All you need to know about Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

If you want a large and sturdy dog, which is not just a right guard but also attracts you with its cheerfulness, then the Great Shepherd is the one. It is a popular dog breed, like its parent dogs. On the one hand, where the Great Danes are the 14th most popular dog breeds, German shepherds stand at the second position in terms of popularity, and so are their mix designer breeds.

It has good traits from both its parent breed. While it has got its height from the Great Dane, its looks and face are similar to a German Shepherd. While it is a right guard like a German shepherd, it gets its cheerfulness and charm from the Great Dane. It has also got sharp teeth similar to the Great Danes.

So, if you want to know more about this fantastic dog breed, we have come with all the formations, which you might be curious to know about a Great Shepherd.

In this article, we will be discussing how to train and exercise a Great Dane German Shepherd Mix dog. How to get one and what to feed them. How to groom them and how to properly care for such a breed. What is the typical size and weight of the Great Dane GSD mix? We will also take a look at several diseases which can trouble this breed. You will get to know about this great puppy’s raising tips in detail in the below article.

Where Can One Buy A Dog of Great Dane German Shepherd Mix?

Like its parent breeds, that is German shepherds and Great Danes. It is pretty easy to find a German Shepherd mix, Great Dane. You can either contact your local breeder to bring one home, but getting one from a local breeder, must find someone who has a reputation in the breeding arena.

Also, you can find a Great Shepherd from various online websites. Just search for one, and you will get a lot of websites where you can look for a Great Dane German Shepherd. You will also get an idea about the variable price point at which you can find a Great Shepherd.

Apart from this, a few rescue groups like the American Kennel Club can also help you adopt a Great shepherd dog or other dog breeds. You can adopt any dog breed recognized by the Kennel Club at a fair and affordable price.

But before buying a dog from either an online website or adopting one from the rescue group, make sure to check their temperament and health before bringing one home. An ill-tempered or ill dog breed will become a bone of contention for you in the future. Thus, it is better to check it before bringing one home.

What Needs to Be Considered for Grooming and Care?

Great Dane with German Shepherd mix has a superb and colorful coat, but they shed a lot because of their fluffy fur. It is not just shedding, but they have quite sensitive skin, so it is crucial to provide them with perfect grooming regularly. Although they don’t have pretty large hair, they don’t prefer cutting their hair. But to avoid the matting of their coat, regular brushing and nothing is very important.

Especially in the spring season, when they shed a lot, regular brushing is very crucial to avoid their hairs here and there all-around your house. Also, bathing them at least three times a week is a must for them. You can also make sure to wash its coat regularly instead of three times a week. Also, you can cut and trim its hair at least twice a year, but make sure to trim them in such a manner that they grow back in their original way.

As they have very delicate skin, it must be soothing and gentle dog shampoo while nothing them instead of hard soap. Also, to maintain their hair’s natural shine, they must prefer to apply a conditioner on their hair as well after bathing them. To avoid them catching cold, dry their hair with a hairdryer after washing them.

While brushing them, check their skin keenly. It might be having skin rashes or eczema behind its hair, and if you find one, immediately rush them to a veteran to avoid any further consequences.

What Is the Breeding History, And Where Does the Great Dane German Shepherd Mix Come From?

Great Dane mixed with German Shepherd is a designer dog breed and is a result of cross-breeding of Great Dane and German Shepherd dogs. They were also known as the Boar hounds after their discovery because they used to hunt boars. It was very short-tempered then and can quickly attack someone and take him to death.

But then people start training them, and soon they become able to control their anger. As soon as they become calm tempered, nobles started raising them and start calling them Kammerhunde, which means chamber dogs. Then eventually, it starts to become relaxed and happier and thus a great family dog all-in-all.

We can also go deep into its parent breeds’ history: The Great Dane and the German Shepherd. Unlike their name, which suggests their origin from Danish, a type of Great Dane does belong to Denmark, but Great Danes’ history is not associated with Denmark.

Initially, they were known as one of the best Boar hunters. They have sturdy bones,  stronger than Wolfhound or a Greyhound.

The Great Dane

Great Danes are known to exist even older than the German shepherds. People in ancient Egypt (around 4000 bc) used to raise these dogs. Although the reason for raising Great Dane changes over time, they have quite a long history.

They have their physique somewhat similar to that of a German Shepherd. Thus, they were initially used for hunting and watching purposes initially, but only until a German Nobleman got attracted to a Great Dane and started exploring more about him. He found out that this smart dog can become a perfect choice as a pet with proper training. Also, it is pretty easy to control its temperament as well with proper training.

