If you are a dog lover and want a unique, charming, and rare dog breed, you must consider Blue bay shepherds. Although people are aware of this wonderfully different dog breed, if you are looking for a rare dog breed that no one else is aware of. Then you can’t find a perfect breed other than the Blue bay Shepherd.

It is a mix of wolf and Blue bay Shepherds. Not if you are pondering that they are loyal? Yes. But if you doubt that they have a hot temperament? No.

If you provide proper training to a blue German Shepherd puppy, you will get a sophisticated, kind, emotional, yet sturdy pet. Their long blue coat is the center of attraction of this dog breed.

Blue bay shepherds are also good pets. It can serve in the police and army, but we don’t have enough Blue bay Shepherds.

If you want to know more about blue bay shepherds, we have come up with a complete guide to get detailed information on traits, requirements, and characteristics of a blue bay German shepherds.

Where Can One Buy A Dog Blue Bay Shepherd?

If you want to own this unique and unusual dog breed and looking for some way to adopt this beautiful dog, then there are a couple of ways in which you can bring a blue bay Shepherds home.

Keep in mind one thing that this dog breed is a mix of a wolf with a blue bay Shepherds. In some countries. There is a rule not to pet a wolf. Being a wolf mix, this breed also gets eliminated as a pet in such localities. Thus before bringing blue shepherds home, confirm with the officials of your locality whether it is legal in your locality to own a wolf or wolf mix or not. 

In some countries, a license is needed to own a wolf or wolf mix dogs; in such a case, you will need first to ask your local officials to issue a permit first before bringing a blue bay shepherd as a pet.

When someone wants to own bay shepherds blue dog, there is only a single breeder of Blue bay shepherds. It is challenging to crossbreed a blue bay shepherd and a wolf; there is no way to determine the blue German shepherd puppies’ breed. 

When you try to mate a blue shepherd and a wolf, the blue bay Shepherd puppies can have different appearances. Although matting of only Blue bay shepherd will result in a blue bay shepherd. But as it is a unique dog breed, the only way to find a calm and composed blue bay shepherd is Vickey Spencer itself.

What Needs To Be Considered For Grooming And Care? 

As they have a wolf-like appearance, and because of German Shepherds’ traits, they have hairs ranging from long to medium in length. That means you will need to groom them regularly. Not just this, they have a pretty shiny coat and silky hairs. They might get matte and rough if not properly groomed or taken care of. 

Especially in their shedding season, it is advisable to brush their hairs at least once a day. Not just will it help controlling its shedding. You will not find dog hairs all around you.

Apart from this, as they have long hairs. Bathing them twice a week will be more than enough. But make sure to bathe them using a dog shampoo only, as it will help retain their hairs’ natural shine. Also, condition its hair after the bath to make its hair silkier and shinier. 

While bathing, you can also check its skin thoroughly as it might have been suffering from skin rashes or eczema, and to prevent the same, proper medication will be required.

You can also head to a veteran if you observed something serious with their skin. Then, dry their hairs with a hairdryer as it will take almost one day to dry its hair naturally, and eventually, they can get cold with wet coats.

Although they don’t like shaving their hairs, you can still trim their hairs in hot weather to make them even more comfortable.

What Is The Breeding History, And Where Does Blue Bay Shepherd Come From? 

The dog has its origin from Palm Bay, Florida, on the Southern Breeze Ranch. This dog breed is a vision of a lady Vickey Spencer. She wanted to create a pet dog with loyalty and devotion similar to a shepherd dog, but appearance like a German Shepherd. 

She visioned a dog with a deep blue coloration, activeness, and trainable dogs. She wanted to reduce hip dysplasia in a dog breed by crossbreeding it with a wolf. She worked for eight long years with two wolves and a blue German Shepherd. She also tried to give birth to a wolf mix with Siberian Husk or Alaskan malamute.

After getting a perfect breed, she named it a blue bay Shepherd because of the color of the coat of this dog breed and the location from where it is originated, that is, the southern breeze ranch of Palm Bay, Florida.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors of Blue Bay Shepherd

Blue Bay dog has a pretty unique blue color coat that makes its appearance very class and exceptional. They also have a unique eye color, which includes green, almond, black. Like a wolf, they are sturdy and bulky as a German shepherd with a head similar to that of a wolf. 

Shepherds blue bay have triangular ears and a muscular body. They have a variable size depending on the health and height of their parents. All in all, males Blue bay Shepherds can be as large as 30 inches. That means they are pretty large, as compared to other dog breeds.

Weighing around 80 to 110 pounds, they are usually lean and fit because of their activeness ad energy. 

The myth about these dogs is that not all of them are blue. While most of them have a unique blue color, their coat is available in various colors like cream, white, black, and a combination of them. They can also have the primarily black and tan color of German Shepherd.

Overall, the American blue bay shepherd is a beautiful dog breed, with a confident face and bulky muscular body.

Is Blue Bay Shepherd An Excellent Family Dog? 

If, as a pet, if you are looking for a blend of hard work along with a little cleverness, then a blue bay shepherd is the perfect dog breed you can own. Although you may find this breed a little expensive, raising it is worth it. 

It is very devotional towards its master no matter what, so it will not just become your companion in all your goods and bad, but you will get a good protector as well.

Not just are they friendly with humans and other animals, the blue bay shepherd has a sense of friend and suspicious people around them. Thus, they can serve you as a right guard.

Don’t judge their behavior with their looks only. I agree blue bay shepherds have an intense look similar to that of a wolf, but they are not faint-heart at all. They are sensitive and emotional and get attached to the family it is living in.

The only requirement they have is good food and a little time with them. As it is talkative, they can go into a deep depression if you leave them alone. 

But as these dogs have a large size and a mix of a wolf, it is not advisable to keep this breed as a pet around kids. Or even if you are keeping them, make sure to keep a keen eye on them while playing. 

With What All Common Diseases A Blue Bay Shepherd Can Suffer From?

Although the vision of Vickey Spencer has been achieved to too much extent, yet blue bay shepherds, being designer dogs, are prone to many other diseases. They are lesser prone to hip dysplasia, no doubt. But there is a lot more disease this dog breed suffers from, including joint disorders because of their large size, bloating, when they eat something not good for their health, depression.

Although these dogs are fit physically, being emotional, they can suffer from inbreeding depression, ultimately affecting their health. Thus when raising an American blue bay shepherd, it is crucial to spend time with them to avoid their depression.

Apart from this, visit a veteran for regular check-ups of your dog breed. Prevention is better than cure, so it is better to keep track of their health condition before it becomes too late to cope.

Also, keep care of their proper feeding and exercise sessions as well. Try to keep them fit, as with obesity. They can also suffer from various other health conditions. So, it is better to keep them healthy instead of drugging them.


Blue bay shepherd is an emerging dog breed. There is a lot of things that researchers or we want to know about them. Like we are not aware of its prey drive or its life expectancy. 

But all-in-all this vision of Vickey Spencer has come out to be true. Not just blue bay shepherds are healthier comparatively. They are lesser prone to hip dysplasia.

If you are planning to bring this unique and rare dog breed home, you will not only find a perfect companion but because of the traits of Shepherd dogs, you will be getting a right house guard as well.

Although Lycan Shepherd is not known to many currently, yet there is a lot more to go. This excellent dog breed needs some appreciation, which will soon get because of its good traits and calm temperament.

We all know that a German Shepherd is available in various coat colors. But irrespective of the color of the coat the all the German Shepherds have similar characteristics and traits.

One such variant of German Shepherd is German Shepherd Sable and silver in color. Its unique coat color is the result of some recessive gene in the German Shepherd. Not just its unique coat provides a very different look to this German Shepherd, comparatively. These dogs are also rare to find.

Thus, if you want to stand out in your locality by bringing a unique dog breed, then this German Shepherd is perfect for you.

If you are willing to know more about this rare yet unique dog breed, we have come up with a complete guide that includes all that you will be interested in learning about Silver and black German Shepherd.

What Is The Breeding History Of A Silver German Shepherd?

The breeding history of black and Silver German Shepherd is none other than that of a German Shepherd dog. Although it is a separate breed than a German shepherd dog, its uniquely rare color makes it stand out of other dog breeds well.

We can talk a little about the history of a German Shepherd first, as you might be able to guess with the name of a German Shepherd that their origin place in Germany and the belongs the Shepherd dogs. German shepherds have a long history, and they are serving the human population for a long time age. 

Initially, people raised them majorly as shepherd dogs only. As they have a keen eye and attentive nature, these dogs were perfect for keeping an eye on Sheep, and the predators that might come and attack Sheep in search of food.

But, then, one day while, passing through the streets, a German General named Max von Stephanitz adores this wonderful dog breed. He immediately purchased a German Shepherd dog names hector. Later, he renamed it to Horand von Grafrath. 

He spends the next 35 years of his life researching the German Shepherds their mixed breeds. In just one year of purchasing Horand von Grafrath, he gives birth to 94 new dogs by crossbreeding the German shepherd dog with other species.

His vision was to design new mixed dog breeds that can serve people as a loyal pet like a German shepherd and have a somewhat calmer temperament. Although, silver German Shepherd is a separate breed from that of a German shepherd but has a precisely similar appearance as a Silver and black German Shepherd. There is no evidence of the exact scientific reason behind this Silver German’s unique silver color, yet it is known to exist because of some recessive gene.

What Common Diseases Do a Silver German Shepherd 

Suffers From, and What Is Their Average Life Span?

No matter what the fur color German shepherds have, they suffer from a lot of health issues. The prominent and the most dangerous health diseases that a black and silver German shepherd dog suffer from is obesity.

Diseases a Silver Sable German Shepherd Suffer From

Now you might be thinking that what is wrong with a fat dog? Obesity is not a disease at all. It is a state that dogs suffer from when they become overweight. There is a certain threshold of all the dogs’ maximum weight, and if they cross it, they become overweight.

The thing that scares overweight dogs is the health problems that it brings to them. Not just obesity makes them fat, but dogs become more prone to hip dysplasia, diabetes, arthritis, and other bone-related problems. 

Apart from this, they have delicate skin, prone to skin-related issues like dry skins, rashes, and even allergies.

Obesity and Cholesterol issues in dogs make it even more prone to a heart attack. You might be thinking, do dogs suffer from a heart attack?

Yes, dogs do suffer from a heart attack. Especially the one’s that are obese, lazy, and inactive. They can also suffer from common diseases like cold, fever and inactiveness, rapid breathing.

Almost all the German shepherds, including the Silver sable German Shepherd, are prone to hip dysplasia. It is the most common condition in which dogs suffer very severe pain in the joints. It occurs because of the insufficient formation of the hip, due to which they have rubbing joints that cause pain in their joints. In hip dysplasia, it becomes difficult for a Silver Sable German Shepherd even to move. They can only move by sliding on the ground.

Apart from this, Silver German Shepherds are also prone to Cancer, Epilepsy, Bloat, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and many more are common in them.

Also, they have a sensitive stomach, and thus it is crucial to feed them with a healthy and fit.

The Average Life Span Of A Silver Sable German Shepherd

This dog life span is 10 to 14 years old on average. It could pass away as very young, seven years or quite old 16 or 17 years old in extreme cases. To get a long-life span, need extra care of the diet and exercise sessions. Diet becomes even more crucial as they grow old.

Size, Weight, And Color Of The Coat Of Silver German Shepherds

Silver German shepherds, commonly known as the Silver Sable German Shepherds, are bulky similar to a regular black and tan German Shepherd.


The height of a Silver German shepherd varies from 22 to 26 inches. While on the one hand, the male Silver Sable German shepherd has a comparatively larger size and can have a minimum height of 24 inches, while the maximum being 26 inches. The females have a relatively smaller height ranging from around 22 to 24 inches.


Their weight depends on the health and height of a German Shepherd and can vary from 70 to 110 pounds. Similar to size, females have slightly lower weight as compared to that of males. 

