All you need to know about German Shepherd Chow Mix

German Shepherd Chow Mix

A mixture of loyalty and charm of a German Shepherd and stubbornness of Chow chow dog, the mixed breed German shepherd Chow mix, or more commonly known as the Chow shepherds are the perfect combination of both the dogs with its qualities varying from one dog to another.

It is a confident-looking dog that can easily attract a dog lover with its cheerfulness. But remember one thing, it is not so good with strangers and kids. Moreover, a protector dog can serve his owners in all aspects but is not much concerned about strangers.

If you are planning to either breed or raise a German Shepherd and Chow mix at home, then there are a few things you should know before making them a part of your family.

We have come up with a complete guide about this amazing dog, its requirements, and its behavior that you might be willing to know about him. In this comprehensive article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about German Shepherd Chow Mix dogs. How to train them properly, how to care for them and what sorts of food do they like? Do they make good family dogs and where to buy them? Are they good with children and what types of diseases are common among them? How old do they get and what is their average size and lifespan?

Where Can One Buy A Dog of German Shepherd Chow Mix?

If you are looking for a German shepherd mix chow dog, then there are a few ways to bring one home. The expensive yet reliable way of buying a Chow Shepherd is from a local breeder. The dogs that a local breeder raises are entirely trained and socialized to become great family pets. Thus, buying chow shepherds from a local breeder can be expensive but more reliable in its behavior and health conditions.

Another way of buying a Chow Shepherd is to search for them online. On an online website like, not only you will find a better price point to buy dogs, but you can search for them sitting on your balcony, talk to the breeder, negotiate on the price, and then can head to bring one home.

But before buying Chow Shepherd online, do ask them to take the temperament test of the dog. Dogs that people purchase online can have temperament issues; thus, it is better to check it first before bringing them home.

You can also take the dog to a veteran to confirm that the German Shepherd Chow you are bringing home is entirely healthy.

Although Chow Shepherd dogs are not recognized by the American Kennel Club yet, If you want to adopt a German Shepherd Chow dog, you can contact the rescue groups specific to a German shepherd or Chow dogs. But you need to check its temperament and health problems before bringing one home.

What Needs to Be Considered for Grooming and Care?

German Shepherd mix with Chow has a very dense and fluffy coat. The length of its hair varies from medium to large. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to groom them daily. Not just this, to avoid the matting of their coat, must bathe them at least twice a week.

Because of their large hair, they shed more comparatively. Thus, a German Shepherd mix must brush its hairs, especially when they are shedding even more. Brushing will also massage their skin and retain the shine of your chow shepherd hairs.

Apart from this, to bypass the matting of its hair, a regular bath is also pretty important. Make sure to wash their hair with dog shampoo and condition them after washing to make their hair shiny, silky, and smooth. Apart from this, while washing their hair, check for any allergies and rashes.

After the bath, dry its hairs with a hairdryer as it might take long hours to wash its hairs on its own

What Is the Breeding History, And Where Does the German Shepherd Chow Mix Come From?

Although we are not sure about the breeding history of a German shepherd Chow mix, we are not aware of its origin and its first breeding, but we know about the breeding history of its parent breeds, a German Shepherd and the Chow dog.

German Shepherds get their name because they are native to Germany and were initially raised by the shepherds to keep an eye on their Sheep. A German General then saw a German shepherd, attracted by him, and cross-bred it with many other dog breeds. The energy, loyalty, and skills of German Shepherds make it one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide.

About Chow, there are various stories related to its origin. But we are sure that this dog breed is older than 2000 years. Because of their excellent herding in watching skills, it is again a popular pet breed known as the first dog breed ever. A great Chinese ruler is the first person to raise it as a hunter, protector, and guard dog, and then it becomes very popular as a family dog.

Although there is no substantial evidence to prove the exact origin of a German shepherd mixed with Chow yet, it is a popular domestic dog breed because of its traits.

How Old Does German Shepherd Chow Mix Get on Average?

The average life span of German Shepherd Chow mixes lies between 10 to 12 years, which is the average life span of most dog breeds.

But with proper care and feeding, the span of 12 years can be extended as well. If your dog is not suffering from health issues, and you are taking complete care of its diet, then it can live much longer than its average life span.

Make sure to feed them with healthy food from their puppyhood and organize training and exercise sessions regularly to keep them fit. Obesity can be a reason for its early death.

Apart from this visit a veteran, as soon as you find something suspicious going on with your companion. Take him to the veteran regularly to keep track of his health and health problems as well.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors Of German Shepherd Chow Mix

Usually, a chow shepherd has a short to medium height, with the average size of this dog breed varying from 18 to 26 inches. The male can have an average height varying from 23 to 26 inches; females have a comparatively shorter size ranging from 18 to 23 inches.

As they have a shorter to medium height range, they weigh around 40 to 70 pounds only, depending solely on their size.

Apart from this, similar to their parent breeds, both German shepherds and chows have dense, fluffy coats. You can find its coat in classic colors like black and tan or basic black. They are also available in colors like red, blue, white, and brown.

