All you need to know about German Shepherd Pit Mix

German Shepherd Pit Mix

Going down the street, you observed an extraordinarily cheerful and charming dog breed with a little aggression on its nose, and you are mesmerized by that dog. You find out that the dog breed you get attracted to is a Pitbull German shepherd mix breed, more commonly known as Shepherd pit.

Let me tell you that the German Shepherd Pitbull is a mix between the second most popular dog breed, the German Shepherd, and the American Pitbull. They can serve you as a perfect partner during the day and a right guard at night.

If you are eager to know more about this wonderful and charming dog breed, then we have come with all the good and bad traits of a German Shepherd Pitbull mix that can help you decide whether you want this dog in your family or not.

In this comprehensive article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about German Shepherd Pitbull mix dogs. How to take care of them properly, what to feed them and what types of diseases are common in this breed. Does GS Pit mix make good family dogs and are they great with children? What is their history and how to train them?

What Needs To Be Considered For Grooming And Care?

The grooming and care of dogs depend on the length of their coat. Well, in a German Shepherd Pitbull, the requirement of grooming depends on the genetics of this mixed breed. If the mix has inherited the long fluffy coat of a German Shepherd, then you might need to groom them a lot.

As American Pitbull has shorter hair, it didn’t require much effort to groom them. All in all, all the dogs need grooming, but the iterations and effort in grooming depend on their coat size.

The dogs with long or medium coats shed a lot. Thus, it becomes necessary to brush their hair daily to avoid their hair falling all over your apartment. Even if your dog has shorter hairs, then brushing not only controls their hair fall but also massages their skin, providing a better blood flow in them.

The solid color of the coat of German shepherd Pitbull mix no doubt makes it even more adorable. But as they love playing outside or on the ground, their fur is more prone to matting. Matting will not only reduce the shine of their hair but the dust and debris will also lead to some skin rashes in dogs.

To prevent all these, it is advisable to make your dog bath at least twice a week if they have long hair. You can even bathe them frequently if they have shorter coats.

It is advisable to use a dog shampoo while bathing them, as dog shampoo is perfect for their soft inner coat. Also, after bathing it, to retain its hair’s natural shine, you can apply conditioner on its fur as well.

If your dog has long hairs, prefer to dry them with a hairdryer; otherwise, it will take long hours to dry their coat naturally. Also, check their skin keenly while bathing them. They can be suffering from skin rashes sometimes. If you find skin rashes or eczema, head to a veteran to ask them for the proper lotion to treat their skin rash before it spreads.

What Is The Breeding History, And Where Does Pitbull Mix With German Shepherd Come From?

Although the German shepherd Pitbull mix is a designer breed, we are not 100% sure about its origin. But we can give you a piece of brief information about the basis of their parent breeds, which are the German Shepherd and the Pitbull dogs.

People are raising German shepherds for a very long time. Initially, they were raised by Shepherds only to take care of their sheep. But only after a German Official, Max von Stephanitz, gets attracted to this charming dog breed. He then started raising a

German Shepherd as a pet, research his traits and characteristics. To control its anger, it then started to mix a German shepherd with other breeds. Within a year, he designed almost 94 new designer dog breeds. Till then, they are serving as the best army, police dogs, and pet dogs. And that’s how we get most of the designer breeds that we raise nowadays.

Pitbulls is another dog breed native to Scotland, Ireland, England. It is a designer breed with its parents being Bulldogs and terriers and has athletic character and cheerfulness, playfulness, and unlimited energy, commonly known as Pitties.

Pitbulls were used for bull-baiting till 1835, after which the government banned this sport. As they are great hunters, they are a favorite of farmers and ranchers. One of the Pitbull crossed the ocean to come to America.

People still raise them for fighting rings and gaming, even nowadays. Apart from this, it can be a dangerous dog if not properly trained, as it has a pretty hot temperament.

German Shepherd Pitbull mix, because of its parents, has gained courage, bravery, and confidence. Apart from this, it is an aggressive dog that can easily hunt someone down if not properly trained. Thus, training is the most crucial thing while raising a Pitbull German shepherd mix.

How Old Does It Get On Average?

On average, a healthy living German Shepherd mix with a Pitbull can live up to 12 years, but only if they live a healthy life.

I agree they have a comparatively shorter lifespan, but keeping them as a pet is worth it because of their charm and loyalty.

With a healthy lifestyle, we refer to a proper healthy nutritious diet, avoiding oily food as it is risky for them to eat fast food. Adequate exercise and staying fit is another crucial requirement of a German Sheppit.

