must not leave them alone with small children as they are massive dogs and knock over kids even without intention.

Is Bullmastiff Shepherd good with other dogs?

Yes, Bullmastiff Shepherd mix behaves well with other dogs. If your dog is raised with other dogs in the house, then you will have no problem with them. Mastiffs are naturally docile and sweet. They don’t get aggressive without any reason.

If you socialize your dog properly, then there is no reason that the Bullmastiff and German Shepherd mix will create any problems with other pets.

How big do German Shepherd Bullmastiff Mix get?

German Shepherd Bullmastiff mix is a large dog breed. The dog will be larger than an average GSD but smaller than a Bullmastiff.

You can expect your Shepherd Mastiff to grow to 24-27 inches. It can weigh anywhere from 100 to 130 lbs.

How much does a Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix cost?

The price of a Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix puppy ranges from $400 to $1100 (€350 – €1000). It is usually an expensive dog because it is an uncommon breed.

Also, most reputable breeders carry out many tests and diagnoses to take care of the puppy’s health.

Where to get a Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix puppy?

Always get a dog from a reputed and legit breeder. There are many breeders who sell this breed to good people.

Do not buy this breed from shady and questionable places like Craigslist. Many people advertise bullmastiff german shepherd mix for sale. If you buy a dog from classified ads at a low price, the chances are that the dog is not properly trained, neglected, or abused.

Moreover, there could be many health concerns with the dog. It could ultimately cost you more to get it treated than to buy from a responsible breeder.

It is better to buy Mastiff mix puppies from a serious breeder.

You can also adopt this dog from your nearest shelters.

Is Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix Right for you?

If you are looking for a smart and strong dog, then you cannot go wrong with a Bullmastiff Shepherd.

If you have a big yard, the dog will love to play. Provide them with toys and get them to exercise regularly.

Leaving them alone is not a good idea. If you are someone who doesn’t have much free time or likes to stay indoors, then this dog is not a good fit for you.

However, if you have time to spend with your dog and like to go outdoors, then GSD cross Bullmastiff is a perfect dog.

It will guard you as well as provide you with good company.


Bullmastiff German Shepherd is a fantastic dog. With proper care, grooming and training, you will have a wonderful time with this dog.

Have some extra time to spend with your dog so that they feel loved. Every dog loves its owner and you should love them back. Give them cuddles and hugs regularly.

The Bullmastiff German Shepherd is a smart, loyal and strong dog. It will always be there to protect and serve you.

Take good care of their diet and don’t overfeed them. If you notice any irregularities with their health, get them checked by an experienced veterinarian.

We hope that you have learned all you needed to about this amazing large breed.


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