Sometimes, they can have a colorful coat as well. They have triangular ears, their face looks similar to that of a German Shepherd, and the tail resembles the Chow.

How Much Does German Shepherd Chow Mix Eat on Average Daily?

If you are bringing a chow Shepherd home, it is crucial to prepare their diet chart to keep their feed constant and balanced. It is vital to maintain its diet rich in protein for short to medium breeds like the German Shepherd cow mix.

Not just protein will keep it healthy but will provide him an overall growth as well. A full-grown German shepherd Chow mix needs at least 5 cups of protein-rich meal daily.

Although it is advisable to feed them with dog food, as it contains all the nutrients and carbohydrates that a dog requires, it is more reliable from their health perspective.

Yet, feeding German Shepherd Chow mix dogs with homemade organic and natural food is also not a wrong choice. Just keep the food quantity and quality up to the mark to keep your dog healthy.

What Are the Common Diseases of The German Shepherd Chow Mix?

It is a well-known fact that designer breeds have a better immune system than purebred, and thus they don’t suffer from many health problems. But it is also true that a designer breed is prone to a greater number of diseases because of its two parents as compared to

that of a purebred.

Chow Shepherd is prone to many common diseases that all dogs are prone to, which includes hip or joint dysplasia, bloating, pancreatic disease, heart issues, eye diseases, Skin allergies, Infections, and even cancer.

To avoid the health issues in a Chow German shepherd mix, it is crucial to feed them a nutrient-rich meal and proper health check-ups. Must take him to the veteran at least twice a year if your dog is completely free from any health problems. If he has some health-related issues, take him to the veteran regularly.

Is German Shepherd Chow Mix Rather Stubborn or Easy to Handle and Train?

German Shepherds are very calm and sophisticated dogs, and it is pretty easy to handle them and train them. Being eager to learn and smart, they understand everything and grasp it very quickly.

On the other hand, the chow dog is the opposite of a German shepherd. It is not a quick learner who can be very aggressive and stubborn when you try teaching them something.

Thus, it is very crucial to train Chow Chow dogs. They love their independence and a sort of bossy. They don’t like following the command of others. To control them and their temperament, strict learning sessions are pretty crucial when they are a puppy.

A chow shepherd, being a mix of the above two dog breeds, can have a varying temperament. Chow German Shepherd mix puppy should be adequately trained right from childhood, socialize it, and control its temperament. Because of the German shepherd traits, you will find that the chow shepherd puppy is a quick learner. But they can show some stubbornness because of its chow chows’ trait.

All-in-all I am not saying that it is pretty hard to train a Chow Shepherd, but you might require a little patience and strictness while training a puppy chow shepherd.

Also, they need quite a large space for training and exercise. Thus, it will become easier to handle this dog if you have a backyard or a Homestead.

Is German Shepherd Chow Mix an Excellent Family Dog?

No doubt, the German shepherds are great family pets. But you can find a chow dog with a slightly hot temperament. That means they require proper training to control their aggression and temperament.

Especially if you have kids around you, keep a keen eye on your chow shepherd until it plays with kids.

Apart from this, a properly trained chow Shepherd is never going to do anything like this. They are very playful, cheerful and will entertain you with their energy and fun.

Even if you have kids at your house, you can raise a Chow shepherd if he is adequately trained as a puppy. So, all-in-all we can that German shepherd Chow mixes are no doubt the great family dogs.

How Often and How Long Do You Have to Exercise a German Shepherd Chow Mix?

No doubt, like its parent breeds that are chow chows and German Shepherds, Chow Shepherds are also very active and energetic. And so, they need proper training and exercising sessions right from their puppyhood. Teaching socialization and exercise to a puppy chow Shepherd will make them obedient and thus perfect family dogs.

As a puppy, Chow Shepherds require comparatively shorter running, walking, or exercising sessions. Still must take a puppy to walk for at least 10 minutes a day, took it for running at least once a week, along with its training and exercising session.

When the puppy grows to become a complete adult Chow German Shepherd mix, gradually increase its training and exercise time. Don’t force them to for these physical activities, but take them on a long walk daily, apart from regular exercise sessions. Also, you can take them for running once a week too.


If you are still rethinking bringing a German Shepherd cow mix breed of dog home, then there are a few more things to help you decide better.

German Shepherd chow mix breed of dog will be perfect for you if you have an active lifestyle. As this breed of dog is very energetic and playful, you will enjoy its company, whether you are at home, in the backyard, or garden.

But if you live in compact apartments, then it is not the perfect breed for you. They require large backyards for their playtime and exercise sessions.

Apart from this, rethink your decision to bring a Chow Shepherd home if you have kids at your home. Although these dogs are suitable for the family yet, you can’t leave them around kids. Chow Shepherd can be hurt your kids if he loses his temperament.

All-in-all, the German Shepherd chow mix is no doubt a perfect mixed breed for a family with adults and not kids. Apart from this, they require a larger living space because of their playfulness and energy.


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