All you need to know about Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Designer dogs are in the trend nowadays. One of the primary reasons they are being preferred is that they inherit both the breeds’ qualities.

If you are still unsure what designer dogs are. They are basically the ones that are a result of crossbreeding of two pure breed dogs. Like in the case of Corman Shepherd dogs, German Shepherd dogs and Welsh Corgi dogs are crossbred.

German Shepherd Corgi mix dogs or more commonly known as Corman Shepherd dogs. They are one of the most loyal pets with a pretty calm temperament. Being highly intelligent, they are quick learners too. Well, you are not going to like their stubbornness initially, but eventually, you will get to know how wonderful and bubbly they are.

So, today we’ll talk about the Corgi German Shepherd Mix. In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything there is from their food habits to looks and ways to train them. How to get one, how to train them, how to care for them properly, and what to feed them. We also explore their history and whether they make good family dogs. What types of health issues are known about this breed and do they make good guard dogs? Let’s dig right into our detailed Corgi German Shepherd guide.

Where Can One Buy A Dog of a Corman Shepherd Dog?

If you are looking for an adorable German Shepherd Corgi mix breed dog, then there are various places from where you can buy them.

Try to find a reputable breeder around your locality; they might trade Corgi German Shepherd mixes at their fixed price, which may be slightly high. Although a good breeding reputation is tough to maintain, then their puppies will be very loyal and obedient if someone can.

Apart from this, you can have one from an animal shelter or rescue group around you as well.

You can even buy the perfect German Shepherd Corgi mix breed dog on online websites like Petfinder. They even offer a better price point. You can either email them or contact them directly via phone to buy the dog. But, do test the dog’s temperament and agility before making the final purchase.

What Does a German Shepherd Corgi Mix Dog Eat?

If you had asked me the same question fifty years ago, then my answer would be anything you regularly eat.

But now, times have changed. Nutritional value in the dog’s intake is incredibly important. There are a lot of food items that your German Shepherd can accommodate in their daily diet, some of which includes carrots, hot dog, yogurt, rice, beans, beef, pork, cheese, sweet potato, eggs, all fruits, and green veggies, and even pizza crust.

Although it can eat all the food mentioned above, chicken, lamb, beef, and fish gravitate them the most. But they have a sensitive stomach which doesn’t allow them to eat these regularly.

Just like us, dogs also simply love cheese. But cheese can cause severe stomach discomfort for them, and it can also affect the quality of their coat. Instead, give them green vegetables, carrots, and fruits, which are not only their favorite food but also keep them healthy.

They are also quite greedy in terms of food. One Corgi Shepherd mix needs one and a half cups of dog food every day. You can also feed them with light snacks.

Apart from this, always keep in mind that excessive spicy or sugary food, especially chocolate, is fatal for them. Also, keep grapes, garlic, or raisin far away from them.

Are There Any Rescue Groups for The Corman Shepherd Breed?

Yes, it is possible to find a rescue group for German Shepherd mixed with Corgi breed, but majorly for adult dogs.

You can either contact breed-specific rescue groups or visit their official sites to get the information about the dog breed you are looking for. German Shepherd Corgi mix or Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the rescue groups that can give complete information about the species you are interested in.

Suppose you are keenly interested in German Shepherd mixes, but cannot track one via rescue groups. In that case, you can also visit some websites that provide facilities or pet adoption like Petfinder.

But keep in mind that breeds that are raised in rescue groups or shelters might have temperament issues. Ensure to check whether the shelter or rescue group tests the temperament of dogs regularly or not.

Ask them to perform one in front of you to be sure about the breed. Also, test the dog’s training and socialization to ensure they don’t have any behavioral complications.

What Needs to Be Considered for Grooming and Care?

Corgi German Shepherd mix is a pretty adorable breed, but they need slightly more attention and care to maintain the super shiny coat and well-mannered behavior.

German Shepherds with Corgi Mix need grooming of their coat and skin. Regular baths are very crucial for them to prevent dullness in their shiny black coat.

But do remember to massage them before bathing. While grooming, you can check for any lumps and bumps or parasitic infections on your dog’s skin. Bathing within 2-3 weeks will prevent the dog smell out of them that develops because of the oil that exuded from their pores.

Since this German Shepherd mix has a thick coat, bathing will help remove dead hairs and skin from their coat. After bathing, remember to dry them with a hairdryer since they have a thick coat, which will take hours to dry their fur naturally.

