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German Shepherd Training

Suppose you plan to bring a German shepherd puppy home, apart from getting necessary information about its feed and other requirements. Training is what you can focus on.  Puppy training becomes essential if you want to keep the GSD as a pet. Their sessions are going to come in long term use.  Stay patient and […]

German Shepherd Growth Chart

If you want a way to track the health and height of your German Shepherd, then you can do so with the help of a German Shepherd growth chart. This chart will help you to track the weight, height, and development of a dog. Apart from all this, make sure to feed them high quality, […]

Blue Bay Shepherd

If you are a dog lover and want a unique, charming, and rare dog breed, you must consider Blue bay shepherds. Although people are aware of this wonderfully different dog breed, if you are looking for a rare dog breed that no one else is aware of. Then you can’t find a perfect breed other […]

Silver German Shepherd

We all know that a German Shepherd is available in various coat colors. But irrespective of the color of the coat the all the German Shepherds have similar characteristics and traits. One such variant of German Shepherd is German Shepherd Sable and silver in color. Its unique coat color is the result of some recessive […]

German Shepherd White

White Shepherd is a unique dog breed, and not many people are aware of these wonderful pet dogs. Shepherd white German not just falls under the category of pet dogs, but because of its muscular and sturdy height ranging till 26 inches, it serves as a right guard as well. You may also find a […]

Czech Shepherd

The second most popular dog breed all around the world is German shepherds. It is common to find a German Shepherd in almost all the localities across the globe. And their mixes excite people to a similar extent. No surprise if you see a Czech German Shepherd and immediately make up your mind to raise […]

DDR German Shepherd

DDR stands for Deutsche Demokratische Republik, which the native people of eastern German call this fantastic dog breed. From the German Shepherds family, this dog breed is attentive, courageous, and kind as well. There are many stories from the past, enough to prove its bravery and courage. You can hear the words of its bravery […]

Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix

If you are searching for great family dogs for a long time, then your search might end with these incredible German Shepherd Shiba Inu mix dogs. They are a perfect combination of intelligence, smartness, and good looks. Like every other Shiba Inu mixes like Corgi Shiba mix, these dogs are known for their intelligence, quick […]

German Shepherd Pit Mix

Going down the street, you observed an extraordinarily cheerful and charming dog breed with a little aggression on its nose, and you are mesmerized by that dog. You find out that the dog breed you get attracted to be a Pitbull German shepherd mix breed, more commonly known as Shepherd pit. Let me tell you […]

German Shepherd Hound Mix

German Shepherd mixed with a Hound, or more commonly known as a basset Shepherd, is another family dog on our list. Like any other German shepherd mixes, this dog breed again is a great family dog and a perfect watcher. You will get attracted to the charm and innocence of this cute dog breed. Apart […]