All you need to know about German Shepherd Lab Mix

German Shepherd Lab Mix

Anyone interested in dog breeds knows that both German Shepherds and Labradors are two unique and special parent breeds. Not to mention their popularity across the globe. Their crossbreed is often referred to as the German Sheprador and brings good from both the parent breeds.

While the German Shepherds are friendly and protective, Labradors are equally intelligent and loyal pets. So, you can well imagine the energy levels of a mixed breed of the two.

They can be lovely pets that will always keep a lively environment at home, given all the energy they bring in. In general, they do not have a knack for braking unnecessarily, but they are extremely sharp and react when they anticipate any problem or suspicious activity.

In this ultimate German Shepherd Lab Mix guide, we will cover everything you need to know about this breed. What to feed them, how to take care of them and how to train them properly. Do they make good guard dogs and are they compatible with children? What types of diseases are common in this breed and how to get a German Shepherd Lab Mix dog? What is their breeding history and how old do they get on average? In detail, let’s discuss a few of the most common questions that people have about the German Shepradors.

What’s the Character of This Mix Like?

The very first question people seem to have is, how is the breed like? What are its essential characteristics? No worries, we got your back.

You can never really predict the temperament of a hybrid dog. Most of these breeds are highly intelligent and active dogs, which is passed on to their crossbreed.

In terms of friendliness, the German Shepradors are pretty affectionate and friendly with both family and strangers, unless they find anything suspicious.

So, whether you live in an apartment or a spacious home, this breed will accommodate itself pretty nicely. They are compassionate and are not too great at being alone. They love to be around people and are quite comfortable in both hot and cold climates.

If you are a new dog owner, there cannot be a better breed to choose than this. Both friendly and easy to train, you will bring in a super-intelligent and playful dog home.

How often and how long do you have to go out German shepherd lab mix?

Shepradors are medium-sized dog breed that requires space for their exercise. They need at least 2 hours of daily workout. As they are workaholics, this dog breed is perfect if you want him to do one of yours in and out of work.

Apart from this, right from their childhood, the training, they were taught to do regular exercises and a long walk. Physical workouts and hikes are crucial to keep them proactive and prevent obesity. An obese dog can develop a lot of health issues in it.

A full-grown Labrador mix breed needs a long walk at least twice a day. That means, if you are bringing this dog breed home, then be ready for excessive walks and exercise. Because of its activeness, you are going to fit as soon as you get it home.

Even both the parent breed of these dogs, which are the German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever, are workaholics. They both love to have an exhausting exercise session, which is one of the characteristics which this mixed breed has got.

Is German shepherd lab mix an excellent family dog?

Before getting any new member in your home, it is crucial to get to know his behavior with humans and kids. Whether you are living alone or with a family, including kids, it is very prominent to check the dog’s temperament, you are going to bring home.

Although, a well-trained German Shepherd mixed with a lab is never going to disappoint you with bad behavior. They are very well-behaved dogs, which exactly know what a family expects from them.

They are quite sensitive and get attached to their owners very quickly if you will provide him love and consider him your family member. Then, being very loyal, they can even give up their life for their family and master.

Sherprador is a very entertaining and adorable pet that one can have. Even if you have kids in your family, this dog will become their protector and their playtime partner. It believes in spreading love to those who take care of them.

Sheprador puppy is very social and is known as one of the least aggressive breeds ever. Thus, you can understand how important this dog is going to become for your family.

Is German shepherd lab mix rather stubborn or easy to handle and train?

A German Shepherd lab mix can be quite stubborn when you are training him. It is very crucial to behave strictly with them. Sometimes else, your love is going to make them lazy and stubborn.

But once you make him realize who the boss is, it will become pretty easy to handle a lab mix, German Shepherd. Because of their less aggressive nature and quick grasping capabilities, it is pretty easy to train them according to your need.

Is a German shepherd lab mix a good guard dog?

First of all, both the parent breed of this dog is perfect watchers. Thus, we can say that this dog breed is also one of the good guards. But, to prove everything, proofs are needed.

They are very observant and curious dogs in nature. That means they are very attentive to detail and love to know about new things.

If you train them well, then no one can beat them as a watcher. You only need to tell them how to recognize a malicious person; then, he is alone capable of getting rid of him.

They are very loud, so with their bark, they can avoid even the smallest sneaking into your house. Being very loyal, they will always serve you with what all they possess.

Apart from this, one last characteristic of these dogs is they are quite smart and quick learners. That means you can teach them anything quickly. They are pretty intelligent dogs and can be very protective of their owner.

All these facts alone are sufficient to prove how much they will protect you, making them one of the best guard dogs.