Color of Coat

Although a German Shepherd is available in a large variety of colors varying from black and tan, black and red, black and cream, solid black, and even solid white. But these are standard German shepherd colors that one can easily find. 

The uniqueness of a Silver Sable German Shepherd is its silver and black coat. These silver German Shepherd in black has a blend of silver and black color, providing them a unique coat color. The black and Silver German Shepherd is exactly like a black and tan German Shepherd appearance-wise. 

That means, similar to a Black and tan German Shepherd; they have a muzzle nose, long coat, and triangular ears. Its qualities are also identical to that of a black and tan German Shepherd.

What Needs To Be Considered While Grooming And Care For A Black And Silver Sable German Shepherd?

Although silver German Shepherd puppies don’t have long hairs and, puppies don’t require much care and grooming. But as soon as the Silver German Shepherd puppies grow into an adult, their hairs grow. Black and silver German Shepherds can have a double coat with a medium to long length of hairs. 

Thus, Silver German Shepherds Sable does require some grooming and caring daily. As they have long hairs, a Silver Sable German Shepherd’s hairs tend to shed a lot, especially during the spring season.

At that time, it becomes very crucial to brush their hairs daily if you don’t want their coats, all-around your apartment. Also, brushing will massage its skin, improving the blood flow of your Silver Sable German Shepherd, and will also retain the natural oil in its hairs, keeping shiny and smooth coats. Aldo Silver Sable German Shepherds also like brushing its hairs.

Apart from this, their black and silver coat can become matte if not adequately taken care of. Not just the black and silver, but all other colors of German Shepherds’ coat like black and cream, black and red, black and tan, and even solid black German Shepherd dogs are prone to matting. To avoid matting its hairs, it is suitable to bath them at least twice a week if your silver German Shepherd has long hairs.

Use dog shampoo while bathing them as it is a unique formula to make the coat of dog shiner and smother. You can also condition the hairs of your silver sable German Shepherd to add extra smoothness and shine to it.

As mentioned above that Silver German Shepherds are prone to skin rashes. Thus, while bathing them, check its skin thoroughly, as skin infections in Silver German Shepherds can spread rapidly if no proper care of its skin is taken care of. Also, while bathing Silver German Shepherds, make sure to brush its teeth and clean its ears to avoid any other health issues.

Is It Easy To Handle A Black And Silver Sable German Shepherd Dog, Or Are They Stubborn?

Why Is Their A Need Of Training Silver Shepherd Puppies

As we mentioned, silver German Shepherds are precisely similar to black and tan German Shepherds. More overall, the dogs having German Shepherd colors differ only in colors and not in the characteristics. Thus, the characteristics of a black and tan German Shepherd is what Silver German Shepherds possesses.

Training of Silver Sable German Shepherd puppies is pretty crucial. Practice will make them social and friendly, because of proper training they will be able to serve you are a perfect pet as well.

Imagine a situation where you give your black and Silver German Shepherd a command to sit or go in front of some guests, and he does not figure out what you want to say. Then it will be a negative impression of your dog at your guests. Imagine another situation where your Black and silver Sable German Shepherd don’t know who the friend is and barks at everyone. None of your friends will prefer to visit you home because of your German Shepherd dog.

From the above scenarios, it is clear that training is one of the most crucial things in the growing age of German Shepherd puppies. With proper training, after growing up as a pet, your black and silver sable German Shepherd will be able to follow your command.

With training, your German Shepherd will get an idea about a friend and behave with good manners. It will also build an understanding of a malicious person and react whenever they notice any suspicious activity going around. Training is a way not just to make them a great pet but also to be a good dog.

Training will also teach them how to control their aggression and temperament and how to get along with other pets and strangers.

The Trainability of Silver Shepherds

Although you may find German Shepherd puppies a little stubborn at the start of training, once you show them who the real boss is, it will become significantly more straightforward for your to handle the German Shepherd dogs. 

If you are worried about you will take German shepherd puppies or even adults, then there is no need to worry? Do they have a trait of loyalty in them? Thus, you find it easier to handle the Shepherd puppies.

Are Silver Shepherds Good Pets?

You might be aware of the loyalty, friendliness, and dedication of a German Shepherd dog. The traits of a German Shepherd dog are why it is ranked as the second-best dog breed by the American Kennel Club. Also, to make them even better pets, you can provide proper training to Shepherd puppies. It is pretty easy to train these puppies because of their intelligence and quick grasping power. 

Silver Sable German Shepherd is just like a German Shepherd dog. All the traits and characteristics of a Silver Sable German Shepherds are similar to that of a German Shepherd dog. Thus, doubting its loyalty and devotion as a pet will be a direct question for the German Shepherds. 

With proper training, they will have a calm temperament and friendly nature. By training them correctly, you will find a well-mannered pet, and thus it will not take much effort to raise the Silver Shepherds.

As a pet, Silver Shepherd, only need proper food, timely grooming, and regular exercising session. Apart from this, you will never find it hard to handle a German Shepherd silver in color. 

They are intelligent and eager to learn. Thus, it won’t take much time for you to teach it new and good habits. Also, if you love them, it will follow all your commands. They are very devotional towards their family and can give up their lives if there is such a situation. They only want love and care for them from your end, rest they will become the perfect pet for your family.

Also, they can help you in the small household works as well. A German Shepherd can serve you as a perfect nanny for your toddlers, and so is a silver Shepherd. Also, you can teach them to bring newspapers and your mails from the mailbox regularly. Although it is not a huge help, you will significantly able to save some of your time because of its help.

Are Silver Shepherds A Great Guard?

No one can doubt German Shepherds when it comes to loyalty. Although silver Shepherd is a separate breed, all the Silver shepherds’ characteristics are similar to that of German Shepherd dogs. Thus, whether you want a dog breed as a pet or as a protector, German shepherd silver in color are suitable for it all.

They are very attentive, similar to that of a German Shepherd. Thus, they can quickly identify any malicious activity going around them.

You will only need to provide proper training to Shepherd puppies to enhance its guarding skills.

Even while sleeping, a Silver Sable German Shepherd will be able to identify any intriguing activity happening around it. 

It has a large build, which can easily scare off any malicious person trying to enter your house. Also, Silver Shepherds barks very loud. Thus it won’t take a minute for silver and black German Shepherd to bark loudly and aware everyone in the family that something wrong is going around them.

Also, silver and black German Shepherds have strong claw and sharp teeth. Thus they can act as a great protector of your house. Even if you have other animals in your home, and a predator tries to attack them, in that case, too, these German Shepherds can act as a perfect protector.

The good guarding skills of all German Shepherds colors, whether it is black and tan or black and red or even solid black, make them suitable for the army and police. And their good guarding skills were the sole reason people in the past used to raise them to protect and take care of their sheep.


Now that we know a lot about Silver and black German Shepherds, all the German Shepherd colors dog. It will become more straightforward for you to decide whether it is the perfect breed of dog for your family or not.

Still, if you haven’t made your mind yet, few questions will help you decide that whether Silver and Black German Shepherds breed is perfect for you or not.

If the answer to all the above questions comes out to be yes, then no doubt, Silver and black German Shepherds are what you are looking for, but if you find any of the answers no, then, although you can bring German Shepherds home, you will need to put some extra efforts to manage things with them.

White Shepherd is a unique dog breed, and not many people are aware of these wonderful pet dogs. Shepherd white German not just falls under the category of pet dogs, but because of its muscular and sturdy height ranging till 26 inches, it serves as a right guard as well.

You may also find a white German shepherd dog with the color ranging from white to pale. Although it has all German Shepherds’ traits, the white German Shepherd is an entirely separate breed.

White shepherd dogs are enough to excite any dog lover. If you are looking to grasp more information about the white Shepherd pet breed, decide whether these dogs are suitable for you or not, then we have come up with a complete guide that will help you make a decision.

What Is The Breeding History Of A White German Shepherd, And From Where Does It Come From?

A White German shepherd’s history is not different from that of a German shepherd, although it is an entirely separate breed. People initially used to raise them as a Shepherd dog, which is why it gets its name. There is nothing secret about the origin of this dog breed as well. Anyone can guess its native place as Germany after hearing its name.

Earlier, people used to raise them as a watchdog to protect their sheep from attackers and keep an eye on all the Sheep. But only till a German General names, Max Von Stepnhitz looks like an adorable German Shepherd named hector. He got so mesmerized after seeing that dog that he immediately purchased it and took it with him. He renamed Hector to Horand von Grafrath, which ultimately becomes the father of many mixed breeds and pure breeds.

After doing a little bit of research on the Horand von Grafrath, Max Von Stepnhitz finds out that the grandfather of Horand von Grafrath had a pure white coat. The white color coat in the German Shepherd is only because they have a recessive gene, giving the soft snowy white color coat to many of the German Shepherds. 

Although they have characteristics and traits similar to that of a German shepherd, their original origin is in Europe. Not so long after the discovery of various mix breeds of

German Shepherds, a line of white German Shepherd, start to be raised in Europe. The white coat makes its look even more sophisticated and charming. People of the United States has another level craze about a white German Shepherd because of its unique coat color. Apart from this, their activeness and energy are what make them even more charming.

Size, Weight, and Color Of The Coat Of A White German Shepherd Coat Color

As the name suggests, the color of their coat is fixed to the shades of white. Although you may find a variation in the white color coat’s intensity yet, almost all of the white German Shepherds have a white color coat. Like a German shepherd, the white German Shepherd breed also has a medium to long overcoat and a thinner undercoat, making it more versatile and agile.

Their coat is no doubt shiny, but you may find it a little tough while touching it. The overcoat of a White German Shepherd is a little coarser comparatively.


A white German shepherd’s height is similar to a German Shepherd and varies from 22 to 26 inches. While this breed’s females can have smaller height varying from 22 to 24 inches, males of this breed are slightly longer in size, ranging from 24 to 26 inches.


As they are muscular, the weight of this breed varies from around 65 to 100 pounds. And as usual, females have comparatively lesser weight than that of a male.

They have looked similar to a German Shepherd with a slightly wolfish appearance in them as well. They have a short muzzle nose, slender face, triangular ears. But the most crucial feature of the white German Shepherd breed is its white color coat, which makes it unique but much adorable compared to a black and tan German Shepherd.

Is White German Shepherd A Right Guard?

German Shepherds breed is known for its excellent guarding skills. White German Shepherd, like its other brothers and sister, possesses a similar quality. Not just they serve as a great pet, they also have good guarding skills. The base of its good guarding skills is none other than its loyalty.

A dog will only protect and guard you if he is loyal to you. And no other dog can beat the devotion of white German Shepherds. They love their owner and can give up their life for them. Also, they sometimes become a bit overprotective of their family.

But the trait that makes it a good guard dog is its attentiveness. Even while sleeping, he can identify the suspicious, intruding things happening around him. If he finds something wrong happening around him, it becomes full of energy to scare them off.

No doubt, its bulky size is large enough to scare any intruder off. Then he has a loud bark, loud enough to make everyone aware of something is happening in and around their house. Next, they have sharp teeth, and its bite can injure anyone harshly.

But again, all this will be possible only if white German Shepherds are trained well. While their training, it is crucial to teach them the understanding of friends and intruders. If they lack this basic knowledge, they will not identify friends around you and bark at them. 

Sometimes they can even bite an unknown person, whether it is a friend of yours. It will make their impression of your dog as aggressive and scare. It is better to bring a White German shepherd home that is adequately trained and has a calm temperament.

Thus, all these pieces of evidence are enough to prove how good white German Shepherds are when it comes to guarding. They can serve you as a protector at night while as a companion in the day. It is a complete blend of devotion, loyalty, smartness, and intelligence. Don’t forget its good looks too.

How Often and How Long Do You Have To Exercise White German Shepherd?

