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King Shepherd

King German Shepherds comes into the category of the most massive dogs ever.  It is a well-known saying that ‘dogs are man’s best friend.’ And this saying is true in almost all contexts.  You can’t find pet more loyal than dogs. And King Shepherds are following this saying too. A well-known breed, king shepherds, has […]

Golden Shepherd

People nowadays are inclined to have mixed-breed dogs mainly because a mixed breed dog has both the breeds’ features and characteristics.  Mixed breed dogs are nothing but the ones which are crossbred of two pure dog breeds. In this case, Golden Shepherd dogs are a mix of prevalent dog breeds – Golden Retriever dogs and German Shepherd dogs. Golden Shepherd […]

German Shepherd Lab Mix

Anyone interested in dog breeds knows that both German Shepherds and Labradors are two unique and special parent breeds. Not to mention their popularity across the globe. Their crossbreed is often referred to as the German Sheprador and brings good from both the parent breeds.  While the German Shepherds are friendly and protective, Labradors are […]

Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Designer dogs are in the trend nowadays. One of the primary reasons they are being preferred is that they inherit both the breeds’ qualities.  If you are still unsure what designer dogs are. They are basically the ones that are a result of crossbreeding of two pure breed dogs. Like in the case of Corman […]

German Shepherd Husky Mix – The Ultimate Guide

Both the German shepherd and the Siberian husky are long-established and beloved dog breeds, so mixing the two together into a completely new breed makes perfect sense. The German husky mix has a delightful combination of the characteristics of both its parent breeds. With an energetic and playful nature that also has a protective and […]

Dutch Shepherd – The Ultimate Guide

The Dutch shepherd isn’t a dog you see in the U.S. very often, but when you get a chance to meet one, it makes a strong impression. With its wolf-like features, alert eyes and erect ears, this medium-size dog is ready for action. Its brindle markings and striking coat make the dog as attractive as […]

Black German Shepherd – The Ultimate Resource

Black German shepherds have striking, shiny black coats, are highly intelligent and make great guard dogs and family pets. It’s no wonder they’re so sought after as pets. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the remarkable black German shepherd. History, Origins and Popularity Where does the black German shepherd originate from? The German shepherd […]

Are German Shepherds Dangerous? 5 Myths vs. 5 Facts

German Shepherds have long been a popular family dog in the United States. They are loyal, protective and can be trained to do so many things. This popularity, however, doesn’t change the fact that there are some pretty serious myths and misconceptions about this much-loved breed. While some of these myths have some reasonable support, […]