All you need to know about German Shepherd Husky Mix – The Ultimate Guide

German Shepherd Husky Mix

Both the German shepherd and the Siberian husky are long-established and beloved dog breeds, so mixing the two together into a completely new breed makes perfect sense. The German husky mix has a delightful combination of the characteristics of both its parent breeds. With an energetic and playful nature that also has a protective and […]

All you need to know about Dutch Shepherd – The Ultimate Guide

Durch German Shepherd

The Dutch shepherd isn’t a dog you see in the U.S. very often, but when you get a chance to meet one, it makes a strong impression. With its wolf-like features, alert eyes, and erect ears, this medium-size dog is ready for action. Its brindle markings and striking coat make the dog as attractive as […]

All you need to know about Black German Shepherd – The Ultimate Resource

Black German Shepherd - The ultimate Resource

Black German shepherds have striking, shiny black coats, are highly intelligent, and make great guard dogs and family pets. It’s no wonder they’re so sought after as pets. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the remarkable Black German shepherd. In this ultimate Black German Shepherd guide, we will take a comprehensive look at its […]