As a German shepherd has a load full of energy, so is for a white German Shepherd breed. For an adult, a white German Shepherd requires at least one hour of proper training, exercise sessions, and training. Whether you are taking them out for a long walk, running, or even for exercise, they want to go out at least once a week. 

They have power, and they want to spend it out by jumping, running, and walking here and there. Taking the breed out will not only keeps it for but happy as well. Enclosed in a house all day long will pull them in the depressions.

You can play Frisbee with them, go out on a walk with them, take them some ground for running. If you don’t want your white German Shepherd to jump on your walls, then it will be better to take them out for a while. 

It means you will need to spare at least one hour a day for your White German Shepherd. It will ultimately mean that this dog is suitable for you only if you have time for them. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to survive in an enclosed apartment. It can ultimately make them irritated and aggressive. It will also lack manners and can even hurt someone.

Apart from this, being active, they itself will demand you to take them out. It will never keep you in bed lazily and always ask to go out with it. Sometimes high energy and activeness of this breed will surprise you, but this is the trait of this breed.

Not just taking them out will make you fit. This energy will keep you dog miles away from obesity, which is crucial. An obese dog is prone to more number of dangerous diseases. Thus, it is better to keep them far away from obesity.

If you are looking for a well-mannered White German Shepherd, but you will need to spend time with them, fulfilling all their need and keeping them active. 

What Needs To Be Considered For The Grooming And Care Of A White German Shepherd Dog?

If you are thinking of bringing a white German Shepherd dog into your family, they must understand that he has his requirements. Not just it requires proper training and food. You can’t only leave it dirty and dusty all the time. Mostly, it requires even more grooming than a black and tan or sable German Shepherd because of its white double coat.

White color looks dirty and blackish, or we can say matte even more on the white coat of this German Shepherd. A little dirt will enough to make black patches on its white double coat. Thus, regular grooming becomes even more crucial in the case of a white German shepherd.

Brushing Its Hairs

As they have coarser hairs, they shed a lot, especially in the springs. Thus, even if you are protecting his coat from dirt and debris, you will need to brush its hair daily. Brushing will control its shedding and massage its skin because it will retain the natural oil of their skin, making their hair even shinier.

These dogs have slightly rough hairs, which shines a lot. Bathing them regularly is also crucial. Make sure to bathe them with dog shampoo only. It will make their coarse hair smooth and will retain their shine as well. Apart from this, bathing them with a shampoo will remove all the dirt and debris from their coat and provide snow like a white color coat. You can also condition their hair after nothing if you want a smoother coat. 

Bathing Them

While bathing them, check their skin thoroughly. As German shepherds have a long overcoat, it is more prone to parasites. Parasites will leave their skin when you wash their hairs with a shampoo, but they can cause skin infections in white German Shepherds, which will not be visible in the long overcoat of the German Shepherd. Thus check for any rashes or eczema. You can also take them to a veteran if you find something critical.

Also, as their hair can grow long, you can trim its fur as well. But maybe it doesn’t like trimming the dog’s coats. In such a case, try to cut the dog’s hairs when they are sleeping or engaged somewhere else. Trimming their hairs will not only make them look smarter, but it will also reduce the risks of parasites and skin problems.

While bathing them, brush their hairs, clean its ears, and most crucially cut its nail. As you take it out on a walk, if, in any case, the dog loses its temper and attacks someone, its claws can injure them significantly, so it is better to stay on the safer side.

How Much Is A White German Shepherd, And Where Can One Buy One?

If you want to buy a White German Shepherd, there are significant places where you can bring one home. But before bringing one home and introducing one to your family, do check the habits, temperament, and behavior of the dog breed you are getting your home.

Search For A Lock Breeder

The first and foremost search one can do while planning to bring a white German Shepherd home. Then, you can search for a reputable breeder. Not just will it be safer to bring a dog from a local breeder, you will be getting a dog with a calm temperament and well-mannered. 

You might find it a little expensive to bring a white German Shepherd from a local breeder. Also, it has a higher price because of its white coat. The smart looks of a white German Shepherd will add the extra money to a German shepherd price.

But if you tend to bring a dog from a local breeder, not just you will find a properly trained dog, but a healthy dog as well. Still, you can check the temperament and health condition of the dog you are bringing. Take their temperament test and health checkup before getting them home to avoid any drastic situation.

Search For A Breeder Online

If you want a better price point and an easier way to find a White German Shepherd, you can also search for an online website. Not just on an online website, you will find more options based on the shades of their white coat, health, and height, but you will also get a better price point online. 

You can sit on your balcony, search for dogs, and choose the one you liked the most appearance-wise, contact the breeder, negotiate the price, and buy the dog.

But here is a piece of quick advice before you purchase a white German Shepherd from an online breeder. Do check its temperament before bringing one home. 

Although German Shepherds are simpler to train and handle, if it is not properly trained, it can become pretty aggressive. It can hurt someone when angry. Thus it becomes pretty crucial to check the temperament of the dogs you have selected out. An ill-trained dog is not only harmful to strangers but your family too. And family comes first.

Also, ask the breeder to take the dog to a veteran to check whether he is suffering from any disease or not. Sometimes, on online websites, breeders try to fool the buyer by giving them an ill dog, and later they deny to take that back because of their work policies. So, it is better to check the health of the dog you are bringing home before purchasing it. 

Adopt One from Rescue Groups

Another option to find a White German Shepherd dog is to adopt one from a rescue group. A rescue group is an organization that takes after the abandoned dogs and take care of them. Also, rescue groups ask for dog lovers to adopt the dogs they are carrying for. 

All those rescue groups that have recognized a German Shepherd like the American Kennel Club or United Kennel Club has also recognized this unique dog breed. You can adopt a white German Shepherd from a rescue group at a very economical price comparatively.

But since someone abandoned that dog, there is a pretty high possibility that the dogs might have been suffering from some disease or might have a bad temperament. That means you might get an ill-behaved dog. It is better to check the temperament by a temperament test and take it a veteran to confirm that he is not suffering from some acute diseases for future references.

Cost of White German Shepherd Dogs

As their white color coat gives them a completely fresh look, you will find a White German Shepherd puppy at a slightly higher price than a basic German Shepherd puppy.

While on the one hand where you can find German Shepherd puppies at a price varying from $300 if you adopt them, and its price goes up to $900 depending on the breeder, look, health, and height of the German Shepherd.

On the other hand, a White German shepherd puppy can cost you slightly higher with a price ranging from $ 750 to $1000 depending on the color, size, and parents of the White German shepherd puppies.

It is crucial to know about the parent bred of the white German Shepherds you have shortlisted to buy. It will help you all the health problems that the litters of those White German Shepherds are prone to. 

How Much Food A White German Shepherds Need Daily?

The large dog needs more food to fulfill their energy requirements and hunger. As white German Shepherds, or more commonly known as white Shepherds, have a large and muscular body, they have food requirements. 

They need a large quantity of food to retain their energy and activeness all day long. Apart from this giving them food in the right amount, the correct timings, and nutrients of the food are most crucial for White Shepherds.

How Much Food Do They Need Daily?

Adults white German Shepherds needs at most 2200 calories per day to fulfill their energy needs. Depending on the size and weight of White Shepherds, you may increase or decrease the dogs’ amount.

 You can give him 3 cups to 5 cups per day, so he gets the perfect amount of nutrients that these dogs need. 

Division of Feed

You can divide those 3 to 5 cups of food into 3-4 parts a day, with a proper break between one meal and another. Give him frequent meals and avoid more activities after meals. It reduces the risk of bloat. 

Food Requirement of Puppy White Shepherds

If you have one of the puppies, white German shepherds, you can feed him at least three times a day. As they grow up or matures, decrease this meal to two times a day, but if they have a busier lifestyle, feed them at least 2 to 3 times a day.

The Nutrient Requirement in Their Feed

Most big dogs need a high protein and fat-rich diet for their proper growth and development. For White GSD, you can add some small amount of nutrient-rich food in it like egg, cooked vegetables, and yogurt. As dogs have a sensitive stomach, feeding them with table scrape can affect their digestive system, so it is not preferable to provide them with leftover food.

Small healthy dog biscuits are very good for this type of dog. Dog biscuits can be a perfect treat that every white German Shepherd desires. 

Also, don’t give him too many people food because this can affect its development period, they can grow more on their food than our food. 

Homemade Food That You Can Feed White Shepherds With

Apart from this, you can feed your Shepherd white German with a lot of natural food. 

You only need to provide them a nutritious food for better growth and development of White Shepherd. Otherwise, German Shepherd white is okay with everything you feed them with.

Take proper care of these dogs’ feed. You can feed such dogs with fruits, vegetables to fulfill the need for vitamins in them. Apart from this, you can provide white German shepherds bread, carrot, dairy products, and even fast food.

Although a white shepherd will never refuse to eat anything you offer them. But remember their health is in your hand. There is a lot of food that can affect their pancreas and overall digestive system. Thus, try to avoid such kind of food. 

White German shepherds are a meat lover, but meat is not that good for its health, so it is better to feed them with meat in a limited manner. Also, they can’t digest spicy or sugary food as well to avoid their severe health condition. You may need to prepare a chart for their diet as well.

Although they have an average life span revolving around 12 to 14 years. You may increase their lifespan even more than 14 years by feeding them appropriately with nutritious food.


Not just white German Shepherds have beautiful looks, but their intelligence, smartness, and loyalty attract the dog lover most of the time. White German Shepherds looks like a little flake of snow because of its white fur. They are recognized by the united kennel club, the White German shepherds, which looks exactly similar to a German Shepherd. It is a white fur resulting from the recessive gene that almost all the German Shepherds have in them.

Because of its recessive gene, we get to see this beautiful White GSD. 

But there are a few things that you might to ensure before bringing pure White GSD home. You need to make sure to groom them promptly. White color coat of White GSD is more prone to dirt and debris, so to retain these dogs’ unique color and beauty, it is crucial to groom them regularly.

Also, a white shepherd is an active breed of dogs and require proper exercising sessions. So you might need to spend at least one hour for their training and walk as well.

All-in-all, you will require to spend some time with your white Shepherd. 

This breed also requires some open space for themselves to play around, so if you have a small apartment, then it is not the right dog breed for you. 

At last, I hope you will now have all that you want to know about a White German Shepherd. If you have some suggestions or any queries, you comment below, leaving your name email there. Or you can leave your name email there, and we will reach out to you.

The second most popular dog breed all around the world is German shepherds. It is common to find a German Shepherd in almost all the localities across the globe. And their mixes excite people to a similar extent.

No surprise if you see a Czech German Shepherd and immediately make up your mind to raise that. It is a mix of the rare DDR German Shepherds and the Czech border dogs. Although the motive to crossbreed these dogs is to get a dog suitable for the border’s harsh climate during World War in Germany. But after the war, people started liking it more as a pet breed.

Although it was initially famous only in Germany, people worldwide are now showing interest in this fantastic pet breed.

To give complete information on this dog breed, we have come up with all the facts and questions you might have in your mind if you plan to raise a Czech German Shepherd in your backyard.

What is the breeding history, and where does Czech German Shepherd come from?

Czech Shepherd, or what people commonly known as Czechoslovakian shepherds, is a mix of Czech border dogs and the DDR German shepherds. 

DDR German Shepherd is a rare dog breed nowadays. It is hard to find East German Shepherds, but they were the parts of Germany’s history. It was the part of the World war and was known as the best border dogs.

Czech dogs, on the other hand, got their name because of the communist Czech and originally bred as working dogs.

Altogether, a Czech shepherd is a mix of Czech dogs, and a German Shepherd is a great, loyal, and adorable pet breed. Communist Czech themselves bred these unique dog breeds to get a new dog, a mixture of Czech dogs’ devotion and smartness of German Shepherds. 

Till 1989, this mixed dog breed was only famous in west and East Germany. Eventually, people outside Germany started raising this unique pet breed because of their composure, intelligence, and devotion. In East Germany, people are still growing them for the working line. 