Often called “German Shedders,” German Shepherd mixed with Corgi usually shed their winter coat during the Spring season. So, it is essential to brush them regularly during this season to support better shedding.

There are a few steps you can follow for proper grooming of Corgi mixed with German Shepherd:

  • Detangle their hair using hands, loosening any knots or lumps. You can also apply conditioner on their hair for more effortless detangling.
  • Brush their hair for easy shedding.
  • Using a pin, remove any loose strand left in their coat.

What’s the Breeding History and Where Does Corman Shepherd Dog Mix Come From?

Like any other dog breed, Corman Shepherd mixes don’t have a very significant history. German Shepherd Corgi mix is native to the USA and is a mixed breed that originated from German Shepherds and Corgis.

Since their parent breed has a very vast history, including how they become one of the most loyal dog breeds from herding cattle, let’s discuss a bit about the history of German Shepherd and Corgi separately.

German shepherds, as you can guess, are native to German. They were the herding dog breed. In the late 1800s, a German captain Max von Stephanitz searches for a dog breed perfect for herding, which comes out to be the ancestors of current German Shepherd dogs. They become popular in the USA because of their loyalty. And now, they are more common as police dogs, guard dogs, and army dogs.

Corgi or more commonly known as Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was initially raised as a herding breed to help farmers herd cattle and sheep. They were the perfect house companion then.

You can find a similarity between the Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Corgi. They were then brought to the USA.

How Old Will A Corgi German Shepherd Mix Dog Get on Average?

Both of its parents that is, German Shepherd and Corgi, were earlier raised as herding breeds. That means both of them are less prone to health issues and live longer. They are, moreover, the healthier breeds of dogs.

Their crossbreed Corman Shepherd dog is even healthier and less prone to diseases than the parent breeds and ancestors. The average life span of Corgi and German Shepherd mix breed that you can expect is 12 to 15 years. Well, this is not an exceptionally large life span as compared to other pure breeds, but most mixed breeds have a shorter lifespan than this.

It is crucial for their better immune system and longer life to keep them active and energetic. Obesity will indeed become an issue if the Corgi and German Shepherd mix are lazy.

A regular walk, exercising sessions, and games will not only keep them stay fit but will also make them active. Apart from this, a nutritious meal and affection will keep them happy and may increase their life span by more than 15 years.

Size, Weight, Typical Colors of This Corgi German Shepherd Mix Dog

Size and weight differ in all the Corman Shepherd breeds. Corgi German Shepherd mix with a maximum size of 15 inches is usually larger than Corgi breeds in size but smaller than German Shepherd.

While German shepherds have a height ranging from 22 to 26 inches, Corgi has a much smaller height ranging from 10 to 12 inches. German Shepherd mixes with Corgi can grow up to 12 to 15 inches in size.

Similarly, German shepherds can weigh up from 70 pounds to 90 pounds when fully grown, while Corgi weighs less than 30 pounds. Thus, a full-grown adult mixed breed can weigh between 20 to 70 pounds.

When comparing mixed breeds with their parent, we can say that they are either the largest of Corgi or the smallest German Shepherds in size and weight.

Like German Shepherds, the Corgi German Shepherd mix breed has a very thick coat in winter, that generally sheds in summer. The size of their coat varies from long to short. Their fur is usually bright from golden shades to tan hues and deeper brown colors.

It looks similar to the German Shepherd color-wise, but the expressions of Corgi German Shepherd mix look more like Corgi.

How Much Does a Corman Shepherd Dog Eat on Average on A Daily Basis?

Even the not-so-active dogs need at least 350 calories per 10 pounds of their body weight. Corgi German Shepherd mix is furthermore very active and full of energy all the time.

Make ensure to split the caloric intake of Corgi German Shepherd mix in such a manner that it gets at least 400 calories per pound per day in two to three meals.

Suppose your dog is more massive than the average normal weight or suffering from obesity. In that case, you should consult your veteran to reduce the meal of your Corgi and German Shepherd mix accordingly. On average, you can decrease their meal by up to 20% than the usual food intake.

If your dog is lean and weighs less than average weight, then you can either increase their meal or raise the fat content in their feed. The meal of your Corgi and German Shepherd mix breed dog must include omega -3, vitamins, and essential minerals in them.

You can treat them as well, but remember, they can gain weight if their calory intake exceeds a particular threshold.