Apart from this, all the dogs are prone to skin disease and some other conditions, so it is better to regularly check their skin. To avoid all the other conditions, it is crucial to take them to the veteran daily for regular check-ups. It is better to find out about the health issue your dog is suffering from and treat it instead of worsening the situation.

You can also track the disease that its parent breed had to keep track of possible health issues that your German Shepput might suffer from. With all the above checks, you can keep your dog healthy and provide it a longer lifespan, ever longer than 12 years.

How Much Does It Eat On Average Daily?

Being medium-sized dogs, German Shepherds require a large quantity of food daily, as well as German Shepherd Pit Mixes.. Besides the quantity of the food, focus on the quality of the food you are giving to your Pitbull German Shepherd mix dog.

Must add at least 20% protein to your German Shepherd Pitbull mix dog diet daily. To add some taste to their food, you can also add some fat to their diet. A fully grown adult German Shepherd Pitbull mix needs 30 calories per pound of their weight. It can sum up to 2700 calories in males, while 2100 calories in the female have a height as large as 24 inches.

For smaller Pitbull German Shepherds, 1200 calories for the male and 900 calories for the female are sufficient. Also, prepare a diet chart for your dog to provide him with a perfect feed with essential nutrients. You can also consult a veteran for the same.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors Of German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

As both the parent breeds of a German shepherd Pitbulls mix, the German shepherds and the Pit bulls are very large and have muscular bodies. And so, this dog breed also has a sturdy physique, significant height, and sturdy body.

They are medium to large, with their height ranging from around 17 to 24 inches, up to the shoulder. As usual, females have a shorter height as compared to males. Their size is similar to both its parents.

If they have a weight similar to that of a German shepherd, then it will be around 80 to 90 pounds. And when it looks identical to a Pitbull, it will weigh between 30 and 60 pounds.

As it is a designer breed, it is hard to guess the exact color of the coat of a Pitbull German Shepherd mix. They are available in black and tan, sable colors, and blue and red with solid colors. They have a coat available in solid colors as well. Thus, they can have a wide range of colors of coats that both their parent breeds have.

The length of its coat varies from medium to long, depending upon its parent breeds’ traits and appearance. They also look similar to a Pitbull with a short muzzle and long ears.

What Are The Common Diseases Of The German Shepherd Pitbull Mix?

Although being a mixed breed, the German Shepherd Pitbull mix suffers from a comparatively lesser disease. But being a mix of two different kinds of dog breeds, it is more prone to health issues that both its parent dogs suffer from.

The most common disease that a German Pitbull but all the other dog breeds suffer from includes joint, elbow, or hip dysplasia, bloating, eye diseases like cataracts, food poisoning, and skin rashes, and so on. Hip dysplasia is the most common disease from which a German Shepherd mix Pitbull dog suffers.

To avoid these diseases, the most crucial measure is to provide your dog with a healthy meal. Must include the required vitamins, protein, and other nutrients in their feed. As dogs suffer from most diseases because of the lack of a proper nutrients in their meal.

Apart from this, try to keep them fit. You might require to push the dog and yourself to go out on running or walk with him. But it will be, ultimately, good for not you. Not only will you make yourself fit. It will prevent obesity in your dog, as well.

Being fit is crucial for dogs, as obese dogs are more prone to health issues than healthier ones. And this is all because their body starts losing immunity to fight against the diseases, ultimately leading to health issues.

Apart from this, take proper care of your German Shepherd pit mixed dog breed’s hygiene, as most of the dog’s health conditions arrive because of the terrible hygiene conditions around them. Dogs have a sensitive stomach, and it is preferable to feed them a healthy diet, as spoiled food can cause food poisoning in dogs.

You can provide it a better lifestyle, to not just keep the disease-free, but to provide it a longer life as well.

Is German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Rather Stubborn Or Easy To Handle And Train?

The aggression of both the German shepherds and Pitbulls is very dangerous. They both have a hot temperament and a sturdy build, strong enough to hurry anyone. And so their mix is again an aggressive dog breed.

But they are trainable as well. With a German shepherd’s devotional traits, it can be a great and obedient dog breed, suitable as a pet. You need to start training them from a young age. It is necessary to provide them a proper training right from their childhood. If you train them to socialize well, no dog breed can beat them, becoming a perfect pet breed.