The reason behind breeding them is to find sturdy border dogs at the time of war in Germany with the mixed characters of German shepherds and Czech army dogs. Czech German Shepherd, or more commonly known as the East German Shepherds, is known to be agile and sturdy enough for border regions. But initially, it was only known for its capabilities on the battlefield. 

Later after the war ended, and the cold war started in Germany. It gets to break into two parts East Germany and West Germany. It was the time when people started noticing this dog breed as a perfect pet.

That means it is suitable for both the show lines and the working lines. Some People significantly raise them to show lines only, while others as working dogs.

Although being a comparatively newer dog breed, this breed of the shepherd dogs has made its place in people’s hearts with its characteristics and traits. They are agile, versatile, and sturdy dogs that can help their master in the little household things because of its working line.

Thus, nowadays, the Czech German Shepherd serves as a pet compared to that as an army or police dogs or border patrol dogs. One of its parents is the DDR German Shepherd dog on the verge of getting extinct. Thus, it is crucial to breed this wonderful species to keep it lively in everyone’s heart.

Size, Weight, Typical Color of Czech Shepherds

With an appearance similar to that of East German Shepherd dogs, Czech Shepherds has a sturdy, muscular body, strong jaw, triangular and pointed ears, and a complete and thick head. 

Apart from this, the height of Czech German Shepherds lies between 22 to 26 inches. On the one hand, where male dogs have an average size ranging from around 24 to 26 inches, females’ height is a little smaller and ranges from approximately 22 to 24 inches. As usual, females have shorter sizes and weight as compared to that of males.

Till the age of 12 months, you will find a fully grown adult Czech Shepherd. Its weight also varies from around 49 to 71 pounds. On the one hand, where the male can have an average weight ranging approximately 66 to 71 pounds, females have a comparatively lower weight. Their weight ranges from around 49 to 61 pounds. The growth of female East German Shepherd dog mix with Czech border dogs is slightly lesser than males, which is visible in their health and height.

They can have variable color coats. The color of the coat of Czech German Shepherds includes the primary color of a German Shepherd coat like the black and tan, sable, black, blue, red, brown, and even a combination of the above color. Although they mostly have the Sable or black and tan color. The pigmentation of the black remains slightly higher in their coloration. Thus sometimes, it appears completely black as well.

What Needs To Be Considered For Grooming And Care?

Being an East German Shepherd and Czech Army dog ancestor, they both have a long coat and shed a lot. Thus, grooming is very crucial, when especially your dog has long hairs. Especially during the summer and spring season, Czech German shepherds have significant hair fall, and thus caring for their coat becomes crucial.

On regular days, you can brush their hairs around twice a week, but if there are shedding more than average, it is advisable to brush their hair daily. Even when they are not shedding much, brushing their hair daily is still a good habit. Not just will it retain the natural skin oil of your dog, it will make their hair shiny and massage their skin, opening the pores of your dog’s skin.

Apart from this, they have quite a pretty and shiny coat, which requires proper maintenance. Otherwise, it will become matte. Thus, it is advisable to bathe it frequently. Not just bathing will make it feel fresh, but it will keep it away from skin disease and retain the natural shine of its coat.

Let me tell you secret dogs don’t like bathing much. Thus, you might need to take them for a bath forcefully. They will start hiding here and there in the name of bathing.

Thus, it is better to prepare its bath before enclosing it in front of them so that you can directly take them to the bath without giving them time to run or hide.

While bathing, wash its hair with dog shampoo only, as it will make its hair shiny and remove all the dirt and debris from it. Also, it is advisable to condition its hair after the bath to make it shine and silky. 

As they have a long coat, you can check their skin daily. Thus, while bathing it, check whether it is suffering from skin disease or eczema. If you find something serious, directly head towards a veteran to provide proper medication and treatment to your Czech German Shepherd.

Also, Czech Shepherds are prone to ear diseases like fungal ears. So, while bathing them, clean their ear using an ear wipe or ear wash to avoid serious health issues in their ears.

You can also trim its hair if you find them too long for him, although it will not like trimming much. Also, you can cut its nail and clean its teeth while making it a bath.

How Often And How Long Do You Have To Exercise This Breed?

As a Czech Shepherd falls under the category of active and energetic dogs because of its both the parent breeds, the German Shepherd, and the Czech Army dogs, it is crucial to take them out daily for its regular physical exercise and running.

It is preferable to take an adult Czech Shepherd out on a walk or running, including its other physical activities like exercising sessions and training for at least 30 to 60 minutes. If you have a puppy, then a walk of 10 minutes and a 15 minute of physical activities will be more than sufficient for it.

Being a mix of East German Shepherds and German Shepherd, Czech shepherds are active dog breeds; they need to go out once a day. As they are from the working lines, their training requirement is a little different comparatively. They also require some space for their playing and exercising sessions in your home. It concludes with two major points. 

First, you will need to spend at least one hour of exercise and walk every day. Thus, it is a suitable dog breed for only those who can spend time with this dog breed. Also, it will keep you healthy and fit along with himself.

Another central point to be noted is that this dog breed is not for apartments, which means it is preferable to raise this breed if you have a backyard or a large apartment for them to jump and play there.

They can also be sometimes loud and want to go out whenever they want to. In such a scenario, a house with backyards suits them the best. 

How Much Does Czech Shepherd Eat On Average Daily?

Typically, an adult Czech German Shepherd requires 2 to 4 cups of food a day. At the same time, a Shepherd puppy needs around 1 to 2 cups a day only. But there are a few things that one should keep in mind while feeding the Czech German Shepherd.

Divide their feed into 2 or 3 equal parts. Thus, in this way, you can keep them full all day long. They are active and energetic and require food to get energy. Therefore, the quality of the food is another thing that matters the most.

You can feed it with some high-quality dog food, as it is dry, comfortable to eat, tasty for dogs, and contains all the nutrients your dog needs. Apart from this, if you want to feed them with something natural, keep in mind giving them a feed containing at least 20% protein. 

Protein helps to make a muscle stronger, ultimately making them fit. For taste purposes, you can also include a little fat in its feed. Fat will help to provide them enough energy to stay active and fresh all day long. 

There is a long doo list that you can feed to a Czech German Shepherd dog like a great meat lover. Not just chicken, beef, pork, hams, and even duck meat is its favorite. 

Apart from this, you can also feed it with natural food items like fruits, green leafy veggies, potato, carrot, bread, and any other food item that you eat daily.

But keep in mind not to feed them with something extra spicy or extra sweet, as Czech German Shepherd is more prone to bloating and has a sensitive stomach. 

Ectara spicy or sugary food will affect their digestive system, ultimately making them ill. Thus, it is better to avoid such a situation than to go to a veteran.

Also, don’t include too much fat or protein in its meal, as again, it will ultimately become harmful for Czech German Shepherd. Provide it a balanced diet that will keep it healthy, fit, and active all day.

Is This Breed A Great Family Dog?

Although a Czech German Shepherd was originally bred as a working dog yet, no other dog breed can match the compatibility, devotion, and friendliness of the Czech German Shepherd as a pet breed. There is nothing to doubt about a Czech German shepherd when you raise it as a pet.

Not just one, it has all the qualities that an ideal pet should have in them. Like, first and foremost is that Czech German Shepherds are adorable. They have good looks that can easily attract anyone towards them in a single glance.

Apart from this, they are loyal. If you give it love and affection, they can even give up their life to return it to you. Also, being obedient, they will follow all your commands and orders.

Czech German Shepherd dog is easy to handle and train dog bred, which is another crucial trait that all the pets should have. Because of its intelligence and smartness, it is not at all hard to train them. They learn everything they see around them. A study shows that it takes at most three to teach something new to a Czech German Shepherd, which is pretty impressive as a dog. Czech German Shepherd dog has a great understanding of everything, making it suitable as a pet breed.

Last but not least, it’s calm nature. Czech Shepherds are mild-tempered. But the only constraint that can affect its calmness is terrible training. All the dogs are aggressive to some extent. It is the proper training that makes them calm and controls their temperament. And so is the case with a Czech Shepherd. Thus, a Czech German Shepherd puppy requires adequate training.

Czech German Shepherd can also be a little aggressive. It is just their proper training, which makes their traits and qualities suitable as a pet dog.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of Czech German Shepherds, And What Health Issues Does It Suffer?

The average life expectancy of a Czech German Shepherd lies between 12 to 15 years. They pass a long and healthy life, but there are a few things that you should follow to avoid any health problems within Czech German Shepherds.

Proper visits to the veteran are very crucial while raising a Czech German Shepherd. Not just will it provide you an appropriate track of the health of the Czech German Shepherd, but it will also avoid the situation to worsen.

The common problems that this dog and all other German Shepherd mixes suffer from are hip dysplasia. It is also prone to disease like cataract, fungus in ears, cloudy eyes, bloating, and other stomach and digestion related health issues. As they start growing old, almost all dog breeds are prone to suffer from hip dysplasia, keeping track of the same before worsening the situation.

Apart from this, to provide a longer life to your German Shepherd Czech dog, it is crucial to provide them nutritious food and take them out for exercising sessions to keep them fit. As obesity also brings various other health problems with it. Thus, it is better to stay fit than to suffer from health issues.


The new and latest dog breed is always in the demand of most pet lovers, and thus this mix of DDR German Shepherds and Czech border dogs can excite all the dog lovers with its perfect traits.

Being a new breed, it is natural to know more and more about the Czech German Shepherds. And we hope you will know almost everything about Czech German Shepherds. 

But if you are still doubtful about raising one of the Czech German Shepherds, then there are a few questions you can answer to make your choice clear.

Do you have a large backyard for them to play?

Will you be able to spend time with them to groom them or to take them out for exercise and walk?

If the answer to the above questions comes out to be yes, then it is the best dog breed one can raise as a pet because of the intelligence, smartness, cuteness, and devotion of Czech German Shepherds. Also, being a working dog, it is going to help you in household work as well.

DDR stands for Deutsche Demokratische Republik, which the native people of eastern German call this fantastic dog breed. From the German Shepherds family, this dog breed is attentive, courageous, and kind as well.

There are many stories from the past, enough to prove its bravery and courage. You can hear the words of its bravery from World War II and the police of Germany. But, it is not just limited to the battlefield. It serves even a better pet.

It has charm with big eyes, fluffy coat, cuteness, and playfulness. It is one of the most unique and rare breeds of dogs, but the dilemma is that people have forgotten this remarkable and brave breed over time.

If you want to know more about this unique and rare dog breed, then we have come up with a complete guide of DDR German shepherd, with all the questions you might be having in your mind.

What Are DDR German Shepherds?

There are different kinds of German Shepherds available worldwide, and the East German Shepherds or the DDR German Shepherds are one out of many of them.

DDR German Shepherds, more commonly known as the East German Shepherd dogs, are best-known protection dogs. They were bred in a large amount in East Germany after world war II, from which it got its name. 

The native people of East Germany more commonly call them Deutsche Demokratische Republik. At that time, it was one of the most popular dog breeds found in Germany. This breed slowly started dis-populating, and eventually, it started falling under the category of rare species.

Difference between An East German Shepherd And A West German Shepherd

After the First World War, West Germany and East Germany becomes two different nations instead of one. At that time, the East German shepherds and the West German Shepherds developed other traits differentiating the East German shepherd and the West German shepherds. 

While the East German Shepherds are sturdy and more suitable as a watchdog, they are often also called West German Shepherds for their charm and obedience. People started raising them more commonly as a pet or show dogs.

Eastern German shepherds are much stronger and bulkier than Western German shepherds. Eastern German Shepherds are more confident and courageous than Western German Shepherds. 

Both of these species get popular among the people of Germany only after the cold war. 

Where Can One Buy A Dog Of DDR German Shepherds?