What are the common diseases of the German shepherd lab mix?

The health issues for most mixed breeds are slightly different than those associated with the pure breeds. But they definitely have some traits from the parent breeds which may be serious or some simple day-to-day issues.

It is a great thing that the designer breed is less prone to health issues than pure breeds. Yet, to get to know about what health problems exactly a Labrador mix German Shepherd can suffer from will be better determined by listing all the diseases that the parent breed is prone to.

Health Issues with Labrador Retriever

There are fewer health discomforts that a Labrador suffers from, which include hip and elbow dysplasia (one of the most common diseases in dogs), progressive retinal atrophy (failure of the retina), obesity, cataract and ear, and nose infection.

Health issues with German Shepherd

German Shepherd is even prone to more disease as compared to Labrador retriever. They can suffer from Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV), Von Willebrand’s Disease, chronic degenerative Radiculomyopathy, panosteitis, Anal infection, and eye problems, cataract, ear infection, hip, and elbow dysplasia.

German Shepherd mix lab although is prone to a larger number of diseases, yet it suffers from fewer of them.

With newer techniques, one can determine the condition of joints and eye of the dog before their birth. Thus, if someone finds any chances 0f having poor eyesight or joint dysplasia can be removed. The owner is responsible for the control of the obesity of their pet.

German Shepherd lab puppy has a good medical history, and there is no record of any harmful illness.

How much does the German Shepherd lab mix eat on average daily?

Labrador German Shepherd mix is, no doubt, a great food lover. He can become uncontrolled after getting its favorite food to eat. In such a situation, it is crucial to control your German Shepherd mix lab; otherwise, it can become obese.

On average, the German Shepherd mix with a lab requires 30 calories per pound in their daily meal. That means, the female can typically consume up to 1350 calories per day, while males need food with calories ranging from 1350 calories to 2850 calories per day.

The factor that one should keep in their mind while giving food to their dog is the weight and height of your dog. The more the size and weight, the more the calorie requirement.

The food you are serving them should be full of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other essential nutrients needed for their growth.

They can suffer from gastrointestinal disease, thus be very cautious while giving them any food item that can affect their stomach. Stick to healthy food to avoid your lab mix German Shepherd getting obese.

Also, make sure to feed your Sheprador puppy at least 3 to 4 times a day, while you can decrease the foot iteration to two as it grows and becomes an adult.

Size, weight, typical colors of German Shepherd lab mix

The most important thing to consider while buying any dog is the size and weight of that particular breed.

This mix of German shepherd and Labrador retriever has a medium to high range of height. The maximum size of a male German Shepherd lab mix can range around 26 inches.

While females can grow from 20 to 24 inches high, male Labradors can have a height ranging from 22 to 26 inches.

They also have a medium weight ranging from 45 pounds to 95 pounds in males. Female German Shepherd lab mix has lesser weight comparatively. They can have up to 45 pounds of weight, but not more than that.

Although it is tough to determine the characteristic of a mixed breed, the color of the coat of this mixed breed depends on its parents. Their coat’s color ranges from brown to tan and has a pattern similar to that of their parent breed.

How old will the German Shepherd lab mix get on average?

The life expectancy of both the parent breed of this crossbreed is as follows:

German Shepherd has an average life expectancy ranging between 9.2 to 12 years, which is slightly lower.

While Labrador Retriever has a life expectancy ranging from 10.6 to 14 years.

According to the life expectancy of both the parents of this mixed breed, it has an average life span of 11 to 12 years. There are a few factors that can affect the average life expectancy of the German Shepherd Lab mix.

Healthy food and exercise are the best way to achieve a high life expectancy.

The disease can decrease the life expectancy of the German Shepherd Lab mix. Make regular rounds to the veteran with your dog to ensure he is not suffering from the disease. And if he is suffering from some health problems, you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

What’s the breeding history, and where does the German shepherd lab mix come from?

German Shepherd lab mix, or more commonly known as a ‘Labrador,’ is a very famous pet breed. It is known to be a mixed breed of German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever.

It is one of the most popular pet breeds in America from where it originated. Moreover, a designer breed results after the mating of a pure breed Labrador with a German Shepherd dog.

To understand the actual origin of this mixed breed, let us first briefly discuss the basis of its parent breeds:

Labrador Retriever

Native from Canada, it is a petite dog breed used for hunting and waterfowling. They are small in size but known for their perfect sense of smell, which is why they are now used in military services, police, and even drug searching.

German Shepherd

As its name suggests, it is native to Germany. Initially, Shepherds used to keep these dogs to keep their sheep under control.