German Shepherd

It is pretty easy to guess the origin of a German Shepherd. Yeah, Germany. Initially, Shepherds used to raise them to keep an eye on their sheep. Because of their excellent guarding skills, the German Shepherd was perfect for protecting the Sheep from the attack of a predator as well. But, only till a German military officer was attracted to a German Shepherd.

When passing through a street, the German officer Max Von Stephanitz saw a German Shepherd, gets attracted to it, and the rest is history. He immediately starts raising one, exploring more about him, and eventually making new designer breeds after cross-breeding a German Shepherd with other dog breeds. And the German Shepherd Great Dane mix is one of those designer breeds.

How Old Will the Great Dane German Shepherd Mix Get on Average?

They have an average life span raging around 8 to 13 years. Thus, you can find them as a perfect companion for an extended period. Their health furthermore depends on their health condition, diet, and grooming. The better the diet, grooming, and health condition, the more the life span of dogs.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors Of Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

Being a mixed breed dog, its appearance and color of the coat depend majorly on its genetic changes. All of its characteristics are similar to that of hybrid Characteristics.


It is a comparatively larger dog breed with its height varying from 28 inches to 32 inches. The average size of this dog breed is around 30 inches. While the males are about 30 to 32 inches, the females can vary from 28 to 30 inches.


It can weigh from around 110 to 175 pounds depending on the height of the dog. Thus, they have heavyweight as well. They are known as one of the most massive dogs in the whole canine world. Generally, the large and heavier one is male, whereas the shorter one is female.

Typical Coat Colors

It can have a lean body, Long curled up ears, a large head, and a long tail. Its eye color is similar to that of a German Shepherd, while his physique resembles a Great Dane. It has characteristics similar to that of its parent breeds.

You can find a German Shepherd Great Dane mix in six different colors, including basic black, dark blue, Mantle, Fawn, Harlequin, and Brindle, respectively.

How Much Does the Great Dane German Shepherd Mix Eat on Average Daily?

German Shepherd mixed with Great Dane is a rapidly growing dog breed; thus, it needs a high protein and vitamin content in its food.

It is advisable not to give them regular puppy food because the nutrients of puppy food can be too high for them. Instead, you can give it the puppy food designed for big dogs. Avoid high calcium food in their food content as it is not appropriate for their health.

The advised daily diet of a German shepherd Great Dane mix breed is:

• Adult males need at least eight to ten cups of food daily, while females require six to eight food cups.

• Male dogs in their adolescence need at least six to ten cups of food, while females require at least five to eight cups of food daily.

• Male puppies need four to eight cups of food; on the other hand, female puppies need up to three to six cups of food regularly.

Till the time it grows up to four or five months old, feeds him with at least three to four cups of food per day, as only one cup of food will not be sufficient for them in their growing years. Commercial dry dog food is perfect for an adult but is not much suitable for a puppy.

You can also give him a home-cooked diet, but it includes the perfect balance of nutrients in it.  The meal should be given twice a day on a daily routine. If he doesn’t eat all the given food in 20 minutes so, take it back so he learns to eat all at the same time.

When your great Shepherd weighs in between 10 to 20 pounds, it needs around half a cup of food; when it grows and starts weighing around 20 pounds, it requires 1 cup of food. When weighing about 30 pounds, Great Shepherd needs around 1 cup a day, and as he reaches its fullest size that is nearly 100 to 150 pounds, it needs about 5 to 6 cups of food daily.

What Are the Common Diseases of The Great Dane German Shepherd Mix?

Great Shepherd is a designer breed. Like any other designer breed, they are healthier than their parent breeds, yet the Great Dane German Shepherd mix has some health issues that they inherited from their parents largely.

Some of the common health issues that a Great Shepherd dog faces include:

  • Cancer

You may find cancer a very awkward disease for dogs, but yes, most of the dogs are prone to cancer. Great Shepherd dogs are prone to bone and spleen cancer.

  • Diabetes

Dogs love eating sugar, but not just it is harmful to their stomach, but they can also catch diabetes, which will restrict them from eating almost all the sugary food items.

  • Cardiomyopathy

Commonly known as heart disease, Cardiomyopathy is a common disease in dogs. Yes, a dog can die due to a heart attack. It is natural.

  • Hip Dysplasia

The most common disease found in dogs is hip or elbow dysplasia. Inherited by German Shepherds, as soon as Great Shepherd dogs start growing old, they start suffering from joint dysplasia.

  • Pancreatic Insufficiency

Dogs, like German Shepherd mixes, are not able to produce enough enzymes in their body to digest all the food they are eating. Thus, they might suffer from common digestion issues most of the time you treat them.