Not just DDR German shepherd, an expensive dog breed, it is pretty hard to find this breed quickly. There are not many East German Shepherd breeders, and also there are not many dogs still left of this dog breed. Thus, you might surf a little bit before buying a DDR Shepherd. 

Falling in rare dogs, East German Shepherds are bred by only a few specific breeders at a particular location. You can find one or two breeders online, from where you can buy this perfect protection dog breed, yet it is a task to find these DDR GSDs.

But raising the DDR shepherds can be a great start to relocate this unique dog breed again.

What Is The Breeding History, And Where Does DDR German Shepherd Come From?

The DDR German shepherd, more commonly known as the eastern German shepherd, has a very long history. 

At the time of World war, the DDR German shepherd was known as the best army dog, perfect for search and rescue purposes. They are originated in Germany in 1949 and help the German army and police in the world war significantly.

When the world wars end, even the worst situation come up, that is the cold war. In the cold war, Germany gets divided into two parts, Eastern Germany and Western Germany, and the name of the German Shepherds become Eastern and western German Shepherd, respectively. The cold war is the sole reason for the popularity of DDR German shepherds.

They have also served as the Border patrolling dogs for Germany around the Berlin wall. It is the first guard dog species that patrolled over the high berlin wall, which is why it is known as Germany’s history.

DDR German shepherds were more commonly raised and used in the eastern region, and the native of East Germany started calling them Deutsche Demokratische Republik. It is the time when the popularity of this dog breed reaches its peak.

As the east and West Germany lasts for only 40 years, so do the DDR German shepherds as well. Nowadays, the DDR German shepherd dog breed is counted among the rare dog species.

DDR German shepherds are extinct from West Germany, but you can find some of them in East Germany, nowadays, which is the home town of this dog breed.

Is This Breed A Good Guard Dog? 

As they have previously served in the army at the time of World war, no one can doubt their guarding skills. They fall under the category of rare protection dogs, and people raise purebred DDR German shepherds, especially for the protection and guarding purpose, and sell them at a pretty higher price.

These dogs are not only very attentive, but they have keen eyes as well. With proper training, they can serve as the best guard dogs. With their loud bark, they can easily scare off intruders away and alert everyone about the presence of intruders. They have a sturdy body and very sharp teeth, because of which they serve as a good watching dog.

Being very attentive, they can even recognize the suspicious activity going on even while sleeping. Also, it can easily scare any intruder off just with their energy and activeness.

What Are The Common Diseases Of DDR Dogs?

Although DDR dogs are very active and energetic, which is the reason why they have been serving Army and police for a long time, yet there are some health issues that even DDR dogs might suffer from. 

The most common disease that these dogs suffer from is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is a condition where the hip of a dog gets into an abnormal formation, due to which the dogs started suffering from lameness and arthritis. Hip dysplasia can be very painful in dogs. If your dog is suffering from hip dysplasia, it will not be able to walk any more if proper treatment is not given to it.

Apart from hip dysplasia, a DDR German Shepherd can also suffer from health problems like cataracts, health issues, bloating. All these issues are solely because of the deficient immune system of the East German Shepherds.

Are DDR Shepherds Great With Kids?

Nobody can deny that east German Shepherds is one of the best family dogs one can bring with kids around. They are very active, playful, and cheerful dogs that can entertain you with their playfulness. Especially when they are with kids, this breed can not only take care of them, protect them but will become their perfect companion in their growing days.

As they were raised as a watchdog previously, not just they will enjoy with your kids around them, they can also protect them and keep an eye on them like a nanny. Apart from this, if they play with your kids, you will not need to take them for exercising sessions separately, as they will do enough workout playing and enjoying with kids.


What Needs To Be Considered For Grooming And Care?

Being part of the family of German shepherds, DDR dogs also have a long overcoat with a thin undercoat, and thus, they also require proper grooming and care from time to time.

DDR dogs can have coat colors varying from black and tan to sable colors or even brown color. To avoid matting DDR German shepherd dogs’ coat, it is crucial to brush their hairs regularly.

Bathing them from time to time is another crucial constraint while raising DDR German Shepherds. After washing their hairs with dog shampoo. Must condition its hair to retain its natural shine. Then you can dry the hairs of your dog with a hairdryer. 

As they have delicate skin, check for skin rashes or eczema in their undercoat while bathing them. DDR dogs shed a lot, and thus they not suitable for people having allergies to hairs.


Not just DDR dogs are wonderful pets; they are a perfect protector and good show dogs. These unique dogs are not only pretty alert. They are charming and one of the healthiest dog breeds around the world.

There is a need to breed more and more DDR German Shepherds, to repopulate this fantastic dog breed. For now, it is pretty hard to find or purchase these dogs as there are not many left around the world.

Although they are perfect as a patrolling dog or in the police, sometimes it is better to give them some time off the world. Moreover, no one can doubt its devotion and loyalty towards its master as a pet as well.

If you are searching for great family dogs for a long time, then your search might end with these incredible German Shepherd Shiba Inu mix dogs. They are a perfect combination of intelligence, smartness, and good looks.

Like every other Shiba Inu mixes like Corgi Shiba mix, these dogs are known for their intelligence, quick learning power, cuteness, alertness, and calmness. They have got good guarding skills and good looks from the German Shepherd.

If you are excited about reading about just a brief of this fantastic dog breed, then there is a lot more you might be interested to know about this happening and cheerful dog breed. To make you aware of this beautiful dog breed, we have a detailed information guide about a German Shepherd Shiba Inu mix dogs.

Where Can One Buy A Dog Of Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix? 

When it comes to finding the best place to buy dogs, no one can beat a reputable local breeder. Not just it is this most reliable source to purchase dogs, all the dogs at a local breeder will be well trained and sophisticated. You can ask for a local breeder in your locality to buy a great family dog from there. But, you will need to spend some bucks to bring one of the German shepherds Shiba Inus home from a local breeder.

Another option when it comes to buying dogs is online websites. Various online websites sell dogs. Not just will you find the better price point of all the dogs, you will have the choice to decide which one is the perfect German Shepherd Shiba Inu dog for you, depending on its height, coat color, the Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix.

Another option from where you can bring Shiba Inu German shepherd dogs home is the rescue groups. You can find rescue groups for almost all kinds of dogs. Rescue groups like the American Kennel or the Orange country rescue clubs are always up to adopt you any German shepherd mix dogs, including German Shepherd Shiba Inus.

What Needs To Be Considered For Grooming And Care Of Shepherd Inu Dogs? 

All the dogs require grooming and care, especially the ones, which have long hairs. German Shepherd Shiba Inu belongs to dogs that have medium to long coats, and they shed a lot, especially in the spring and summer season, similar to the shepherd dogs. That means it is very crucial to groom them regularly to avoid their hairs falling here and there.

At least brush their hair once a day. Brushing will not only reduce their shedding, but it will also massage its skin, retain the natural oil of its skin, and ultimately providing shiny and silky hairs.

It is also advised to bath them at least twice a week to avoid matting of its coat. While bathing it, make sure to use dog shampoo and condition its hair after washing them. Also, check for any skin infection, rashes, or eczema deep in their skin while bathing them. 

How Old Will German Shepherd Inu Mix Get On Average? 

It belongs to one of the longest living dog breeds, with an average life span is 15 years. It can live for around 12 to 17 years, which is comparatively longer than other dog breeds.

To give them a longer lifespan, it is very crucial to provide them proper food and exercise. A fit dog lives longer than an obese one, as obesity can invite many other health problems with it. You will notice that after ten years, your Shiba Inu German shepherd will start facing some health issues as well. Thus, it is better to take them to a veteran daily to track their health conditions.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors Of Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix

On the one hand, where the average height of a German shepherd ranges from 22 to 26 inches, Shiba Inu are comparatively smaller in size and can be as long as 14 to 17 inches only. So, the mix of a German shepherd with Shiba Inu has a height ranging from around 18 to 21 inches, which means they are small to medium-sized dogs. 

Again, the size of a male is comparatively more extensive than that of a female. 

They have a sturdy body that can weigh around 60 to 80 pounds. 

The most important feature of a German Shepherd Shiba Inu dog breed is its coat. It has a fluffy coat similar to that of a German Shepherd, with its hair are medium to long in size. This dog breed is available in multiple colors of fur, including black and tan, sable colors, blue, res, raw white, or black, or even a combination of these colors.

Apart from this, they have a long curly tail, almond-like eyes, and high and erect ears, providing it a pretty cute appearance. 

 How Much Does German Shepherd Inu Mix Eat On Average Daily?

As German Shepherd Shiba Inus belong to the category of athletic and energetic dog breed, it becomes crucial to provide them with a balanced feed, in the right proportion, and at the correct timings.

Protein is the sole requirement of dogs for their all-round development and growth, and so is for Shepherd Inus. Although, we are not recommending you to full the Shepherd Inus with protein only, as it might be more dangerous for them. Instead, at least feed them a meal with at least 20% protein content in it. 

Apart from this, to increase the taste of food and enhance the growth speed of your Shepherd Inu, it is preferable to keep a significant amount of fat as well in their meal.

Apart from this, you can ask your veteran to prepare a diet chart for your dog, and then you can divide the meal into two or three parts a day to feed it.

What Are The Common Diseases Of Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix?


As Shiba Inu German Shepherds are a mixed breed, they are prone to fewer diseases than their parent breeds. For example, the riskiest conditions that a Shiba Inu suffer from include hip, elbow, or joint dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, and even degenerative spinal stenosis.

Shiba Inus can suffer from health issues like cataracts, skin allergies, and hip dysplasia. And German Shepherds are prone to health issues like bloating, dysplasia, eye problem, and health-related problems. 

Although the best thing about Shiba Inu German shepherds is that there is no scientific proof regarding this dog breed’s health issues.

Is Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix An Excellent Family Dog? 

Shepherd Inus can be a little over-protective for their family members, which is one of the traits making them a good pet dog. But they are prey drive and can misbehave with strangers.

But with the known persons, this dog breed serves as a great pet. Not just they love their family, they are very loyal towards their master as well. A Shepherd Inu will follow all your command if he is adequately trained, and he can even give up its life for you. If you love them, they will pay it off.

Apart from this, they are also good with kids, but it is not preferable to leave them alone with kids, as they can have a prey drive and can hurt the kids. But, if you are looking for a loyal companion, then this dog breed suits you perfectly.

How Often And How Long Do You Have To Exercise Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix? 

Shiba Inu German Shepherds belong to the active dog breeds. And thus, they need proper training, exercising sessions, and a long walk daily. Even if you are busy, try to take them out for at least 15 minutes per day. 

If you do not take them out for their exercising sessions, they will become obese, which is not great for their health. A fat dog is more prone to pretty risky diseases like heart problems and to avoid such conditions. It is very crucial to keep them fit, which will ultimately be possible by exercise only.

They even prefer to take them on running as well at least once a week. 


Not just the shepherd Inu a great dog breed, it is also one of the most active dogs one can raise. Not even Shiba Inus, almost all the Shiba Inu mix like the Shiba Corgi mix or Shiba Inu mixed with Husky have inherited their smartness, intelligence, and calmness Shiba Inus.

Raising Shepherd Inus because of its intelligence is not that hard, but spend time with it. Otherwise, these dogs are prone to depression, as well. These mix dogs also require regular exercise sessions, good feed, and proper grooming and care from time to time.

I hope you are now aware of all that you need to know about Shepherd Inus. Isn’t it a wonderful dog breed?

Going down the street, you observed an extraordinarily cheerful and charming dog breed with a little aggression on its nose, and you are mesmerized by that dog. You find out that the dog breed you get attracted to be a Pitbull German shepherd mix breed, more commonly known as Shepherd pit.

Let me tell you that the German Shepherd Pitbull is a mix between the second most popular dog breed, the German Shepherd, and the American Pitbull. They can serve you as a perfect partner during the day and a right guard at night. 