Later, people started considering them as perfect military and police dogs because of their excellent physique, great sense of smell, and intelligence. Now, they are the second most famous dog breeds in the USA.

What needs to be considered for grooming and care?

As a Labrador has a double coat, it requires constant grooming and care. To maintain the shine and original color of their hair, it is very crucial to groom them at least once a week.

Although all the dogs require grooming to maintain their charming look, so is a German Shepherd lab mix. At least brush their hair and untangle them once a week.

Brushing will not only improve the blood circulation in your dog, but you will also get to know about the skin rashes, lumps, and bumps your dog has. If your dog has lice or other insects in its coat, brushing will also help you to prevent them.

Apart from this, not just brushing yet, bathing them is very important. They can have off the white coat, which will start to look dirty within a few days. Thus, it is essential to keep grooming sessions for your German Shepherd Labrador mix.

Bath them at least twice a day, whether they are willing to bathe or not. Also, use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to retain your dog’s coat’s shine and color.

After bathing, you can blow dry their hairs or can even leave them to dry naturally.

But it is preferable to blow dry them. I bet, after grooming, you will fall for your dog again.

Are there any rescue groups for the German Shepherd lab mix?

There are a few rescue groups for lab mix German Shepherd, like the American kennel club. But it is tough to find a Sheprador puppy there. Other German Shepherd lab mix rescue groups include Save a lab, German Shepherd Dog Club of America, All Shepherd rescue Club.

This cute and adorable puppy has a very high demand for dog lovers; thus, people adopt them soon as they get information about them. If you want to look for a rescue group for adopting this dog breed, you might need to hurry to get one.

Because of its less aggressive nature and adorable and charming look, it is one of the most amazing pets one can own.

Also, rescue groups occasionally find a German Shepherd lab mix abandoned. But exceptions are everywhere; if you find a German Shepherd and Labrador mix in a rescue group, then you are damn lucky.

What does a German Shepherd lab mix eat?

Although dog food is preferable for a German Shepherd mix Labrador, dog food has the right amount of nutrients that a dog needs, yet you can also feed your dog with the regular nutritious food you eat.

Dogs have a major crush on cheese. You can give them some, but an excess of cheese is harmful to their health. Thus, limit the amount of cheese you are giving them.

Also, they love to eat chicken, beef, pork, and other meats. Again, not just will they make him obese, but it will also affect their stomach. Thus, give them meat in a limited quantity.

Apart from this, you can give them healthy food like green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, fruits, grains, pulses, and even a pizza base.

Avoid excess spice and sugar in their food, as they will not digest it.

Keeping them far away from oily snacks as well as snacks can make them obese. Avoid giving him extra hot and extra cold food, as it might also affect their health.

Where can one buy a dog of a German Shepherd mix?

There are various places from where one can buy a German Shepherd Labrador mix breed, which includes:

Local Breeder

You can search for a lock breeder that breeds a German Shepherd lab. Although you will find it quite expensive there, yet the puppy or the dog you will bring home will be well-trained and sociable nature-wise.

You can also ask the local breeder to design the particular color of the breed you want.

Online Websites

Few online websites sell a variety of dogs online. One such website is There you can look for the particular breed you want to buy, including the German Shepherd Lab crossbreed.

But, before bringing any dog home, it is advisable to check their temperament and health condition.

Rescue Groups

Various rescue groups like the American Kennel Club or Save a Lab are there, from which you can adopt a Lab German Shepherd mix dog.

But again, before bringing any dog home, do check their temperament and health condition. A dog with aggressive nature can even hurt you and your family members.

How much is a Sheprador?

A separator is quite an affordable pet with a lot of advantages. If you are adopting one from a rescue group, it will cost you as low as $ 150.

While even if you are getting one from a well-known breeder, it will not make a hole in your pocket. A Sheprador from a breeder can cost you around $600. Their parent breeds are even costlier than a lab mixed with a German Shepherd.


There are many pros of raising a German Shepherd lab mix breed, yet nothing is perfect. And thus, this breed also has some flaws in itself.

It’s good and bad can help you decide whether it is an ideal dog for you or not. If you love a lot of exercising or are a gym freak, you will do a lot of workouts with this dog.

Additionally, if you are looking for a protective partner and a night watcher for your home, along with a great family pet that is loyal as well, then it is the perfect dog breed you can own.

But, are you ready for the excessive shedding of your German Shepherd lab? Will you be able to provide a spacious place for their playing and exercising purposes?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then no doubt the lab German Shepherd mix is the perfect breed for you. But even if one of the solutions is wrong, then you might need to reconsider your choice.


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