To avoid all these issues, not just a proper diet and a healthy routine are crucial for Great Shepherd dog’s excellent health, but veteran visits regularly are also very essential. If you see your dog fit, they must take him to the veteran at least twice a year; otherwise, if your dog suffers from some disease, take him to the veteran more frequently.

Is Great Dane German Shepherd Mix A Good Guard Dog?

German Shepherds have a pretty good reputation for a watchdog, and so is a German Shepherd Great Dane mix. Great Dane, on the other hand, were great hunters in their past. They bark very loud, and their bite can be excruciating.

The qualities of both the parent breeds of a Great Shepherd, which is a Great Dane and German Shepherds make them the perfect watchdog. It can be your cheerful, playful companion in the daytime and an ideal watcher at night.

As great Danes used to be good hunter, it is very attentive as well, and so are Great Shepherds. Its loud bark and quick response are what it inherited from the German shepherds.

If you train them well, telling them the difference between a malicious intruder and a family or friend, they can become your perfect protector from any suspicious person. Not just this, it can also be highly popular when it comes to guard dogs.

Like Great Dane, their bite is quite painful for the intruder even; their sturdy physique is enough to scare any intruder off.

Is Great Dane German Shepherd Mix Rather Stubborn or Easy to Handle and Train?

With the characteristics of both the German Shepherd and Great Dane, the Great Shepherd has a very calm nature. Being pretty intelligent and smart as well, they understand and remembers all the command quickly. Thus, it becomes pretty easy to train a Great shepherd comparatively.

As a German shepherd, a Great Shepherd can act a little stubborn as a puppy and try to attract you with their charm, but if you treat them strictly as a kid, they will start following your order. These dogs can have bossy nature, and thus it is crucial to show them who the boss is.

Training in their puppyhood is pretty crucial to making them a great family pet. Teaching them good manners, basic commands, and controlling their temperament will further help you to raise them as an adult.

There are a few points that you can follow while training a Great Shepherd dog:

  • Regular training is very crucial. Even the rest of a single day will make them lazy, and they will show their unwillingness towards training the next day. If you don’t have enough time to spend on your dog, you can also keep a trainer to better train and nurture your Great shepherd dog.
  • Treating or rewarding them when they perform well can be a good practice to encourage them to learn faster.
  • Punishments can make a dog stubborn. Treating them patiently instead of punishing them for their mistakes can be a good practice.
  • Make their daily routine and let them follow it.

How Often and How Long Do You Have to Exercise the Great Dane German Shepherd Mix?

Proper training and exercising are a need of all dog breeds, and so is of a German Shepherd Great Dane mix. A dog can become lazy and can gain some weight if no proper training is given to them, which will ultimately lead to some health diseases in them and decrease the overall span of their life. Thus, exercising and training is the key to a healthy and long life for your dog.

Training can include their social training, physical exercises like running, and long walks. The extent of activity of a Great Dane German Shepherd depends on their size, age, and weight.

As a puppy, you can give them socialization training and teach them basic exercises along with a short 10-minute walk. Puppyhood is the best period to teach them how to recognize suspicious people and behave with strangers.

As soon as they start growing, you can increase their training and exercising sessions. And as soon as they reach adulthood, training becomes crucial for them, as this is when their diet increase and lack of exercise can make them lazy, and they will put on very fast. A long walk, frisbee game, exercising session, and running can be appropriate for a Great Dane Mixed with a German Shepherd dog.

If you want your dog to have a healthy life, you will need to spare some time for their exercise session.


I hope now you will be aware of all the points you might need to consider before bringing a Great Dane German shepherd mix breed home. The reason behind calling them the best family dogs become of the traits it has inherited from both its Parent’s breeds.

No doubt, both the German Shepherd and the Great Dane is perfect dog breed to be raised in a family with kids, which is the reason why Great Shepherds are also good family dogs. These dogs have a pretty calm temperament, confident look, and sturdy body, which is why they are also selected in the army and police for search and rescue purposes.

Although it is pretty easy to handle and raise these dogs, there are a few things that one might need to take care of. Like, they require regular attention, thus if you don’t have time to play with or train them, it is not the perfect dog breed for you.

Also, make sure to keep your kids at a safer distance from Great Shepherd, even if it has a calm temperament because its sharp teeth can hurt anyone easily.

Keeping all these points in mind will become pretty easy for you to deal with a Great Shepherd. All-in-all, you are going to find a perfect companion for you and your family.


Sergey Uhanov, a certified veterinarian, has authored all of the content here. With over 20 years of experience in dog care and breeding three dogs of his own, he has a deep passion for these furry friends. Sergey owns a pet clinic in Israel where he provides care and treatment to dogs. He enjoys sharing his expertise and knowledge to assist others in caring for their dogs.

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