If you are eager to know more about this wonderful and charming dog breed, then we have come with all the good and bad traits of a German Shepherd Pitbull mix that can help you decide whether you want this dog in your family or not.

What Needs To Be Considered For Grooming And Care? 

Grooming and care of dogs depend on the length of their coat. Well, in a German Shepherd Pitbull, the requirement of grooming depends on the genetics of this mixed breed. If the mix has inherited the long fluffy coat of a German Shepherd, then you might need to groom them a lot.

As American Pitbull has shorter hair, it didn’t require much effort to groom them. All-in-all, all the dogs need grooming, but the iterations and effort in grooming depend on their coat size.

The dogs with long or medium coat shed a lot. Thus, it becomes necessary to brush their hair daily to avoid their hairs falling all over your apartment. Even if your dog has shorter hairs, then brushing not only controls their hair fall but also massages their skin, providing a better blood flow in them. 

The solid color of the coat of German shepherd Pitbull mix no doubt makes it even more adorable. But as they love playing outside or on the ground, their fur is more prone to matting. Matting will not only reduce the shine of their hair, but the dust and debris will also lead to some skin rashes in dogs.

To prevent all these, it is advisable to make your dog bath at least twice a week if they have long hairs. You can even bathe them frequently if they have shorter coats. 

It is advisable to use a dog shampoo while bathing them, as dog shampoo is perfect for their soft inner coat. Also, after bathing it, to retain its hair’s natural shine, you can apply conditioner on its fur as well. 

If your dog has long hairs, prefer to dry them with a hairdryer; otherwise, it will take long hours to dry their coat naturally. Also, check their skin keenly while bathing them. They can be suffering from skin rashes sometimes. If you find skin rashes or eczema, head to a veteran to ask them proper lotion to treat their skin rash before it spreads.

What Is The Breeding History, And Where Does Pitbull Mix With German Shepherd Come From?

Although the German shepherd Pitbull mix is a designer breed, we are not 100% sure about its origin. But we can give you a piece of brief information about the basis of their parent breeds, which is the German Shepherd and the Pitbull dogs.

People are raising German shepherds for a very long time. Initially, they were raised by Shepherds only to take care of their sheep. But only after a German Official, Max von Stephanitz, get attracted to this charming dog breed. He then started raising a 

German Shepherd as a pet, research his traits and characteristics. To control its anger, it then started to mix a German shepherd with other breeds. Within a year, he designed almost 94 new designer dog breeds. Till then, they are serving as the best army, police dogs, and pet dogs. And that’s how we get most of the designer breeds that we raise nowadays.

Pitbulls is another dog breed native to Scotland, Ireland, England. It is a designer breed with its parents being Bulldogs and terriers and has athletic character and cheerfulness, playfulness, and unlimited energy, commonly known as Pitties. 

Pitbulls were used for bull-baiting till 1835, after which the government banned this sport. As they are great hunters, they are a favorite of farmers and ranchers. One of the Pitbull crossed the ocean to come to America. 

People still raise them for fighting rings and gaming, even nowadays. Apart from this, it can be a dangerous dog if not properly trained, as it has a pretty hot temperament.

German Shepherd Pitbull mix, because of its parents, has gain courage, bravery, and confidence. Apart from this, it is an aggressive dog that can easily hunt someone down if not properly trained. Thus, training is the most crucial thing while raising a Pitbull German shepherd mix.

How Old Will It Get On Average? 

On average, a healthy living German Shepherd mix with a Pitbull can live up to 12 years, but only if they live a healthy life.

I agree they have a comparatively shorter lifespan, but keeping them as a pet is worth it because of their charm and loyalty.

With a healthy lifestyle, we refer to a proper healthy nutritious diet, avoiding oily food as it is risky for them to eat fast food. Adequate exercise and staying fit is another crucial requirement of a German Sheppit. 

Apart from this, all the dogs are prone to skin disease and some other conditions, so it is better to regularly check their skin. To avoid all the other conditions, it is crucial to take them to the veteran daily for regular check-ups. It is better to find out about the health issue your dog is suffering from and treat it instead of worsening the situation. 

You can also track the disease that its parent breed had to keep track of possible health issues that your German Shepput might suffer from. With all the above checks, you can keep your dog healthy and provide it a longer lifespan, ever longer than 12 years.

How Much Does It Eat On Average Daily?

Being medium-sized dogs, German Shepherds require a large quantity of food daily, as well as German Shepherd Pit Mixes.. Besides the quantity of the food, focus on the quality of the food you are giving to your Pitbull German Shepherd mix dog. 

Must add at least 20% protein to your German Shepherd Pitbull mix dog diet daily. To add some taste to their food, you can also add some fat to their diet. A fully grown adult German Shepherd Pitbull mix needs 30 calories per pound of their weight. It can sum up to 2700 calories in males, while 2100 calories in the female have height as large as 24 inches.

For smaller Pitbull German Shepherds, 1200 calories for the male and 900 calories for the female are sufficient. Also, prepare a diet chart for your dog to provide him a perfect feed with essential nutrients. You can also consult a veteran for the same.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors Of German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

As both the parent breeds of a German shepherd Pitbulls mix, the German shepherds and the Pit bulls are very large and have a muscular body. And so, this dog breed also has a sturdy physique, significant height, and sturdy body.

They are medium to large, with their height ranging from around 17 to 24 inches, up to the shoulder. As usual, females have a shorter height as compared to the males. Their size is similar to both its parents. 

If they have weight similar to that of a German shepherd, then it will be around 80 to 90 pounds. And when it looks identical to a Pitbull, it will weigh between 30 and 60 pounds.

As it is a designer breed, it is hard to guess the exact color of the coat of a Pitbull German Shepherd mix. They are available in black and tan, sable colors, and blue and red with solid colors. They have a coat available in solid colors as well. Thus, they can have a wide range of color of coats that both its parent breeds have.

The length of its coat varies from medium to long, depending upon its parent breeds’ trait and appearance. They also look similar to a Pitbull with a short muzzle and long ears.

What Are The Common Diseases Of The German Shepherd Pitbull Mix?

Although being a mixed breed, the German Shepherd Pitbull mix suffers from a comparatively lesser disease. But being a mix of two different kinds of dog breeds, it is more prone to health issues that both its parent dogs suffer from.

The most common disease that a German Pitbull but all the other dog breeds suffer from includes joint, elbow or hip dysplasia, bloating, eye diseases like cataract, food poisoning, and skin rashes, and so on. Hip dysplasia is the most common disease with which a German Shepherd mix Pitbull dog suffers from.

To avoid these diseases, the most crucial measure is to provide your dog with a healthy meal. Must include the required vitamins, protein, and other nutrients in their feed. As dogs suffer from most diseases because of the lack of a proper nutrient in their meal.

Apart from this, try to keep them fit. You might require to push the dog and yourself to go out on running or walk with him. But it will be, ultimately, good for not you. Not only will you make yourself fit. It will prevent obesity in your dog, as well.

Being fit is crucial for dogs, as obese dogs are more prone to health issues than healthier ones. And this is all because their body starts losing immunity to fight against the diseases, ultimately leading to health issues.

Apart from this, take proper care of your German Shepherd pit mixed dog breed’s hygiene, as most of the dog’s health conditions arrive because of the terrible hygiene conditions around them. Dogs have a sensitive stomach, and it is preferable to feed them a healthy diet, as spoil food can cause food poisoning in dogs.

You can provide it a better lifestyle, to not just keep the disease-free, but to provide it a longer life as well.

Is German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Rather Stubborn Or Easy To Handle And Train?

The aggression of both the German shepherds and Pitbulls is very dangerous. They both have a hot temperament and a sturdy build, strong enough to hurry anyone. And so their mix is again an aggressive dog breed.

But they are trainable as well. With a German shepherd’s devotional traits, it can be a great and obedient dog breed, suitable as a pet. You need to start training them from their young age. It is necessary to provide them a proper training right from their childhood. If you train them to socialize well, no dog breed can beat them, becoming a perfect pet breed.

They can act stubborn or aggressive when you initially will start to train them. You only need to show who the real boss is. Once you overcome them, it will become pretty easy to train them as well. It can be a very devotional and loyal dog breed that can give up its life for the ones he loves.

Teach them socialization right from childhood to have proper identification of an intruder and a friend. This training will ultimately help them to become a good guard dog as well. 

Next, s both of its parent breeds are very aggressive. It is pretty crucial to train them in such a way to control their anger. Once you train them properly, it will become pretty more comfortable for you to handle them even in strangers’ presence.

You can also train your German shepherd Pitbull mix physically to make it sturdier and rigid. A fit dog is not only lesser prone to health issues. It will become sufficient to scare off any intruder in your house.

With all these above training, your dog will become kind, obedient, and selfless. And once you can control them, it will become pretty simple to train them and handle them.  

 Is German Shepherd Pitbull Mix An Excellent Family Dog? 

No doubt, with the traits of German Shepherds and Pitbulls, German shepherds Pitbull mix dogs are good family dogs. But before bringing a German Sheppit home, make sure to test its temperament.

As both its parent dogs are aggressive, it also can have temperament issues. Although they are not harmful at all if trained well. But they can be dangerous if they are not adequately trained and loses their temperament.

Also, keep a keen eye on it when it is playing with your kids. Although it is not going to hurt them, a little more safety will double sure you.

These dogs can even help their masters in their day to day activities, like bringing newspaper in the morning or bringing mails or their master from the mailbox. With proper training, you can shape them according to your needs.

Apart from this, it is a charming dog breed that can easily attract anyone towards him. It will have an understanding of friend and intruder if adequately trained.

Apart from this, the German Shepherd Pitbull mix can be a perfect family guard as the night a well. It has a large and sturdy body, sufficient enough to scare off any intruder. Apart from this, similar to a German Shepherd, it has loud bark that can easily make the family members suspicious of activity going around them. 

They are also quite attentive and can quickly identify even the smallest activity going around them even while sleeping, which another reason is making it a right family guard.

Thus, this dog breed is a combination of great pet, good protector, and charming companion, making it perfect for a family.

How Often And How Long Do You Have To Exercise The German Shepherd Pitbull Mix? 

Both the parents of a Pitbull mix German Shepherd that are German shepherds and an American Pitbull is very active and energetic. And their trait is inherited by their mixed breed. Thus, not only physical, but German Shepherd Pitbull require mental exercises as well.

A German Shepherd Pitbull mix can go to depression if you leave them alone. Dogs need to spend time with their owners to stay cheerful and happy. They could suffer from deep depression if you go them along in a closed apartment. Fresh air and long walks followed by running or exercising sessions are pretty crucial for all the German Shepherd Pitbulls. 

Make sure to take them on a long walk daily if you own an adult German Pitbull. As a puppy, they require a short walk of not more than 10 minutes, but it becomes crucial for them to stay fit and exercise as they grow longer.

An obese dog can suffer from deadly diseases like health problems and diabetes. Thus, it is better to make sure they are fir and exercising daily. Take them for a regular walk. You can take them to run in a park or street at least twice a week.

Apart from this, exercise them daily. German Shepherd Pitbull mixes love jumping and running and are not suitable for small apartments. If you have a large backyard, then it is the best pet breed you can own, but they will not adjust themselves in a small apartment because of their large size.  

You can keep their exercising session in your backyard itself. Do take it out to get some fresh air.

How Much Is A Pit Mix With German Shepherds?

A healthy German Shepherd Pitbull puppy can cost you around $200 to $800. You can get an adult German Shepherd Pitbull mix at around $600 to $1600. As they have high fertility, the female can give birth to up to 8 litters for once. Thus, you will not need to spend much on raising a German shepherd Pitbull dog.

German Shepherd Pitbull dogs fall under the category of most affordable and easy to raise dog breeds. 


Now that we have come to an end of our discussion, I hope you will now be able to decide whether a German shepherd Pitbull mix dog is suitable for you or not.  