What Are the Common Diseases of Corgi German Shepherd Mix Dog Breed?

Mix breed Corman Shepherd dogs are generally healthier as compared to their parent breeds. But this doesn’t mean they are not prone to the disease at all. Mix breeds usually have their list of health problems.

German Shepherds are prone to diseases including diabetes, eye problems like cataracts, degenerative disc order, thyroid issues, cherry eyes, allergies, pancreatitis, and even cancer.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed is also prone to health issues like cataracts, retinal dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, obesity, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, intervertebral disc disease, and patent ductus arteriosus.

As both of its parents are prone to such serious health problems, breeders need to choose the perfect German Shepherd and Corgi while breeding to bypass any severe health issues.

Vaccinations for dogs are very significant, not only for dogs but even for humans living around them. Corman Shepherds, as they have two different parent breeds, need extra protection from various health issues and pathogens, including common diseases like rabies.

Corman Shepherd puppies should be vaccinated within 8 to 10 months of birth, and they need boosters’ shots for the next 12 months.

Also, for a healthy Corgi German Shepherd mix dog, must-visit vets regularly for check-ups.

Is A Corgi German Shepherd Mix Breed A Good Guard Dog?

Both the parent breeds, that is, German Shepherd and Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and their ancestors were good guard dogs, and so is the German Shepherd Corgi mix.

Corgi and German Shepherd mix dog’s strong character and fearlessness make it perfect as your bodyguard.

With excellent training, these dogs usually have the sense to decide how to react in a situation. Being very smart and intelligent simultaneously, they can quickly assess the situation and take action accordingly.

Never doubt their loyalty. German Shepherd Corgi mixes are usually one of the most loyal and devoted to their owners. With their unique sixth sense, they can quickly determine any impending danger. Because of their loud and gruff bark, it quickly alerts everyone of any potential risk.

They can scare any intruder off because of their deep barks and sturdy body. Also, they are speedy and stay alert even while sleeping.

If you are living in an area prone to robbery, then German Shepherd Corgi mix is the

perfect partner and guard you can have at night.

Is Corman Shepherd Dog Breed Rather Stubborn or Easy to Handle and Train?

According to a survey by Yummy pet’s, the German Shepherd stands at the third position, while Pembroke Welsh Corgi stands at the 11th position as the most intelligent and easy to train dog breed.

Their crossbreed may not possess the same qualities as their parent breeds, but as observed, the German Shepherd Corgi mix is a brilliant and easy-to-train dog breed.

German Shepherds, although they are effortless to train, it is sometimes difficult to handle them. Even the slightest possibility of uncertainty or lack of confidence can trigger them. They become quite overbearing and pushy when they sense something wrong.

German Shepherds Corgi mix, unlike their ancestors, are very quick learners. But being intelligent, they can spot your weakness and can take advantage of that weakness to minimize their training time. So, it is imperative to be strict with them.

Once they start regarding you, they will work according to you, and it will become elementary to shape them as per your requirement. But make sure to establish yourself firm enough so that they follow your command quickly.

As discussed earlier, an ill-trained Corgi German Shepherd mix can be a real nightmare, so focus on their right training for future ease.

Is Corgi German Shepherd Breed A Great Family Dog?

German Shepherd mix puppies are no doubt lovely, but are they perfect pets to get along with family too?

Well, it depends on some factors.

It is essential to train and socialize Corgi German Shepherd mix dogs right from birth; otherwise, consequences may be fatal.

An ill-treated puppy can be very aggressive while guarding. They are dangerous not only for other dogs but for kids as well. Being short-tempered, they can hurt someone from your family as well.

Thus, good training and socializing habits make Shepherd mix a good pet breed.

With a perfect environment and proper training. They can be the most lovable and caring pets ever. They are very loyal to their owner and loves them.

Shepherd is smaller than pure breed German Shepherds; they are perfect for families with kids and oldies. If you provide good socialization and training to your puppy German Shepherd, you will get an ideal blend of smart, intelligent, and lovable companions in them.

If you want to enjoy yourself with them, keep exercise sessions for them or play with them regularly. Teach good habits to them, scold them whenever they start showing their temper; in this way, you will get a gentle friend perfect for your family.

A gentle, smart, and well-trained Corgi Shepherd is perfect as a family dog.

How Often and How Long Do You Have to Go Out with A Corman Shepherd Dog Breed?

Corgi German Shepherd mix dog is full of energy heap all the time, and thus they always need someone to play with them. You will need to stay on your toes all the time.