They can act stubborn or aggressive when you initially will start to train them. You only need to show who the real boss is. Once you overcome them, it will become pretty easy to train them as well. It can be a very devotional and loyal dog breed that can give up its life for the ones it loves.

Teach them socialization right from childhood to have proper identification of an intruder and a friend. This training will ultimately help them to become good guard dogs as well.

Next, s both of its parent breeds are very aggressive. It is pretty crucial to train them in such a way as to control their anger. Once you train them properly, it will become pretty more comfortable for you to handle them even in strangers’ presence.

You can also train your German shepherd Pitbull mix physically to make it sturdier and rigid. A fit dog is not only lesser prone to health issues. It will become sufficient to scare off any intruder in your house.

With all these above trainings, your dog will become kind, obedient, and selfless. And once you can control them, it will become pretty simple to train them and handle them.

Is German Shepherd Pitbull Mix An Excellent Family Dog?

No doubt, with the traits of German Shepherds and Pitbulls, German shepherds Pitbull mix dogs are good family dogs. But before bringing a German Sheppit home, make sure to test its temperament.

As both its parent dogs are aggressive, they also can have temperament issues. Although they are not harmful at all if trained well. But they can be dangerous if they are not adequately trained and lose their temperament.

Also, keep a keen eye on it when it is playing with your kids. Although it is not going to hurt them, a little more safety will double sure you.

These dogs can even help their masters in their day-to-day activities, like bringing newspapers in the morning or bringing mails or their master from the mailbox. With proper training, you can shape them according to your needs.

Apart from this, it is a charming dog breed that can easily attract anyone towards him. It will have an understanding of friends and intruders if adequately trained.

Apart from this, the German Shepherd Pitbull mix can be a perfect family guard as the night a well. It has a large and sturdy body, sufficient enough to scare off any intruder. Apart from this, similar to a German Shepherd, it has loud bark that can easily make the family members suspicious of activity going around them.

They are also quite attentive and can quickly identify even the smallest activity going around them even while sleeping, which is another reason that is making them a right family guard.

Thus, this dog breed is a combination of great pets, good protectors, and charming companions, making it perfect for a family.

How Often And How Long Do You Have To Exercise The German Shepherd Pitbull Mix?

Both the parents of a Pitbull mix German Shepherd that are German shepherds and an American Pitbull is very active and energetic. And their trait is inherited by their mixed breed. Thus, not only physical, but German Shepherd Pitbull requires mental exercises as well.

A German Shepherd Pitbull mix can go to depression if you leave them alone. Dogs need to spend time with their owners to stay cheerful and happy. They could suffer from deep depression if you go them along in a closed apartment. Fresh air and long walks followed by running or exercising sessions are pretty crucial for all the German Shepherd Pitbulls.

Make sure to take them on a long walk daily if you own an adult German Pitbull. As a puppy, they require a short walk of not more than 10 minutes, but it becomes crucial for them to stay fit and exercise as they grow longer.

An obese dog can suffer from deadly diseases like health problems and diabetes. Thus, it is better to make sure they are fir and exercising daily. Take them for a regular walk. You can take them to run in a park or street at least twice a week.

Apart from this, exercise them daily. German Shepherd Pitbull mixes love jumping and running and are not suitable for small apartments. If you have a large backyard, then it is the best pet breed you can own, but they will not adjust themselves in a small apartment because of their large size.

You can keep their exercise session in your backyard itself. Do take it out to get some fresh air.

How Much Is A Pit Mix With German Shepherds?

A healthy German Shepherd Pitbull puppy can cost you around $200 to $800. You can get an adult German Shepherd Pitbull mix at around $600 to $1600. As they have high fertility, the female can give birth to up to 8 litters for once. Thus, you will not need to spend much on raising a German shepherd Pitbull dog.

German Shepherd Pitbull dogs fall under the category of most affordable and easy to raise dog breeds.


Now that we have come to an end of our discussion, I hope you will now be able to decide whether a German shepherd Pitbull mix dog is suitable for you or not.

This wonderful breed came into existence because of the cross-breeding of a German Shepherd. An American Pitbull dog is suitable as a pet breed and can also serve the army and police with confidence and bravery.

But if you are still confused that it is the one, then there are a few questions based on making your decision.

Whether you have enough time to spend with them, take them to walk and groom them or not?

Will you be able to provide it a backyard to a German pit for exercise and playing? Do you need a dog breed?

If the answer to all the above questions comes out to be yes, then go ahead and get a Pitbull German Shepherd mix dog in your home as your new family member.


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