This wonderful breed came into existence because of the cross-breeding of a German Shepherd. An American Pitbull dog is suitable as a pet breed and can also serve the army and police with its confidence and bravery.

But if you are still confused that it is the one, then there are a few questions based on making your decision.

Whether you have enough time to spend with them, take them to walk and groom them or not?

Will you be able to provide it a backyard to a German pit for exercise and playing?    

Do you need a dog breed?

If the answer to all the above questions comes out to be yes, then go ahead and get a Pitbull German Shepherd mix dog your home as your new family member.

German Shepherd mixed with a Hound, or more commonly known as a basset Shepherd, is another family dog on our list. Like any other German shepherd mixes, this dog breed again is a great family dog and a perfect watcher.

You will get attracted to the charm and innocence of this cute dog breed. Apart from this, a Shepherd Basset is recognized by the American Kennel club. As per a survey of American Kennel club, it is a famous pet breed whereas, its parent breed, German Shepherd, is the second most common dog breed in the entire USA.

If you are interested to know more about this wonderful dog breed then, we have come up with an entire discussion over a Shepherd Basset, which you wanted to know.

What Needs To Be Considered For Grooming And Care? 

Not just a hound German Shepherd mix a fantastic family dog, but it has quite a pretty, colorful, and thick overcoat. And grooming their coat also becomes crucial in such a situation; otherwise, it will start losing its shine and ultimately become matte.

As the hairs of a German shepherd basset hound dog range from long to short, they shed a lot, especially in the spring or summer seasons. Thus, brushing a Basset hound German shepherd mix hair regularly becomes the need. Apart from this, brushing will also massage their skin, retain the natural oil in their skin, and retain their hairs’ shine.

They must also bathe them at least twice a week to keep their hair soft silky, and shine. Use dog shampoo before bathing them and then condition its strands. You can then dry its hair with a hairdryer; as they have a long coat, it will take them a lot of time to naturally dry their strands.

Apart from this, check your Basset hound German shepherd dog’s skin while washing them, as, behind its fluffy coat, it may be having some skin rashes, eczema, or other skin diseases. And head to the veteran as soon as possible if you find something wrong with your dog’s skin.

How Old Will Basset Hound German Shepherd Mix Get On Average? 

As a basset shepherd is a mixed breed of a German Shepherd and a basset hound, it has a better average life span, ranging from around 12 to 14 years.

With a better daily routine and healthier lifestyle, you can increase the average lifespan of your basset shepherd as well. Feed him with healthy food, and take him for a walk and proper exercising sessions, visit veterans daily to keep track of the health of your dog. All this will give it a better and healthy lifestyle.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors Of Basset Shepherd 

German shepherd hound basset mix dog breed has a small to medium height, varying from around 12 to 20 inches. Males are comparatively larger, while females have a smaller size as usual. Some hound mixes like the golden retriever German shepherd mix can have height ever larger than 20 inches.

The basset hound German Shepherd mix, similar to a German shepherd mixed with lab, has a weight ranging around 50 to 70 pounds because of their small to medium size. Moreover, their value depends on the food and training you are providing to your dog.

Among color coat, as they are a mix of hounds like Basset hound and German Shepherd, they have a double-layered coat similar to the German Shepherd, with a thin undercoat and a fluffy, hairy overcoat. Because of their double coat, they can survive even in the extreme cold making these dogs agile. But yeah, you will also need to groom these dogs accordingly.

You can find the coat of their color varying from basic black and tan to white, blue, red, brown, pale, and a combination of all of these colors. Some of the dogs can have beautiful patterns with the color combination as well.

How Much Does Basset Hound German Shepherd Mix Eat On Average Daily?

Basset hound mix German shepherd breed needs a high-quality protein-rich diet, containing 18% to 22% of protein. You can also give them fruits, grains, vegetables, and other natural food items for nutrients. 

Ensure that the food you are giving to a basset hound German shepherd mix breed has the right amount of fats, proteins, vitamins, fibers, and minerals in it for his excellent health. 

The important thing that a dog requires is none other than protein for building muscles, hairs, new skin, nail, and cells, which will keep your dog healthy. Protein is essential for all-round growth and development of a German Shepherd Basset hound mix breed. 

The amount of protein that a puppy Basset shepherd needs is at least 22% protein. While the amount of protein that an adult Basset Shepherd requires 18% protein minimum. 

Next crucial element that your dog need is fat. You can get fat from protein, which also gives energy to a Basset hound German Shepherd. It will develop body cells, muscles, tissues, and nerves. 

While a puppy basset Shepherd requires at least 8% fat on the one hand, on the other adult, it needs 5 % fat at least. Calories are crucial in the growing days of your German shepherd basset hound mix breed.

On the other hand, a pregnant dog requires more calories than another lazy dog or “couch dog.”

What Are The Common Diseases Of Basset Shepherd? 

Being a part of designer breeds, a Basset Shepherd has a better immune system and is lesser prone to suffer from any disease. Yet they are prone to more number of conditions. It is one of the healthiest breeds ever. However, a German Shepherd Basset hound can still suffer from health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, heart problems, pancreatic diseases bloating, and even cancer.

To avoid a maximum of health issues, it is necessary to feed your basset Shepherd with the best food quality. Also, take this mixed breed to the veteran for regular check-ups as well.

Is Basset Shepherd A Good Guard Dog? 

Not just basset German Shepherds a right family pet, they are a great guard as well. These lovable dogs are very obedient and devotional towards their master. 

It is a sturdy and active dog breed that can easily scare off any intruder. You only need to give proper command and obedience training to your dog breed. As a puppy, you only need to train them right and teach them how to distinguish an intruder from a friend so that they can quickly determine an intruder or any suspicious activity going on.

These dogs have inherited their good skills from German Shepherd, while on the other hand, the confidence and bravery in them are inherited from Basset Hound.

They are very attentive even in their sleep and can determine the slightest noise. Bite of these dogs can be very dangerous because of their sharp teeth. They also have a loud bark, with which it can quickly warn the family members about any suspicious activity going on.

Thus, we can say that hound basset shepherds, similar to the german shepherd mix with a lab, are pretty good guard dogs as well.

Is Basset Shepherd Rather Stubborn Or Easy To Handle And Train?

A Basset Shepherd is the mix of a hound dog and a German shepherd dog. Because of its parent breeds, it is a loyal and obedient dog, which shows devotion towards its master.

But on the same side, to control its aggression and temperament, proper training from its puppyhood is crucial. While training it, initially, you may find it a little stubborn. But with little strictness and formal obedience training, it will become easier to train it.

Under its training and socialization training, which is the core training every domestic dog should take, you can also train him to be obedient. Apart from this, focus on teaching you basset shepherd puppy the commands to make them a great family dog.

Also, don’t forget their physical training as well. Ensure your German Shepherd basset hound a regular exercise session and took them to walk to keep them fit and active.

Because they have some characteristics of German Shepherd, they are great learners and grasps everything quickly. So, it will become easier for you to train basset shepherd dogs right after you control their temperament.

All-in-all, we can say that a Basset German Shepherd is not that hard to handle or train if he has a calm temperament and friendly nature.

 Is Basset Shepherd An Excellent Family Dog?

No doubt, the Basset German shepherd is one of the best family dogs one can raise. A Basset German Shepherd is a calm, patient, and lovable dog breed, which is very obedient and can give up its family life.

Once you bring him home and start loving him, Basset Shepherd will get sentimentally attached to you and become a family member. It can help you in the small household works, like looking after your kids. He can be a perfect nanny, even if you have schooling kids or toddlers.

Imagine a situation, whereas, in the morning, you prepare your tea, come to the balcony, and ask your Basset Shepherd to bring a newspaper. You can also ask your German Shepherd basset to get mails. So, in multiple ways, a Hound Basset Shepherd dog can help you in your day to day life.

This dog breed is pretty friendly will get along with strangers as well. As they are very playful and charming, basset hound German shepherd can attract anyone towards them. Even if you feel low, talking with this dog or spending time with him, watching its playfulness will be sufficient to cheer you up.


Now that you know almost everything about a basset Shepherd breed, if you are still assessing whether this is the right breed for you or not, then there are a few more points you can consider before making a decision.

If you are looking for a perfect family dog, or a good night watch, or even a companion for your kids, then consider this breed as the best choice. All most of the dog breeds have temperament problems. You are not going to find it in this breed.

But, all the dog breeds require time from their owners. Whether it is their grooming time or exercising sessions, they want your presence. So if you don’t have time for them, then it is not the right breed for you.

But if you can provide him enough of the time he needs, it is one of the best family dog breeds one can raise.

Being a dog lover, I can understand how much a dog attracts you while passing by them. Especially the ones that are sophisticated and friendly enough to put a smile on your face. A GSD mix with terriers is such a dog that can easily attract anyone with their charm.

Terrier is a French word for the burrow, which means the tarrier dogs love digging a burrow. These active and energetic GSD terrier mixes, like the German Shepherd mixed with lab, are also perfect terriers.

If you want to dig deeper into the nature, behavior, and characteristics of GSD mixed with terrier dogs, we have come up with a complete Shepherd German guide with terrier dogs.

I hope you will decide whether to bring this fantastic dog breed home or not after reading this article. 

Where Can One Buy A Dog of These Dogs? 

There are different kinds of Shepherd mixes available like golden retriever German shepherd mix or German shepherd mix with a lab. If you are willing to bring such

a dog home, then there are a few ways in which you can do so.

Search for A Local Breeder

The most reliable way to buy a dog is to contact a local breeder. The local breeder will avail you of the designer dog you are looking for; it will train them entirely right from their puppyhood to make them a perfect dog.

Rely on Rescue Groups

Another way to bring a Shepherd mix dog home is to adopt one from a rescue group. A few other rescue groups like the Orange Country GSD Rescue Group or American Kennel Club are places where you can adopt the desired dogs.

The rescue group dogs can have a bad temperament; thus, check their temperament before bringing them home. Also, check their health as well.

Online Websites

Contacting an online website that sells dogs is another approach one can follow to bring the desired dog home. But again, check the temperament and health of the dog you are going to get home.

How Old Will It Get on Average? 

On average, a Shepherd mix can have an average lifespan varying from 12 to 14 years. 

But with a better lifestyle and feed, they can even live longer. Just keep them active and energetic all day long; otherwise, they will become obese. After becoming fat, they will become more prone to health problems like heart diseases, ultimately reducing their lifespan.

Take your dog to the veteran for regular check-ups to avoid any critical health conditions in the future.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors Of These Dogs


The average height of terrier Shepherd mixed breeds like Pitbulls mixed with german shepherds ranges from around 24 to 32 inches depending on its parent breeds’ size. Male terrier Shepherds are comparatively taller than the female ones.


The weight of a Terrier Shepherd ranges from 70 to 120 pounds, depending on the GSD’s height or the terrier dogs. In mixed breeds, the weight of the dog depends solely on its parent breeds. 

Color Of Coat

German terriers can have the variable color of their coat. From the primarily black and tan color of a GSD, its fur varies from around brown, red, blue, pale, black, and white. They can even have a coat with a combination of the above coats. Within appearance, they look similar to a German Shepherd, have triangular ears and a long tail.

How Much Does It Eat on Average Daily? 

As their height varies from medium to large, their food requirement changes depending on its size and weight. 

For a fully grown mixed breed, at least 5 to 6 cups of nutrient-rich food is crucial. As a puppy, you can serve them with 1 to 1.5 cups of food a day, diving their meal in equal proportions twice or thrice a day.

As they reach their adolescence, their food requirement increases, and they need 2 to 2.5 cups of food at that time. Then as they get their full-grown size, their food requirement rises drastically.

Apart from this, keep their food full of nutrients and protein, helping them grow and attain their maximum size. 

What Are the Common Diseases of This Dog? 

Nothing is mortal, and everyone is prone to one disease or another. Terrier mixes like German Shepherd mixed with the lab is prone to various common dog diseases like hip or elbow dysplasia, pancreatic problems, heart disease, and even cancer.