They need refreshing walks for at least two times a day, and that too very long walks. With this Corman Shepherds, you are going to exercise a lot. They have tiny legs visibly, but they are outstanding runners.

Irrespective of the weather, you have to let them on a walk. The positive factor of owning a Corgi German Shepherd dog is that it will never let you sit lazily like a potato head on the couch and rest. It will keep you moving all the time, saving you fit too.

Apart from this, they need regular exercise sessions. It might be difficult for you to train them if you don’t have a backyard or garden.

What’s the Character of The Corman Shepherd Mix Like?

German Shepherd Corgi mixes very adorable dogs that can easily attract you with their playfulness and conservative nature.

Their head looks like a little foxy and has a very long, thin, and stiff neck. They are medium-sized dogs with tiny legs and oval feet.

This Corman Shepherd dog is a perfect blend of Welsh Corgi and German Shepherds, and its coat justifies that. They have a coat with medium density with fur ranging from short to medium.

With straight upright ears, it has hindquarters that make sure that this designer breed can tackle all the obstacles and cross rough terrain with ease.

How Much Is A Corgi German Shepherd Mix?

Corgi German Shepherd mix is a relatively rare breed, and like many other dog breeds, its price depends on the seller and not the buyer. Corgi German Shepherd mix puppy usually costs in the range of $250 to $800.

Suppose you are going to an experienced Corgi German Shepherd mix raiser. In that case, you’ll find the puppy at more than $800 as they have experience of raising many generations of not only mix-breeds but also parent breeds.

A puppy German Shepherd Corgi mix dog’s price also depends on the parents’ skill or competence. Make sure you are purchasing the dog from a respectable breeder with a previous good record of breeding German Shepherd Welsh Corgi mix dogs.

Apart from the price, there are additional expenses you may need to incur, which include vaccination, dog carrier, training crate, regular vet visits, insurance, collar, nutritious dog food, toys, proper training, and a lot more.

That means be ready to spend at least $1000 on a Corgi German Shepherd mix breed dog.

What Kind of Temperament Does Corgi German Shepherd Mix Breed Have?

Corgi German Shepherd mix dogs, no doubt, are the most active pets with a very bubbly nature. They are usually calm when enjoying themselves, but they can be aggressive in an intense situation.

Although well-trained Corman Shepherd dogs are usually very lenient and friendly, they are straightforward to get along with other pets and kids because of their docile nature. They are a very energetic breed of dogs and always want to cuddle, play, exercise, or walk.

Being very intelligent and smart at the same time, they know how to react depending on the situation. They can be extremely calm and friendly around their known persons, but can aggressively scare the intruders. Their temperament is why a Corgi German shepherd dog is ideal as a pet and a good bodyguard.

Is Corman Shepherd Dog Right for You?

If you are considering a Corman Shepherd dog as a pet, you can consider a few things before bringing these adorable pets home.

It would help if you were really active while Corgi German Shepherd dog is around you. You can’t lie on the bed all day. They require plenty of storage space. For their practice and exercises, it will be better if you own a garden or backyard.

They are very friendly, good with children, and get along with other pets quickly. Also, they enjoy dog sport very much. If you want a brave, loyal, and adorable companion, then this Corman dog is perfect for you. They are very alert as well and thus an ideal personal bodyguard.

If you are totally into adventures and traveling, then this alert and active dog will be your perfect companion on your trip.

Why Is Corman Shepherd Dog Not an Ideal Choice for You?

If your family has tiny kids, then maybe it is not the right breed for you.

German Shepherd Corgi mix dog needs constant attention and regular physical workout. If you are busy with the long office hours all the time and you will not be able to spend time with them, then don’t consider bringing a Corman Shepherd home.

If you live in a locality where apartments are very close to each other, the neighbors may complain about the noise the Corgi German Shepherd will make. They also need some extra space for their playful activities.


Very smart, intelligent, active, energetic, and super cute, the Corgi German Shepherd mix can be your perfect partner, whether you live alone or with kids.

Being very affectionate, these designer breed dogs are workhorses and are very loyal to their owner. Not only will they serve you as your bodyguard; if well-trained, they will be entirely devoted towards their owner.

If you are allergic to dog hair, then this Corgi and German shedder is not the perfect breed for you. But if you are looking for a cute and active companion, then there is nothing better than a Corman Shepherd dog.


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