Adiestramiento de pastores alemanes

Guía de adiestramiento del pastor alemán

Suppose you plan to bring a German shepherd puppy home, apart from getting necessary information about its feed and other requirements. Training is what you can focus on.  Puppy training becomes essential if you want to keep the GSD as a pet. Their sessions are going to come in long term use.  Stay patient and […]

Tabla de crecimiento del pastor alemán: Todo lo que necesitas saber

Tabla de crecimiento del pastor alemán

If you want a way to track the health and height of your German Shepherd, then you can do so with the help of a German Shepherd growth chart. This chart will help you to track the weight, height, and development of a dog. Apart from all this, make sure to feed them high-quality, nutritious […]

Todas las mezclas de pastores alemanes

Mezclas de pastores alemanes

Dogs are one of the most attractive pets, especially for dog lovers. A survey by the American kennel club, German Shepherds are the second most common pet animals worldwide. Their intelligence, smartness, and loyalty are what make them perfect pets. Not only a German Shepherd serves as an ideal pet that goes well with kids, […]

Razas de pastores

Dogs are one of the most raised pet breeds ever. The reason behind this is their friendliness, loyalty, intelligence, and whatnot. If you are a dog lover, then a Shepherd dog can quickly grab your attention with their charm and intelligence while walking on a street. If you have made your mind to bring a […]

¿Son peligrosos los pastores alemanes? Mitos y realidades

¿Son agresivos los pastores alemanes?

German Shepherds have long been popular family dogs in the United States. They are loyal, protective and can be trained to do so many things. This popularity, however, doesn’t change the fact that there are some pretty serious myths and misconceptions about this much-loved breed. While some of these myths have some reasonable support, some […]

¿Son los pastores alemanes melindrosos? Pautas de alimentación

¿Son los pastores alemanes melindrosos?

Picky eaters can be a pain. Whether you’re talking about your child, your spouse, or your dog, trying to feed a picky eater can be a task in futility. Trying to manage a dog who is a picky eater is especially challenging because they can’t communicate to you why they’re being picky, what foods they […]

Pastores alemanes hembra y macho: ¿Cuál es la diferencia?

Pastores alemanes hembra vs. macho Pastores alemanes machos: ¿Cuál es la diferencia?

So you’re certain you want a German Shepherd, but now you’re making the last key decision. Which sex do you choose? When you’re talking about a female vs male German shepherd, there are advantages and disadvantages for both. In this article, we will take a detailed look at various differences between male and female German […]

Ejercitar a un pastor alemán: ¿cuánto y cuánto tiempo?

Cómo ejercitar a un pastor alemán: ¿cuánto y cuánto tiempo?

German Shepherd dogs were originally bred for herding purposes, so they need to be kept occupied both mentally and physically and require at least 1-2 hours of exercise per day to make sure they aren’t bored stiff. The German Shepherd, by classification, is a working dog that was originally raised for roundups, however, they are […]

Guía definitiva para el cuidado del pastor alemán

If you’ve selected a German Shepherd to be a part of your family, congratulations! Not only are German Shepherds great family dogs, but they are also very low maintenance and easy to care for. However, just because they are low-maintenance dogs, doesn’t mean that you can just skip the grooming. Dogs of all breeds, no […]

¿Qué hace que los pastores alemanes sean buenos perros K9?

¿Qué hace que los pastores alemanes sean buenos perros K9?

A police dog sometimes referred to as a K9, is a dog that is specifically taught to assist police officers and other law-enforcement agents. Their jobs can include: searching for drugs, detecting explosives, locating missing persons, finding evidence, and chasing down suspects. Police dogs are trained by verbal commands and hand gestures depending on the […]