To give them a healthy life, it is crucial to provide them with a proper feed full of nutrients. Apart from this, obesity is another health problem that dogs might suffer from. Thus, keeping them active and energetic all day long is crucial for their health purpose.

Also, take them to a veteran for regular check-ups to prevent them from any diseases.

Is This Breed A Good Guard Dog?

Nobody can doubt the loyalty and watching skills of a German Shepherd. Being mix German Shepherd dog breeds, these dogs can also be a right guard. They are very attentive, even in sleep. Thus, they can easily recognize even the slightest interruptions.

With proper training, they will also distinguish people between friends and intruders, and thus, they can easily guard and protect your house. Not just this, they being loyal can even give up their life for you.

Are These Dogs Rather Stubborn or Easy to Handle and Train? 

We can’t call them stubborn as it is one of the calmest and most comfortable to handle dog breeds. As a puppy, it is essential to train dogs well; otherwise, they will not control their temperament. So, it becomes the trainer’s responsibility to handle them and make them the right family breed. 

This mix can become a little stubborn in the starting if you treat them with love and calmness, but if you teach them who the boss is, it will become effortless for you to train and teach them. And being a good leaner, it will grasp everything quickly.

Is This Breed A Great Family Dog? 

With a mix of loyalty and devotion of German Shepherd and the cheerfulness and attentiveness of terrier breeds, this mixed breed is a perfect domestic pet. 

Even if you are living with kids or oldies, it will not only adjust with them, but they will get a great companion to talk with them.

Although these dogs are a little shy in front of strangers, once they will get comfortable with you, they will become your best partner in crime as well. 

How Often and How Long Do You Have to Exercise This Breed?

Like any other German Shepherd mixes, the German shepherd terrier mix, which includes Pitbull mixed with German shepherds, is very active. Thus, it is pretty essential to take them for a long walk or exercise sessions.

For an Adult German shepherd mixed with a terrier, an exercising session of around half an hour would be needed, while for a puppy, you can train them for a more extended period but with breaks.  


Not just the Shepherd mixed with terrier dog, a wonderful mixed breed, not only for the family but also as a guard in police or Army. 

If you are willing to bring one home, the only requirement they have is a large living space, proper food requirement, and your time. If you keep them happy, you will find a companion in them.

A mixture of loyalty and charm of a German Shepherd and stubbornness of Chow chow dog, the mixed breed German shepherd Chow mix, or more commonly known as the Chow shepherds are the perfect combination of both the dogs with its qualities varying from dog to another. 

It is a confident-looking dog that can easily attract a dog lover with its cheerfulness. But remember one thing, it is not so good with strangers and kids. Moreover, a protector dog can serve his owners in all the aspects but is not much concerned about strangers.

If you are planning to either breed or raise a German Shepherd and Chow mix at home, then there are a few things you should know before making them a part of your family. 

We have come up with a complete guide about this amazing dog, its requirements, and its behavior that you might be willing to know about him.

Where Can One Buy A Dog of German Shepherd Chow Mix?

If you are looking for a German shepherd mix chow dog, then there are a few ways to bring one home. The expensive yet reliable way of buying a Chow Shepherd is from a local breeder. The dogs that a local breeder raises are entirely trained and socialized to become a great family pet. Thus, buying chow shepherds from a local breeder can be expensive but more reliable in its behavior and health conditions.

Another way of buying a Chow Shepherd is to search them online. On an online website like, not only you will find a better price point to buy dogs, but you can search for them sitting on your balcony, talk to the breeder, negotiate on the price, and then can head to bring one home.

But before buying Chow Shepherd online, do ask them to take the temperament test of the dog. Dogs that people purchase online can have temperament issues; thus, it is better to check it first before bringing them home.

You can also take the dog to a veteran to confirm that the German Shepherd Chow you are bringing home is entirely healthy. 

Although Chow Shepherd dogs are not recognized by the American Kennel Club yet, If you want to adopt a German Shepherd Chow dog, you can contact the rescue groups specific to a German shepherd or Chow dogs. But you need to check its temperament and health problems before bringing one home.

What Needs to Be Considered for Grooming and Care?

German Shepherd mix with Chow has a very dense and fluffy coat. The length of its hairs varies from medium to large. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to groom them daily. Not just this, to avoid the matting of their coat, must bathe them at least twice a week.

Because of their large hair, they shed more comparatively. Thus, a German Shepherd mix must brush its hairs, especially when they are shedding even more. Brushing will also massage their skin and retain the shine of your chow shepherd hairs.

Apart from this, to bypass matting of its hair, a regular bath is also pretty important. Make sure to wash their hairs with dog shampoo and condition them after washing to make its hair shiny, silky, and smooth. Apart from this, while washing their hairs, check for any allergies and rashes. 

After the bath, dry its hairs with a hairdryer as it might take long hours to wash its hairs on its own

What Is the Breeding History, And Where Does the German Shepherd Chow Mix Come From? 

Although we are not sure about the breeding history of a German shepherd Chow mix, we are not aware of its origin and its first breeding, but we know about the breeding history of its parent breeds, a German Shepherd and the Chow dog.

German Shepherds get their name because they are native to Germany and were initially raised by the shepherds to keep an eye on its Sheep. A German General then saw a German shepherd, attracted by him, and cross-bred it with many other dog breeds. The energy, loyalty, and skills of a German Shepherds make it one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide.

About Chow, there are various stories related to its origin. But we are sure that this dog breed is older than 2000 years. Because of their excellent herding in watching skills, it is again a popular pet breed known as the first dog breed ever. A great Chinese ruler is the first person to raise it as a hunter, protector, and guard dog, and then it becomes very popular as a family dog.

Although there is no substantial evidence to prove the exact origin of a German shepherd mixed with Chow yet, it is a popular domestic dog breed because of its traits.

How Old Will German Shepherd Chow Mix Get on Average?

The average life span of German Shepherd Chow mixes lies between 10 to 12 years, which is the average life span of most dog breeds. 

But with proper care and feeding, the span of 12 years can be extended as well. If your dog is not suffering from health issues, and you are taking complete care of its diet, then it can live much longer than its average life span. 

Make sure to feed them with healthy food from their puppyhood and organize training and exercise sessions regularly to keep them fit. Obesity can be a reason for its early death.

Apart from this visit to a veteran, as soon as you find something suspicious going on with your companion. Take him to the veteran regularly to keep track of his health and health problems as well.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors Of German Shepherd Chow Mix 

Usually, a chow shepherd has a short to medium height, with the average size of this dog breed varying from 18 to 26 inches. The male can have an average height varying from 23 to 26 inches; females have a comparatively shorter size ranging from 18 to 23 inches.

As they have a shorter to medium height range, they weigh around 40 to 70 pounds only, depending solely on their size. 

Apart from this, similar to its parent breeds, both German shepherds and chows have a dense, fluffy coat. You can find its coat in classic colors like the black and tan or the basic black. They are also available in colors like red, blue, white, and brown. 

Sometimes, they can have a colorful coat as well. They have triangular ears, their face looks similar to that of a German Shepherd, and the tail resembles the Chow.

How Much Does German Shepherd Chow Mix Eat on Average Daily? 

If you are bringing a chow Shepherd home, it is crucial to prepare their diet chart to keep their feed constant and balanced. It is vital to maintain its diet rich in protein for short to medium breed like the German Shepherd cow mix. 

Not just protein will keep it healthy but will provide him an overall growth as well. A full-grown German shepherd Chow mix needs at least 5 cups of protein-rich meal daily. 

Although it is advisable to feed them with dog food, as it contains all the nutrients and carbohydrates that a dog requires, it is more reliable from their health perspective.

Yet, feeding German Shepherd Chow mix dogs with homemade organic and natural food is also not a wrong choice. Just keep the food quantity and quality up to the mark to keep your dog healthy.

What Are the Common Diseases of The German Shepherd Chow Mix? 

It is a well-known fact that designer breeds have a better immune system than the purebred, and thus they don’t suffer from many health problems. But it is also true that a designer breed is prone to a greater number of diseases because of its two parents as compared to 

that of a purebred.

Chow Shepherd is prone to many common diseases that all the dogs are prone to, which includes hip or joint dysplasia, bloating, pancreatic disease, heart issues, eye diseases, Skin allergies, Infections, and even cancer.

To avoid the health issues in a Chow German shepherd mix, it is crucial to feed them a nutrient-rich meal and proper health check-ups. Must take him to the veteran at least twice a year if your dog is completely free from any health problems. If he has some health-related issues, take him to the veteran regularly. 

Is German Shepherd Chow Mix Rather Stubborn or Easy to Handle and Train?

German Shepherds are very calm and sophisticated dogs, and it is pretty easy to handle them and train them. Being eager to learn and smart, they understand everything and grasp it very quickly.

On the other hand, the chow dog is the opposite of a German shepherd. It is not a quick learner who can be very aggressive and stubborn when you try teaching them something.

Thus, it is very crucial to train Chow Chow dogs. They love their independence and a sort of bossy. They don’t like following the command of others. To control them and its temperament, strict learning sessions are pretty crucial when they are a puppy.

A chow shepherd, being a mix of the above two dog breeds, can have a varying temperament. Chow German Shepherd mix puppy should be adequately trained right from childhood, socialize it, and control its temperament. Because of the German shepherd traits, you will find that chow shepherd puppy is a quick learner. But they can show some stubbornness because of its chow chows’ trait.

All-in-all I am not saying that it is pretty hard to train a Chow Shepherd, but you might require a little patience and strictness while training a puppy chow shepherd.

Also, they need quite a large space for training and exercise. Thus, it will become easier to handle this dog if you have a backyard or a Homestead.

Is German Shepherd Chow Mix an Excellent Family Dog? 

No doubt, the German shepherds are a great family pet. But you can find a chow chow dog with slightly hot temperament. That means they require proper training to control their aggression and temperament. 

Especially if you have kids around you, keep a keen eye on your chow shepherd until it plays with kids. 

Apart from this, a properly trained chow Shepherd is never going to do anything like this. They are very playful, cheerful and will entertain you with their energy and fun.

Even if you have kids at your house, you can raise a Chow shepherd if he is adequately trained as a puppy. So, all-in-all we can that German shepherd Chow mixes are no doubt the great family dogs.

How Often and How Long Do You Have to Exercise a German Shepherd Chow Mix? 

No doubt, like its parent breeds that are chow chows and German Shepherds, Chow Shepherds are also very active and energetic. And so, they need proper training and exercising sessions right from their puppyhood. Teaching socialization and exercise to a puppy chow Shepherd will make them obedient and thus perfect family dogs.

As a puppy, Chow Shepherds require comparatively shorter running, walking, or exercising session. Still must take a puppy to walk for at least 10 minutes a day, took it for running at least once a week, along with its training and exercising session.

When the puppy grows to become a complete adult Chow German Shepherd mix, gradually increase its training and exercise time. Don’t force them to for these physical activities, but take them on a long walk daily, apart from regular exercise sessions. Also, you can take them for running once a weak too.


If you are still rethinking to bring a German Shepherd cow mix breed of dog home, then there are a few more things to help you decide better.

German Shepherd chow mix breed of dog will be perfect for you if you have an active lifestyle. As this breed of dog is very energetic and playful, you will enjoy its company, whether you are at home, in the backyard, or garden.

But if you live in compact apartments, then it is not the perfect breed for you. They require large backyards for their playtime and exercise sessions.

Apart from this, rethink your decision to bring a Chow Shepherd home if you have kids at your home. Although these dogs are suitable for the family yet, you can’t leave them around kids. Chow Shepherd can be hurt your kids if he loses his temperament.

All-in-all, the German Shepherd chow mix is no doubt a perfect mixed breed for a family with adults and not kids. Apart from this, they require a larger living space because of their playfulness and energy.